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Monday, July 7, 2014

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 Episode 3

  It looks like every week they will be posting these pics with the bottles reminding us of how many episodes remain. What a depressing way to kick off the episode each week! They kind of make me want to sing, "10 bottles of Tru Blood on the wall, 10 bottles of Tru Blood. Take one down..." So before I finish my song, here are my thoughts on episode 3, "Fire in the Hole."
  Sarah: Should be dead! Looks like she will be hunted down one-way or the other… One season too late!
Sylvie: Just another girl that Eric couldn't save.
Eric: Let's go man! I mean vampire! Get up and kill Sarah already!
  Pam: So smart. Just when you thought she was going to walk away. Not only smart, but winner for my favorite line of the night again when she said, "I'm as big a fan of the French vagina as you are."
  Nan: Now there is a face I didn't think we would see again. We might see a few more before it's over. Ah, how I would so like to see the King one last time.
  Yakinomo Corporation Henchmen: Question is where were you last season? In the flashback you protected your interest, but you let the Tru Blood plant go to hell in the present. Going after Sarah now is too late! However, if Eric doesn't kill her, go right ahead and do it yourself.
  Willa: Homeless
  Tara's mom: Crazy
  Reverend: A good man. Kind of have a feeling it's not going to end well for him.
  Lafayette: Still not doing anything important.
  Jessica's Boyfriend: About to become a cheating ex-boyfriend.
  Adylin: Keeping Wade safe.
  Wade: Wants Adylin to do more than keep him safe.
  Jason: Too bad we will never get to see him with kids. I could only imagine some awesome episodes with him as a father.
  Andy: Yes, Jason would be like Andy when he became a father. That was fun!
  Violet: Wouldn't make a good mother. Anger issues for sure! At least she did one good thing last night.
  Miss Fortenberry: Jessica took Hoyt's heart and Violet took yours. You were so bitchy I thought maybe you didn't have a heart, but it looks like you had a big one. Oh well!
  Angry Mob: Told you nothing good comes of an angry mob. They are just getting good people, and themselves killed.
  Jessica: So again she's not healing! Very interesting. I wonder if this is going to lead to a cure, or just something bad for her. That would be a shame after she's finally got her act together.
  Matt: Wasn't as lucky as Jessica. Nice not knowing you!
  Sam: It was bird season, but he somehow escaped the bad aim of the mob. Funny how certain people have good aim and others don't.
  Arlene: Basically got the episode off.
  Holly: Or should I say Harry Potter? Looks like she escaped. Too bad she can't switch with Arlene.
  Bill: Interesting how we keep getting flashbacks about him, and his family life. Are they going to make a depressing end for him too, or a happy ending with Sookie?
  Sookie: How did that plan work out for you? Bill should have stopped it last week regardless of what she said. How was sitting there as vampire bait really going to work out? I guess you have to feel sorry for her because she just wanted to save everyone, and in turn hurt the one that meant the most to her (at the moment).
  Alcide: Boy do I feel bad for all the jokes about being in one scene. Now he will be in zero scenes unless there is a flashback. That totally surprised me too. I actually thought that scene was just going to end with Bill and Alcide arguing. I guess that answers how the door opens for Sookie and Bill one more time. RIP.
  Seriously now, how many people are going to be left in the end? Tara, and Alcide are the most important deaths so far amongst others. Some of the mob is surely going to get killed off. Eric is on death row unless there is a cure. Looks like Lafayette is the only one going out in style. So depressing... Back to "7 bottles of Tru Blood on the wall, 7 bottles..."


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