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Tuesday, September 15, 2020


During her tea party, a little girl loses her temper and things get bloody.

Starring: Kennedy Barrie, and featuring Rob Van Dam 

Directed and written by: Tara Price

  There might not be many things cuter than a little girl having a tea party. She has her small table, chairs, and of course tea set all laid out. She needs guests so she has her stuffed animals take their seats, and then serves the tea and food. This hardly paints the picture of a horror film, but have no worries This version of “Tea Time” is about to hit the audience with some horror.
  This sweet little girl (Kennedy Barrie) isn’t so sweet when no one is looking. Her toys come to life, but they aren’t going to be playing a fun game. They're going to be playing a game where the little girl is…a mob boss. That’s right, this adorable girl is the boss, and she’s looking for a rat. Nothing good is going to happen to that rat, or her brother’s toy that gets left behind.
  There’s a lot of things that could’ve happened when the little girl started her party, but it’s hard to ever believe she would be a mob boss. She doesn’t say too much, but manages to pull off all the important lines she needs to. It’s hilarious to see the toys be afraid of her, but then again she comes armed with something to strike fear in them. And while that might have been enough for this short film, it goes to another level and brings in wrestler Rob Van Dam. If you can imagine the toys reaction to her, just wait to you see his reaction! “Tea Time” will leave audience’s eyes glued to the sweet little girl, and then shocked at how mean she can be.


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