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  The end of the world is coming yet again! Ok, maybe not the end of the world, just the end of mankind. Does that make it easier to swallow? Probably not! God and his angels will save us right? No, actually they are the ones that want the end of mankind. Pretty depressing no? Well, that was what mankind faced in Legion.   Out in a remote desert lies a small diner, run by a father and his son. It was so remote that it only needed two other employees to serve the handful of people that probably came in there every other day. One of those employees, Charlie, was pregnant with a child she was not sure she even wanted. The child might not have seemed important to her, but its birth quickly became important for the survival of mankind. See, apparently God had lost faith in mankind (isn’t it usually the other way around), and he sent angels down from heaven to stop the birth of this child. In turn, that would somehow be the beginning of the end for mankind. Well, not if the archangel Mi


First, I have to say it was nice to see a vampire burn and not sparkle. I almost forgot that they didn’t burn anymore, but more on that later. Let’s talk about Daybreakers. The movie centers around an interesting theory: in a world controlled by vampires, what would happen to vampires if all the human blood ran out?   Edward, a vampire scientist, was tasked with finding a blood substitute in order to save the vampires. As the pressure mounted on the company to find a substitute, it revealed to Edward its’ real purpose for wanting a blood substitute. With this, Edward had a run in with Audrey, one of the few humans left, who proposed that Edward meet with her friend Elvis. Edward, who was not all that happy about being a vampire in the first place, was intrigued by what Elvis had to say. After vampires found him with humans, Edward had little choice but to try and help them out. There was one big difference; the humans were looking for a cure, not a blood substitute.   The first t


   If you read my previous blog, you know that I made the Orphan the best horror movie of 2009. With that said, it is only fitting that I start 2010 with a review of it. Obviously, I really liked this movie; so let me tell you why.   There is no better place to start than the beginning of the movie. It is so much easier to like a movie that gets off to a good start. The mother, Kate, was having a dream about going into labor. Her husband, John, had just wheeled her into the hospital, as her pain seemed to be increasing. A nurse took over and started to wheel her down the hall when she started to bleed. They took her to the delivery room, where in the middle of some chaos, they delivered her baby. The horrifying part of it was that when they showed Kate the baby, it was covered in blood. I appreciated this, not because I like seeing babies drenched in blood, but because a lot of movies wouldn't have the guts to show a baby in that situation. For a movie that was not about