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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


  The movie opens in the back of a car with Edgar (Robert Hines) telling Victor (Flore Leo) that he has a chance to move up in the company. Victor just needs to continue proving that he is a value asset, including taking care of the business at hand. As the opening scene unfolded I wondered is this a mob story? It comes off that way early on, and slowly gets more and more into horror as it goes on. It is one of the things that work so well for the movie.
  After the mob like opening, the audience gets to meet three women, Annabel (Johanna Gorton), and Tina (Christina C. Crawford) in particular. This introduction seems a little odd, but it is still early in the movie. Annabel is having trouble in the dating world, while Tina is looking to move up in the business world. Annabel hopes Jerry (Matthew Phillion) is the answer to her dating woos, as they are set for a second date. Tina meets Victor, who has an opportunity for her in his line of business.
  Anthony (Michael Reardon), who works under Victor, isn’t on top of things like Victor. His task is to capture someone who might not be missed such as a homeless guy, or prostitute. Instead, he kidnaps Annabel and Jerry while they are out on their date. Apparently they are kidnapped for some kind of ritual that is going to take place. When Victor finds out that Anthony picked the wrong kind of people, he is the least bit pleased. What is pleasing for horror fans is what eventually happens to Annabel and Jerry.
  The story comes together when Tina joins Victor for an important dinner. Edgar welcomes Tina, and hopes that she will become a valued member of their team like Victor. I’m not going to give away what happens, but it definitely puts an exclamation mark on things. My only problem with is that it feels like only the beginning to the story. It leaves you wanting to see what happens next for this group of people.
  Overall, this movie does a good job of creating a gangster like atmosphere while including enough horror. It keeps the audience on their toes, as they aren’t sure where this is all headed. The acting isn’t too bad with a strong performance from Flore Leo. While the ending is satisfying, it kind of felt like this is only the beginning, at least for Victor and company. With that said, I give this movie 2.5 pools of blood.


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