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Monday, July 28, 2014

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 Episode 6

  Praise Lilith! Praise Billith! Praise whomever you want! Holy Werepanther, there's a cure! What are you waiting for? We have vamps to cure! Start mass production right now! Oh thank you Sarah! Wait Sarah! Does that mean we can't kill her now? And where did she go? While I get over that sad fact, here are my thoughts on episode 6, "Karma"
  Mayor of Crazy: Time for a divorce! I knew she wasn't for you. Oh and it's going be hard keeping the kids with the whole shifting thing... unless they shift too which would be awesome!
  Nicole: Still don't like her!
  Wade: Just ignored what Jason had to say! Sleeping with your step-sister-fairy! Couldn't resist huh?
  Adilyn: And here I thought she decided to be a good little fairy. Boy is it going to be fun when she pops out 5-6 little fairies like her mom did! It’s things like this that make me sad there won’t be another season.
  Rocky: Who thought he would be the sensible one after all?
  Andy: I thought Mister was going to kill Wade. Wade is lucky he's Holly's son, or the sheriff would be in jail for murder. I feel bad for Andy cause Violet is up to no good!
  Holly: Way to stand up for your son Lady. Boy their marriage is going to be fun, and dysfunctional!
  Arlene: A good voice of reason. She's been in enough relationships to be in a position to help them out. I like when she acts like a strong person. She's definitely grown a lot over the series.
  James: Looks like it's over for him and Jessica. Figures he would be at Lafayette's for drugs, and other fun!
  Tara's mom: Maybe not as crazy as I thought, but could still be Ms. Mayor of Crazy Town!
  Lafayette: I like how he went with her into that dream world. Not really sure how they both can ended up in the same place.
  Tara: So what the hell did she say? Translation anyone? At least she also has my curiosity into what she's digging up.
  Rev: It's time to move on.
  Violet: That is one vamp you don't want to cross! She is going to do something really bad if someone doesn't stop her.
  Jason: He always ends up with the crazy women/creatures. He's lucky to still be in one piece. I thought she was going to tear him apart.
  Jessica: Also lucky to be alive. Oh wait! Violet might be using Adilyn to draw in Jessica! Oh this is going to be bad!
  Mr. Gus: Nice to meet you. Looks like he lost his power, but I have a feeling he has a new opportunity in front of him. That is if they can find Sarah.
  Eric: Got to love him! That was great how he still had that guy's face in his hands. Glad he was able to come to terms with Mr. Gus, but to bad killing Sarah might not be an option now.
  Pam: Still the smart one. I am a little disappointed she got caught.
  Amber: Thanks for throwing up on your sister. I definitely like her more than Sarah. She has a good mouth on her.
  Sarah: I can't believe they won't kill her now! That lucky little ************! Maybe they can just get the cure from her, and then finish her off. And where did she run off to? Come back!
  Sookie: I said it! I told you all her plan was stupid, and wasn't going to end well. It led to Alcide's death, and now maybe Bill's. Good intentions, bad results! I do feel bad for her. Sad moment with her and Jessica watching Bill walk in. In happier news, Sookie won for my favorite line of the night when she said, "Some woodpecker is moving into my frontal lobe. It's like bam bam bam!" Honestly there weren’t many great lines this time around.
  Kapneck: Lawyer scum! You got what you deserved!
  Bill: Anyone else have a flashback to when Beetlejuice had to wait in that long line before getting his head shrunk? Poor Bill! The ups and downs Sookie has caused him. Yes, he is plenty to blame too. I'm guessing he never thought she would kill him. Then again she did stab Billith. Anyways, hopefully he gets the cure.
  Speaking of the cure, hurry up with it already! Find Sarah, and let's go! We only have 4 episodes to go! This might not end so badly after all! At least for anyone not in Violet’s way!


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