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Thursday, October 6, 2016


You Only Die Once tells the tale of 3 childhood best friends and vampire hunters whose friendship is called into question when one of their boyfriends becomes a vamp-bride craving, Count Dracula voice mimicking, messy blood-sucker! It's Buffy meets Hammer Horror and more in this Amanda B. Goodman horror/comedy short!

Starring: Phil Casale, Teegan Curitz, John DeSilvestri, Amanda B. Goodman, Jen Keefe, Janet S. Kim, Lyssa Mandel, and Lianna Nielsen.

  “You Only Die Once” is a very entertaining short horror film filled with plenty of humor. First, there’s a group of best friends who act more like enemies, particularly Cecelia (Amanda B. Goodman) and Linda (Teegan Curitz). They’re constantly going at each other in a war of words over who’s the better vampire hunter. More specifically, they’re in a friendly competition over who will be the first to kill a vampire named Topher (John Desilvestri).
  Tophor’s an interesting character in his own right. He seems to act more powerful then he really is. As the Cecelia says, he sounds a lot like Bain, but he’s no where as scary! While out for blood, he’s even more interested in making one of these ladies his wife. Instead of just turning them, he continues to be fooled into listening to them until they can escape. These moments are a great combination of comedy, and use of vampire weaknesses!
  Everything leads to a final showdown between the vampire hunters, and Tophor. Even while confronting Topher, the hunters still find time to take some shots at each other. The acting is solid considering having to deliver so many insults back and forth as naturally as possible. Overall, “You Only Die Once” proves to be a fun short film from beginning to end. They certainly set a high bar for the upcoming web series. With that, I give it 3 pools of blood and a slice of pie!


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