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  Two years after escaping from demonic terror, the young woman is still haunted by unnatural vision. The dangers that await her and her friends are increasingly threatening: the figure of darkness rises to take their lives. Starring: Chelsea Islan, Widika Sidmore, and Baskara Mahendra Directed and written by: Timo Tjahjanto       “May the Devil Take You” seems like the polite way to ask if the devil can possess you, and there isn’t much polite about “May the Devil Take You Too.” This story continues to follow Alfie (Chelsea Islan), who along with Nara (Hadijah Shahab) get kidnapped. Not by the devil, but now grown up orphans. It appears they were abused back when they were young, and eventually got revenge on their tormentor. However, the tormentor is back from the grave for another round.   They’re hoping Alfie and Nara can use their previous experience with hauntings to help them with their current problem. It’s a rough start because not all of them are convinced of the hauntings. 


  Where The Scary Things Are Episode 68: ANYTHING FOR JACKSON with JUSTIN DYCK and KEITH COOPER In this Episode we review another MUST SEE 2020 FILM, ANYTHING FOR JACKSON. This film is so great. Reverse Exorcisms, Satan Worshipers, Creepy Old People, Hardcore Gore, Kidnapping, just all of the above great horror. We bring on the director, Justin Dyck and Writer Keith Cooper to discuss the film. Apple Spotify IHeart  


  A family moving to a new house to live the dream of the big city. A house where dreams turn into nightmares. Starring: Begona Vargas, Ivan Marcos, and Bea Segura Directed by: Albert Pinto Written by: Ramon Campos, Gema R. Neira, David Orea, and Salvador S. Molina       Add “32 Malasana Street” to the long list of places that seemed like a nice place to live, but are far from it. Looking for a new start, Candela (Bea Segura), Manolo (Ivan Marcos), and their family move into a new apartment in the city. It doesn’t take long before the house starts to act up particularly around their kids. Their daughter, Amparo (Begona Vargas) is supposed to be watching the youngest, Rafael (Ivan Renedo), but gets distracted from her grandfather’s odd behavior. It almost leads the boy to his demise before dad comes to the rescue, but soon enough he disappears again.     Of course this shocks the family as they search for the boy. Weird things continue to happen to Amparo and others until the Rafael is


  This motion picture is a suspense/thriller based on the short story; The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe. This updated re-telling is written by award winning filmmaker George Adams and possesses the quintessential features of the Gothic: a large dreary house, strange macabre characters with doubled personalities and a mysterious sickness. A contrast, this standard formula has a plot that is bizarre, unexpected, and full of unforeseen disturbances. Part of the terror in this story is the vagueness of time and place and the haziness sets the tone for a plot that blurs the real and the eccentric. Starring: Theresa Santiago, Billie D. Merritt, and John Tuby Directed and written by: George Adams       Being unfamiliar with this Edgar Allen Poe story made watching “Lady Usher” very interesting. Morgan (Billie D. Merritt) has fallen hard for her boyfriend Roderick (John Tupy). When he leaves school to return home to take of his sick father, Morgan must decide whether or not to


  Four friends set out to a remote getaway in Texas, unaware that it is being occupied by a sinister cult. Starring: Hailey Marmolejo, Bonnie Sturdivant, Thomas Burke, and David Eimer Directed and written by: Thomas Burke      “Camping Fun” is what this group of four wanted, but it doesn’t turn out to be a lot of fun after all. This is a found footage film showing video that the police have discovered sometime after these young people’s disappearance. It starts as the audience might expect, with the group arriving at a house in the middle of nowhere. There’s a brief introduction to who they are, and the relationship between each other.     While they’re supposed to be having fun they show that things aren’t so great between them all. There’s a good argument between some of them, but things turn weird. One of the girls seems to be acting stranger by the second, but the others are slow to catch on to it. Unfortunately for them, their problems are about to get worse because the house wasn


  Where The Scary Things Are Episode 67: HOSTS, DIRECTORS ADAM LEADER AND RICHARD OAKES WITH NEAL WARD, NADIA LAMIN, AND SAMANTHA LOXLEY We had one of funniest interviews with The Director and Actors from the movie HOSTS.  ADAM LEADER AND RICHARD OAKES WITH NEAL WARD, NADIA LAMIN, AND SAMANTHA LOXLEY join the show. This was a riot. Please check out the film, HOSTS (with an "S") Listen here Apple Spotify


