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Sometimes following a formula works, and this series does just that. The usual opening scene where one of the characters sees a terrible event about to happen, and proceeds to get their friends out of there in time. Soon after, everyone who was suppose to die, does just that. The survivors try to break the killing streak, and every time they think they have, death catches up with them again. One great change this time, killing in 3D! The star of this movie by far was the 3D deaths. When I first read that they were going to do this movie in 3D I said, "what a great idea if done right!" They certainly did the 3D right. If you like the traditional 3D action where stuff seems to being flying out at you and you like blood and guts, then you should like the 3D in this movie. I wish they could go back and do the roller coaster scene in part 3 in 3D. As with the other Final Destination movies, the opening scene must set up multiple deaths and a chance for the main characters to su


Brutal, violent, merciless, vicious, bloodthirsty, remorseless, ruthless, and savage. These are just a few words to describe Michael Myers actions in this movie. His character progresses in H2 into one mean killing machine. Stabbing people repeatedly, stomping on them, beating them, and tossing them around like rag dolls. And these are the scenes that pretty much make the movie. Let's start off by saying I thought part one was great, the way a remake should be done. Zombie took a risk by making H2 in his vision, and I don't think that risk paid off. I can't blame him for wanting to do his own story, but this story really wasn't that great. The movie becomes a lot about the psychology of Michael Myers and his sister, Laurie. Laurie is traumatized by the events that took place in part one, and who can blame her. She battles with dreams of Michael coming after her, and then has to deal with finding out she is Michael's sister. We see into Michael's mind that his


So you are relaxing one night at your summer home until some strangers show up at your door claiming to have been in an accident. Being the nice people you are, you let them in (never a good idea), and offer them the guest house for the night. You have a feeling that there is something not right about them, but hey, stranger things have happened. You are about to call it a night and then there is another noise outside. What now? Your 17 year old daughter is at the back porch about half dead. You bring her inside and do everything it takes to save her life. In the process, you find out that the people who have just beaten, shot, and raped your daughter are sleeping in your guest house. What would you do (thoughts of Hostel, Saw come to mind)? Oh yea, let the fun begin!!! This movie definitely pulls at your emotions for the different characters. I was surprised they didn't make you feel more for Mary (daughter who is almost killed) before she is actually taken hostage, but they mak


What do you get when you cross a beetle, roach, and a grasshopper? A "Prawn" of course. That is what the aliens are called in this new sci-fi feature. Getting right to it, I thought this was going to be more about the usual human vs aliens battle, but I was wrong. The aliens don't do a whole lot of fighting back.  The movie centers around a character named Wikus van der Merwe, who is put in charge of moving the aliens from District 9 to a new, much smaller location. In the process of serving the aliens eviction notices (yes they evict aliens), he sprays himself with an alien chemical, in turn, transforming himself slowly into an alien. This leads us to the usual plot of humans out for alien technology, willing to stop at nothing, including chopping up the poor guy. See, only an alien can activate the aliens weapons, hence the movie from this point on becomes a chase for Wikus, who gets help from an alien that says it can help him transform back to a human again. We see

Welcome horror movie fans!!!!

This blog for all of us horror and sci-fi fans. I have watched tons of horror movies and always have an opinion to share about them. Now I bring my opinions to this blog. I hope to spark a good conversation about the movies we love and hate and why. My favorite horror movies include anything with a lot of blood and guts. Love the usual names like Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface, but I hope to review some movies maybe you haven't heard of. I will review movies not just in theaters now, but movies that you can go out and rent today. I hope to also post some news on upcoming movies, and anything interesting I stumble upon. I will try not to give any twists because I would hate it if someone told me the twist before I saw the movie. Well enough about me and this blog, let's get to the reviews!!!! HorrO