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Friday, November 25, 2016


Teenage girl finds out, through her dreams and hallucinations, that she has a rather violent and morbid past. She sets out to right the wrong but her journey will take her to hell and back.

Starring: Al Baker, Michael Balch, Michelina Houlihan, and Catherine Brundage

Directed and written by: Emir Skalonja

  The psychological horror film “Flesh of My Flesh” starts off in a weird, but important scene. There’s what looks to be a cult led by a crazy and creepy man (Al Baker). The audience gets to see him do many things including helping to deliver a baby that he appears to be really happy about. He shows the baby to all his followers and the world.
  Before the audience can figure out what’s happening, they’re introduced to Sarah (Michelina Houlihan), and her parents. Her mother is strict, while father tries acting more like her friend. Actually, he’s pretty funny trying to use teenage slang with his daughter looking at him like he’s nuts. They obviously care for their daughter, who’s going through some personal struggles. These struggles lead to some hallucinations and dreams of the creepy man the audience sees at the beginning. Without giving it away, the two eventually have to face each other. 
  The story is set up, and executed well from beginning to end. There’s a stretch early on that might feel a little slow, but it moves on from there. The audience is drawn into Sarah’s struggles, and will feel for what she eventually must do. The film is shot in black and white, which feels right for the story that’s being told.
  In what is probably her first time in a lead role, Michelina does a decent job. Actually the whole cast does pretty well except for a moment here and there. Al certainly makes the most out of making the cult leader really creepy. And as previously mentioned, Sean Patrick Saramak is naturally funny as the father. With that, I give “Flesh of My Flesh” 2 pools of blood.


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