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Saturday, November 19, 2016


After receiving his destiny from a fortune cookie, a lonely office worker, Barry Baker, has a hard time adjusting to his new found calling as a serial killer. Just because you are meant to do something… doesn’t mean you will be good at it.

Starring: Peter Konowicz, Nathan Jokela, Danae DeShazer, and Paul Saulo

Directed and written by: Tony Ahedo

  “Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer” proves to be an effective mix of comedy and horror. The first episode begins heavy on the comedy, as the audience gets introduced to Barry (Peter Konowicz). Barry is definitely not a natural born serial killer. There’s no greater proof for that than the fact that he wets his bed at night. He isn’t drawn to killing because of hate, but seems to be more out of looking for meaning in his life. 
  While this episode has plenty of funny moments before Barry even gets the idea of being a serial killer, it’s when he gets the idea that things really get moving. It’s obvious he has no clue what he’s doing, and probably one of the most hilarious moments comes when he’s learning how to be a serial killer. He reads about it on the internet, watches some videos, practices wrestling of all things, but best of all, he tests Chloroform on himself. 
  Of course, when it comes time to actually kill someone the audience knows it’s not going to go well. It appears he thought this through with the Chloroform and all, but that’s not the case. Lets just say he has a few stumbles along the way. There’s a nice little twist that might help set up future episodes, and gives the audience something to look forward to besides more of Barry’s blunders. 
  Peter Konowicz does an excellent job in his portrayal of Barry. He nails all of the comedic moments, and clearly shows that Barry isn’t sure what he’s doing. This is only episode one, but there’s already plenty to like about where this is headed. Hopefully it will continue to hit on the comedic moments, and maybe just maybe Barry will manage to give the audience a good kill or two!


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