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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 9

  Wow, last night’s episode could have been mistaken for the season finale. I’ve seen this happen many times, most recently with Game of Thrones. Sometimes when the second to last episode is that good it leads to a bad season finale because there isn’t anything interesting left to show. Hopefully that isn’t the case here, but I’m really curious as to what exactly is left to show. Before I get into next week, let me get to my thoughts on episode 9, Life Matters”
  This was an absolutely fantastic, and intriguing episode. It was great how they showed two extremes, the sadness of burying a loved one, and a reminder how violet vampires can be. Of course I enjoyed the vampire part a whole lot, but it was sad to see how much Terry meant to everyone. Both extremes really showed, like the title of the episode, life matters.
  The beginning of the episode started off with a bang, or more like a blast. That was pretty cool how Sookie blasted Bill right out of the graveyard. Before that, Sookie scored an early victory for my favorite line of the night when she said, “Eric took our deal, and fucked it in the ass.” Sookie was definitely not going to take any shit from Bill. I’m surprised she has fallen into Warlow’s hands so easily.
  After the brief scene with Bill, Sookie, and Warlow everything was either at the vamp camp, or at the funeral. I’ll start off with everything that happened at the camp. First Eric wiped out all the guards outside. I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to see that, but they quickly made up for that when Eric ripped off that doctor’s balls. That just might have been the craziest thing they have done yet. I like how Eric so calmly said he would be back in ten minutes to see if he bled out.
  Bill was hot on Eric’s trail. I find it hard to believe at no point could Bill actually find Eric. All was good though as Bill finished off Eric’s work by smashing in the doctor’s face. I thought that was letting off the doctor too easy. I found it interesting how Bill was supposed to be the savior, but it looked like Eric was through most of the episode. Eric freed both the men, and women vampires leading to the torturing, and death of almost every human at the camp.
  Eric also helped heal Jason, and used him to navigate through the camp. It was good to see Jason freed for a moment. I was disappointed at the end when Jason was in the hands of that crazy vampire again. She might be next on my “must die list,” which I’m happy to say is a lot shorter today, but more on that in a minute.  
  Back to Eric and Jason’s adventures through the camp. That therapist was sure one hell of an asshole with a death wish. I couldn’t believe he dared to tell Eric he slept with Pam. I loved how excited Jason got when he knew that guy was in for a whole lot of hurt. I guess it was fitting that Pam got to finish him off, but again they ripped us off by not showing it. I guess there has to be some kind of limit on the blood spilt.
  Finally the moment we have been waiting for…the white room! Eric and Bill’s actions certainly changed how that unfolded starting with Sarah having to open the roof. I needed a double take when they showed Bill in the center of the room with all the vamps sucking his blood. That seemed a little extreme to me. I mean, they killed almost everyone there so why not just wait until sundown, and then just walk out of there. Why did they have to act like the vamps couldn’t get out of the white room?
  Ahhhh, it’s so nice to see my “must die list” be a little shorter today. The Rev’s run is finally over. Thank you Eric! I can’t believe Bill actually wanted to spare him. Thank you Eric again for not listening to Bill. My list was so close to being even shorter, but as usual Jason had to go and screw things up. How could he let Sarah go? If he didn’t want to do it, I’m sure there was any number of vamps that would have gladly taken care of her.
  Then the party began as the vamps danced their way out of there. Oh wait, you forgot someone! Good thing Jessica remembered to go back inside. Not a fan of James, but Bill might owe him one now. Then a very odd ending with Pam watching Eric fly away. Where exactly is he going? Pam was obviously concerned about him. That would have been a good ending for a season finale. Hopefully we only have to wait until next week to find out where Eric is.
  Now to the funeral. What is there to say really? As expected, it was sad, and had some really depressing moments. It made you feel bad for Terry’s family and friends, maybe all except for his crazy grandmother. I guess they wanted to include some comic relief. The flashbacks were good especially Sookie’s showing how Terry fell for Arlene right off the bat. Speaking of Sookie at the funeral, it was interesting to see her next to Alcide again. For a while, I was rooting for that pair to work out.
  The funeral kept most of the characters that were there at a stand still in their storylines. Some of them don’t really have much of a known storyline going into the finale like Alcide, and Lafayette. It will be really interesting to see if we get to see all of the characters next week, or just a few. I’m not really sure what is left to happen. The preview showed the vamps and humans in another battle, but I’m not sure the vamps are fighting the right people. Most of the right people died at the vamp camp.
  Obviously Bill has a chance to set things right, but that probably isn’t in his plans. He seems concerned with Warlow, and certainly can’t be happy about Sookie and Warlow getting together. He probably will be powerless to stop it if they stay in fantasyland. There have been so many deaths this season that I would be surprised if we saw another one, but it is a season finale. I’m not sure what else to expect, as it really did seem like this episode would have ended the season nicely. I guess the finale will really be part of episode one for season 7.
  Anyways, this was an amazing episode. They really did a great job showing two extremes. Of course, I enjoyed the blood splattering good time at the vamp camp. Hopefully the finale will come up with something to top this episode, but I think it will be hard. So if you have any predictions for the finale, I would be interested in hearing them. Until then, see you after the finale!



  1. I LOVED last night's episode. I am really curious what will happen with Warlow and Sookie. I also think the vampires and humans will clash in the season finale and prob some vamps with other vamps, as well. A great season!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my friend. Yes, great episode and great season. Glad to see them back to vamps vs humans and cutting out all the other bs. The vamps and humans will clash but hopefully something interesting will come of it.


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