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You Only Die Once tells the tale of 3 childhood best friends and vampire hunters whose friendship is called into question when one of their boyfriends becomes a vamp-bride craving, Count Dracula voice mimicking, messy blood-sucker! It's Buffy meets Hammer Horror and more in this Amanda B. Goodman horror/comedy short! Starring: Phil Casale, Teegan Curitz, John DeSilvestri, Amanda B. Goodman, Jen Keefe, Janet S. Kim, Lyssa Mandel, and Lianna Nielsen.   “You Only Die Once” is a very entertaining short horror film filled with plenty of humor. First, there’s a group of best friends who act more like enemies, particularly Cecelia (Amanda B. Goodman) and Linda (Teegan Curitz). They’re constantly going at each other in a war of words over who’s the better vampire hunter. More specifically, they’re in a friendly competition over who will be the first to kill a vampire named Topher (John Desilvestri).   Tophor’s an interesting character in his own right. He seems to act more