Set three months prior to “Never Hike Alone,” “Never Hike in the Snow” follows the strange disappearance of Mark Hill, a Crystal Lake resident who went for a hike in the dead of winter and never came home.   Starring: Vinny Guastaferro, Thom Mathews, Courtlan Gordon, and Vincente DiSanti Directed and written by: Vincente DiSanti   Apparently Mark (Courtlan Gordon) has been investigating the woods, and taking pictures of the area. Unfortunately for him, he has stumbled into the territory of the most feared predator in the area…Jason (Vincente DiSanti). The cops find the car he was driving, but there’s no sign of Mark. Sheriff Rick Cologne (Vinny Guastaferro) seems like he knows what’s happened, but isn’t ready to tell anyone. Instead he has a fellow cop start an investigation while he goes to break the news to Mark’s mother.   This short horror film opens right in the middle of the action. Mark is running through the snow with Jason on his tail. Jason does something fans aren’t used to


  Families were terrorized at the orphanage. Someone wants them dead, apparently with black magic that is very deadly. She has a grudge and she was also born because of the sins of the orphans who formed her into the Queen of Black Magic. Starring: Ario Bayu, Hannah Al Rashid, and Adhisty Zara Directed by: Kino Stamboel Written by: Joko Anwar A Nightstream Film Festival Review   “The Queen of Black Magic” has used her power to create one brutal and unnerving movie. Hanif (Ario Bayu) takes his family back to the orphanage where he grew up to see a dying father figure Bandi (Yayu Unru). They’re meeting up with two more of his friends from the orphanage, and their wives. It’s a long drive out to the middle of nowhere, and Hanif appears to hit a deer along the way. They stop to check it out, and then finally make to their destination. Soon enough, introductions are made, and people start to get settled in.   Hanif gets the feeling that maybe he hit something else out on the road, so one of


  A crew of hardy road workers, led by a bickering Father and son, must survive the night when they accidentally awaken an ancient Irish vampire. Starring: Jack Rowan, Nigel O’Neill, and Louisa Harland   Directed by: Chris Baugh Written by: Chris Baugh, and Brendan Mullin A Nightstream Film Festival Review   The county in “Boys from County Hell” sure does goes to hell when a vampire rises from the grave. Eugene (Jack Rowan) seems to be just going along with life spending time with friends when he’s not working for his father Francie (Nigel O’Neill). Eugene and a couple of friends hang out at the pub, and like messing with tourists who come through there. They take two tourists up to a pile of rocks where legend has it a vampire older than Dracula is buried. The audience gets briefed on the vampire, Abhartach (Robert Nairne), because he’ll be making an unexpected return soon.   Francie has been hired to clear the land where this vampire rests, and also land belonging to the family of on


  A year after the death of his wife, a man enlists her sister to help him bring her back. Starring: Christine Nyland, and Jacob A. Ware Directed by: Terence Krey Written by: Christine Nyland, and Terence Krey A Nightstream Film Festival Review   “An Unquiet Grave” will remind audiences just how tough grieving the loss of a loved one is. Jamie (Jacob A. Ware) has been grieving the loss of his wife, Julie, for a year now. Somewhere along the line he got the idea of a way to bring her back, or at least part of her back. On the anniversary of her death, he gets his wife’s sister, Ava (Christine Nyland), to go on a drive with him with the intention of performing a ritual. As they drive to the spot of her death, there’s a lot of talk, and indecision from Ava over whether she can do this or not.   Of course once they get to the spot there’s no turning back. It’s dark and creepy out in the woods, but Ava is brave enough to go along with Jaime’s plan. Unfortunately, he hasn’t told her the whol


  Each of the 5 film festivals that make up the Nightstream Virtual Film Festival submitted blocks of short films that were supposed to be shown at their festivals. Here, I've selected several films from the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, and posted a brief review of each film. I definitely recommend you check out these films at the festival, or if you catch these films individually in the future. Killing Small Animals Directed by: Marcus Svanberg A woman floating through life without much purpose kills a butterfly. She loves the feeling. This is a short horror film that moves at its own pace, and might not go over well with animal lovers. The movie does exactly what the title says, and there isn’t anything pretty about it. This young woman kills a butterfly, and it’s all down hill from there. She as the urge to kill another animal, and then another. The animals get slightly bigger each time with a surprise waiting at the end. Overall, this is a brutal film, but there’s something