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My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 Episode 4

  That's right, no more bottles this week! I can't take it anymore. The episodes are depressing enough without another reminder that's it's over. Besides the continuing onslaught of depressing moments, we got a typical True Blood action scene, and got to see some old faces again. Some I'm happy to see, and others I'm glad they're gone. So here are my thoughts on episode 4, "Sick of Goodbyes."
  Pay phone: Yes, that was a pay phone that Sookie was using for those who don't know.
  Alcide's father: Sorry for your loss.
  Hoyt: I should have mentioned it last week, but I knew we would be seeing him again. Never been a huge fan of his, and I can't say I'm sorry for his loss.
  Arlene's children: I don't remember them being so grown up. Shows how much we get to see them.
  Holly: Proved to be useless again if it weren't for Sookie.
  Andy: Might have been even more useless than her in this episode.
  Jason: Had to be tough breaking the news to Hoyt, especially with Hoyt not remembering him. It will only get tougher when Hoyt comes back. And there was no way he was shooting Sam!
  Sam: Every time he changes back into a human in front of people I just want to laugh. It must be so weird for those people no matter how many times he does it. Not just because of the change, but the whole being naked thing. It might not be as weird for the ladies I guess.
  Jessica: Even a vamp has to eat. I was hoping her not healing was something to do with a cure, but so such for that. I guess they're just going to die off and that's it.
  James: Stop eyeing Lafayette!
  Lafayette: Good to see you do something important in this episode!
  Magister: How unpleasant to see you again! It didn't take long to remember why I'm glad he's not around anymore.
  Ginger: Who knew? I'm shocked that she played such an important role in Eric and Pam's lives. I thought she was just the stupid human that followed along. I can't believe she thought up the idea of Fangtasia, and got the famous shitty chair. Interesting to see how she had the hots for Eric from the start too.
  Pam: You idea stealer you! No shame in her game. Too bad I never walked into her video store. God I’m going to miss her!
  Eric: So nice to see you have returned. Shame you won't end up with Sookie. You were my next pick after Alcide. It's no fun having a weak Eric around though. So different than from how we know him to be. While he might not have his strength, he still has his mouth, which produced my favorite line of the night. He said, "Pam tells me you wrote a book in which you claim not to be an asshole anymore. Is this true Bill?" Maybe not the funniest line, but I loved how he said it. I also enjoyed him saying that he started an avalanche that killed a village!
  Willa: Calm down vamp!
  Angry mob: Also needed to calm down, but it's too late for that. I told you nothing good was going to become of them.
  Bill: Nope, not an asshole any more. I'm still not sold on him winning Sookie back, even with the competition dying off quickly. I like how they tried to bait you into thinking he might die, but didn't. Same with Eric. You got me with Alcide, but I won't buy either of them dying until we get to at least 3-4 episodes left.
  Arlene: Lucky to be alive! She couldn't die, she's a survivor! Plus I'm looking forward to seeing what she says the next time she sees Sam. Good thing Terry told her where to be.
  Terry: It was definitely nice to see him again. A good man, and a good spirit.
  Sookie: Talk about becoming numb to the world around her. She's gone from a weak little waitress to a strong fairy/human. She's on a mission to save everyone she can. Good to see she's finally gained some control over her life. I'm beginning to wonder how it ends for her.
  I always enjoy those blood-splattering scenes, and we got another one to end the night. I'm sure there are more to come, and more of our favorites will die. We will see more characters return, even for just a moment. Who do you want to see again? I’m down with the King! Oh and one bonus thought, anyone notice that Derek Mears was one of the vamps in Fangtasia? I missed it, but saw his name in the credits. I know, I cheated. Until next week!!!



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