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Friday, November 18, 2016


In the aftermath of the hunt for a serial killer, an ancient curse consumes a city, causing a series of brutal murders and pitting a detective against the clock to save his daughter's life.

Starring: Christopher Wiehl, Kym Jackson, and Tina Lifford

Directed by: Padraig Reynolds

Written by: Danny Kolker and Christopher Wiehl

  “The Devil’s Dolls” starts off on a high note with a great opening scene. A serial killer hunts down a young girl in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere. It’s a pretty intense chase that appears to lead the girl to the safety of a cop’s car. Too bad the killer is carrying a huge drill, and gives the girl a tremendous shower in the cop’s blood.
  This is the first of several good death scenes, which is one of the few strong suits for the movie. Most of the deaths are very brutal, and bloody. A young man flips out in a store, and makes quick work of the clerk. The fun continues in another scene involving a pissed off man, and some gardening scissors!
  All of the killers are pissed off because of the cursed dolls that fall into their possession. The dolls feed on a person’s worries and fears making them act out in rage. The person will channel their anger against whatever or whomever is bothering them. The lead detective, Matt (Christopher Wiehl) finds the dolls after stopping the serial killer in the opening scene, but they end up in the hands of his young daughter Chloe (Kennedy Brice). 
  She turns them into jewelry selling them to soon to be killers, as she begins to become extremely sick. Matt starts off trying to solve these murders, but soon has to race to save his daughter’s life. The story isn’t bad, however it’s execution is. It starts with poor acting, and the audience left watching the poor acting in many wasted scenes. The acting makes the movie feel like it’s going in slow motion at times. To top it off there seems to be a problem with the timeline, as Matt is driving all over town trying to save his daughter.
  If the majority of the movie had been filmed like the opening scene, this could have been a really good movie. A decent story is ruined by the lack of execution, and bad acting. Better actors, maybe even writing, along with some editing could have done wonders for “The Devil's Dolls.” The death scenes are nice and bloody, and the ending isn’t too bad in an attempt to take everything down to the last second. However, that’s not enough for me to give it anything more than 1.5 pools of blood.


“The Devils Dolls” was shown at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival.

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