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Monday, August 19, 2013

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 10

  Alrighty then! That didn’t turn out as I expected. I guess we will have to wait until next season for the human vs. vampire battle. I’m split on whether the previous episode would have been a better ending. You could make an argument that the first half of this episode made a fitting end. The second half was definitely the true beginning of season 7. So let me get into this split episode with my thoughts on episode 10, “Radioactive.”
  It wasn’t surprising that this episode started off with one more reminder that Terry is dead. RIP man, RIP. The episode wasted little time getting my attention as Alcide found himself taking a walk with Sookie. There was something funny about their sudden reunion, which started last week, and we saw where that led later on.
  They walked right into a vampire party. No one parties like some high vamps. Sookie finally found Jason, and his new partner. I was surprised that she took it so well. She just warned him, and let him be. I knew the craziness was just beginning when Pam said she was happy to see Sookie. Remember it cause it might never happen again.
  It didn’t take long before Sookie returned to fairyland for a wedding with Warlow. But wait, not so fast. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be that easy. Nothing is with Sookie. She wanted to take her time, but Warlow wanted no part of that. I knew Warlow was being too nice. The true Warlow showed his face, as he slapped Sookie around, and proceeded to feed on her. But who would come to Sookie’s aid this time?
  It couldn’t be Bill could it? Too busy being God. Nope, not anymore. Interesting how he loses his Godly power, and the first thing he thinks about is Sookie. She will always have a place in his heart God, or not. It didn’t take long for me to miss Billith. It was nice seeing him walk around doing whatever he wanted. Once again Jessica was his voice of reason talking him into saving Sookie.
  No longer a God he couldn’t do it alone. So with Jason’s influence over Andy, they got ABCD to help find the entrance to fairyland. Violet hasn’t been on the show long, but she sure makes her presence felt. Loved how she yelled, “harness your fucking power!” So much for a dramatic rescue because it seemed like they rescued Sookie too easily. I thought Bill was in real trouble being left there with Warlow, but that skirmish didn’t last long as the chase for Sookie began.
  Warlow was acting more like the God now, disposing of everyone in his way to get to Sookie. For a minute, I thought we were going to get a surprise rescue by Eric, but that didn’t happen. Instead we got surprise number one of the night when Grandpa appeared, and held onto Warlow long enough for Jason to kill him. Surprise number 2, Warlow is dead. I guess I should have figured that as soon as he went all crazy, but for some reason I thought he would be back next season. Oh well!
  We then move from surprise moments to what the fuck moments, as we see light leave some of the vamps. I guess that is the true end of Lilith’s power. It didn’t seem like a big deal until we saw a naked Eric in Sweden reading a book on the top of a mountain. Yes, that really happened. I bet there isn’t one person out there that thought that was what he was doing. If that wasn’t shocking enough, he then caught on fire. Holy shit, no way they kill off Eric! Right? Right? I think that might upset me more than when the King was killed off.
  Season over! If the previous episode wasn’t the true ending, then it really ended right there. No further proof than me thinking what the fuck again when they showed 6 months later. Who does that in a season finale? So season 7 begins with an interview with author Bill Compton. Wow, from Vampire Bill to Author Bill. They used the interview to fill us in on what has happened with the Hep V virus for the last 6 months.
  More interesting than the virus talk is the fact that Sookie and Alcide are now together. So after all this time finally Alcide is with Sookie. After I completely gave up on that idea, and basically had Alcide run off the show you go and bring them together. Huh! I guess I can’t call him Mr. One or Two Scenes anymore.
  Skipping past Jason’s quest to conquer Violet, we move to a strange meeting at the church. With the episode almost over, we finally got to see where the rest of the characters are. Doing nothing important like most of the season. I’m shocked at how much they focused on the main characters, and just let the minor characters fade away. I think it was a good move. Nothing proved that more than in this finale.
  So Sam is now the mayor, and Arlene owns the bar. Times are a changing. I don’t think Sam will be mayor long if he insists on teaming with Bill. That was a good idea in theory, but those people aren’t going to go for that. Then again, it’s like having a dog. You feed them, and they protect you. Ok, the feeding might be a little more personal, but come on people.
  All right, do you think Tara’s mom was clean, or not? Another finale with Tara’s life in danger. If she catches the virus then they will find a cure next season. Just my guess cause I don’t think she gets written off yet. Neither does Jessica so no reason to pull a gun on her Andy. Very interesting to see she still feels guilty about killing the fairies. Jessica has become a hard character to figure out. Wise in moments, and dumb or strange in others.
  When they started the whole 6 month later thing, I figured the ending wouldn’t be great. Like I said, it truly ended with Eric’s life in danger, which was a great ending. Having those sick vamps walk towards the party was nothing unexpected. They kept making a point that it was going to happen.
  The only thing interesting there is how Bill wanted to be Sookie’s protector, and Alcide wanted none of that. Bill doesn’t often win for my favorite line of the night, but he did this time when he said, “you can growl all you want bright eyes.” He was talking about how Alcide couldn’t protect her. I wonder why not. Too many vamps for him to handle cause of her blood? Well, we won’t have to wait too long next season to find out.
  I’m not sure about this whole sick vamp thing. I mean, how much Tru Blood was delivered before the vamps destroyed the plant? And if there are so many, are there enough healthy vamps to stop them? I guess I just have to roll with it like in the previous episode where the vamps could have just waited until night and walked away. You can’t fight what’s happening whether it makes sense or not.
  So I have to say this was a good season. It focused on the main characters while leaving many characters behind. Hell, we even saw plenty of characters die from Luna, to Nora, to the Rev, and of course Terry. I’m not sure where that leaves some of the minor characters next season, but it seems to be better that way. I wonder how long the sick vamp thing will last. And there is no bigger question than what happened to Eric? He couldn’t possibly go out like that could he? Oh well, back to waiting sucks again!


PS: Please come back with 12 episodes!!!!!

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