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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


A horror junkie and his friends sign up with a company that brings their customer's greatest fears to life.

Starring: Lucas Neff, Caitlin Stasey, Chris Marquette, Stephanie Drake, Patrick Renna, and Naomi Grossman

Directed by: Vincent Masciale

Written by: Luke Barnett

  Are you a horror fan that walks out of horror movies saying, “there was nothing scary about that movie?” Do you walk through haunted houses knowing where all the scares are coming from? Would you be willing to pay for someone to really scare the hell out of you? Well, maybe you should call “Fear, Inc”… or maybe not!
  The horror fan in this movie is Joe (Lucas Neff), and boy is he in for a treat. On the way out of a haunted house that fails to scare him, Joe and his girlfriend, Lindsay (Caitlin Stasey) are given a business card by a representative of Fear, Inc. Soon after a night of drinking with his friend Ben (Chris Marquette) and Ben’s girlfriend Ashleigh (Stephanie Drake), Joe decides to make a call to Fear, Inc. It appears to be a failed call until things suddenly go bad.
  Joe and his friends are now under siege by a group of cloaked guys in masks. His friends are scared to death, but Joe is convinced it’s all part of a game that Fear, Inc is putting on. From this point on there’s a constant back and forth between Joe and his friends over whether or not this whole situation is real or fake. When his friends believe it’s real, Joe believes it’s fake, and vice-versa. This also keeps the audience on its toes, as they don’t know for sure either.
  Real or fake, there are some decent death scenes, and particular references to popular horror movies. One that stands out is a very “Saw” like scene, where Joe is faced with having to mutilate Ben in order to save Lindsay. In typical “Saw” fashion, he has to cut off one of Ben’s body parts, and even retrieve a key from inside him. However, this is a horror comedy so the scene doesn’t play out quite as dramatic as a true “Saw” scene. 
  Speaking of comedy, most of it comes from Joe, and how awkwardly he handles each new crisis. Lucas Neff does a good of bringing out the silliness of Joe’s character, but is just as good when things get serious. Overall, the entire casts does a good job of not giving way whether each situation is real or fake, and the ultimate conclusion. The only real problem with “Fear, Inc” is that they probably stretch out the real vs fake thing a little longer than needed. Otherwise, this is a solid horror comedy worthy of 3 pools of blood!


*Fear, Inc was shown at the PopcornFrights Film Festival

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