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  The movie opens in the back of a car with Edgar (Robert Hines) telling Victor (Flore Leo) that he has a chance to move up in the company. Victor just needs to continue proving that he is a value asset, including taking care of the business at hand. As the opening scene unfolded I wondered is this a mob story? It comes off that way early on, and slowly gets more and more into horror as it goes on. It is one of the things that work so well for the movie.   After the mob like opening, the audience gets to meet three women, Annabel (Johanna Gorton), and Tina (Christina C. Crawford) in particular. This introduction seems a little odd, but it is still early in the movie. Annabel is having trouble in the dating world, while Tina is looking to move up in the business world. Annabel hopes Jerry (Matthew Phillion) is the answer to her dating woos, as they are set for a second date. Tina meets Victor, who has an opportunity for her in his line of business.   Anthony (Michael Reardon), who


   Does every family have a family secret? I don't know about that,  but this family sure did. That is what Geno McGee tries to figure out after the death of his grandmother. The death sparks a string of murders in his family. The problem is his dead grandmother is apparently committing the murders. How can that be? Maybe the family secret is the answer.   While there is a major family secret in this movie, there is one thing that isn’t a secret… this is an absolutely crazy family. There are so many of them, I can't get into describing each, but here are some you need to know. Obviously there is Geno played by Forris Day Jr. Forris does one of the better acting jobs in the movie. It may take some time, but I think you will come around to rooting for him to solve the crime. Then there is Gary (Alex Pierpaoli), a crude character that isn't afraid to tell anyone what he thinks of them. Trust me, he doesn’t have too much nice to say.    Most importantly, there is the killer gr


   A couple of years ago, there was some excitement for “The Last Exorcism.” Some people liked it, but the ending turned others off. There was some hope for “The Rite” when it kicked off 2011. Unfortunately, it currently appears on several lists of the worst horror movies of the year. Enter 2012, and "The Devil Inside." Could it start off 2012 with a bang?   Found footage… here we go again! The movie is a documentary, which follows Isabella Rossi (Fernanda Andrade), on her search for what really happened to her mother years ago. Apparently her mother, Maria (Suzan Crowley), killed three people during her own exorcism. At some point after her trial, Maria was taken to a facility in Italy, where they continue to insist that she is just crazy, and not possessed by a demon. Now Isabella wants to see for herself.   The movie basically boils down to two parts: when exorcism type stuff breaks out, and boring documentary talk. It opens with footage of police documentin