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Wednesday, September 29, 2021



A troubled woman meets her father for the first time and their encounter goes from awkward to alarming when they witness a man swallow a little girl whole.

Starring: Christy St. John, Steve Marvel, and Julie Dolan

Directed and written by: Skye Braband

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Sunday, September 26, 2021



A sequel to the horror film Candyman (1992) that returns to the now-gentrified Chicago neighborhood where the legend began.

Starring: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Directed by: Nia DaCosta

Written by: Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, and Nia DaCosta

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Friday, September 24, 2021



Follows a wealthy, dysfunctional family that gathers for a reunion on a secluded island only to learn they’ll be pitted against one another in a cruel game of life and death, all while being stalked by a mysterious masked killer. Nothing is what it seems and no one is safe as the tension - and body count - ratchets up.

Starring: A. J. Simmons, Alex Ozerov, and Chris Jacot

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Thursday, September 23, 2021



Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities.

Starring: Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, and George Young 

Directed by: James Wan

Written by: James Wan, Ingrid Bisu, and Akela Cooper

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021



A notorious criminal must break an evil curse in order to rescue an abducted girl who has mysteriously disappeared.

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutera, and Nick Cassavetes

Directed by: Sion Sono

Written by: Aaron Hendry and Reza Sixo Safai

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Thursday, September 16, 2021



Karloff, examining his illustrious 60-year career in the entertainment industry and his enduring legacy as one of the icons of 20th century popular culture.

Starring: Ron Perlman, Guillermo del Toro, and Christopher Plummer

Directed by: Thomas Hamilton 

Written by: Thomas Hamiton and Ron MacCloskey

  “Boris Karloff The Man Behind the Monster,” that is the man behind Frankenstein. An iconic character played by an iconic actor. This film is a documentary that covers Boris Karloff’s time as Frankenstein, but goes way beyond that. It goes back to his beginnings with a film like “Criminal Code,” other horror movies like “The Mummy,” and of course more Frankenstein titles. Also, it touches on his work outside of films like on stage and television.

  To help with this journey through his career, the audience is treated to interviews with the likes of Peter Boddanovich, Guillermo del Torro, Christopher Plummer, John Ladis, Roger Corman, and more. They help provide background on some of his roles, and what was going on in the film industry around that time. And to top off this tribute to him is some commentary from his daughter, Sarah Karloff.

  It would have been easy to appease horror fans and give them a documentary on Karloff’s time as Frankenstein. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to know all they could about that experience. However, this was more about honoring his career beyond Frankenstein, and it certainly does that. Admittedly, I’m one that didn’t know much about his career outside of the monster so it was impressive to learn the wide range of work he did. Not only in the roles he took, but also the influence he had on other films.

  While there’s plenty of interesting things covered here, two things mentioned by his daughter caught my attention. One was early on when she said he narrated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Some people might have known that, but that was surprising news to me. And then the documentary closed with her talking about his fans, and how nice they’ve been to her. How they’ve shown her how much her father has meant to them, and their fandom. It was heart felt, and definitely the way to end this tribute to his career.

  “Boris Karloff The Man Behind the Monster” definitely goes behind the monster. While most horror fans like me know him for Frankenstein, this goes way beyond the monster. Have no worries, there’s still plenty mentioned about Frankenstein, and how playing the monster effected other roles. But it’s learning how much more he contribute to the film industry that’s really special here. Not only in the number of films he did, but his influence on films and then moving to other areas like television. I definitely encourage you to join in on honoring a legend, and watch this documentary. With that, I give it 3 pools of blood.



Abramorama will release the film in theaters on September 17th.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021


When a global pandemic limits the possibility of travel, a honeymooning couple gets stranded at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where a skeleton staff of two employees tend to them. When tensions escalate amidst a forced lockdown, it becomes apparent there is more to fear at the storied hotel than just cabin fever.

Starring: Brendan Hines, Tatjana Marjanovic, Kevin Daniels, and Ola Kaminska

Directed and written by: Chris Beyrooty and Connor Martin

  “Shelter in Place,” a phrase that has become all too common these days. Now there are some places that one would definitely not want to shelter in place, and some that might not seem so bad. One of those places might be the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the ever so famous hotel in Los Angeles. That’s where newlyweds Sarah (Tatjana Marjanovic) and John (Brendan Hines) have found themselves during the latest shelter in place.  

 Not bad considering they have the place to themselves, and a two person crew made of Adela (Ola Kaminska) and Ty (Kevin Daniels) to serve them. They get room service, their room cleaned, and can do whatever they want in the hotel. She takes the time to create social media posts with the hotel backgrounds, and he tries out some of the hotel’s amenities. Soon they start spending too much time together, and tension rises all while something strange seems to be happening around them.

  Being in the big hotel with almost no one in it immediately screams “The Shining.” Like that classic, this one is going to start slowly focusing on the couple while displaying what the hotel has to offer. The couple seem fine at the opening, as they take in what the hotel has to offer. There’s swimming, and an unique bowling game before the arguments set in. While they want the audience to focus on their relationship, the real interesting stuff is happening with the two person staff. 

  There’s certainly a slow pace through much of the relationship stuff, but they’ll keep the audience curious with flashes of things in the background. Is it a haunting, or is someone suffering from cabin fever? It will be hard to tell, but surprisingly it’s going to get a lot bloodier than the audience might have thought. The strange stuff is going to finally come to the forefront, and give the audience an exciting ending.

  “Shelter in Place” is another horror movie capitalizing on our current pandemic. The small cast, and their isolation will make things feel a little familiar. Some of us can relate to the cabin fever, and growing on each others nerves like this couple. While it might seem like it takes a little long to get there, horror fans should get a very pleasing ending. One where the cast gets to finally shine, and some blood is spilled. One that might make you think twice before staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt, or maybe any hotel at low capacity. With that, I give it 3 pools of blood! 



SHELTER IN PLACE will be available on VOD and Digital September 14, 2021.

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Monday, September 13, 2021



Do real werewolves exist? In the American south legends tell of encounters with a creature that stalks the swamps and bayous. A creature who was here long before the immigrants who settled the region. An ancient evil called the Rougarou. Legends tell of a cannibal tribe of shapeshifters who retreated deep into the forests where they slowly lost touch with their humanity. A tribe who went on to become something far darker; a skinwalker. Now, nearly 400 years since the origins of the legend of the Rougarou first began to circulate, people are encountering the creature once again. The truth behind these vicious, horrifying brushes with the unknown will make your blood run cold. Does the Rougarou still stalk the swamps of southern Louisiana? The truth may surprise you..

Directed by: Seth Breedlove

  “Skinwalker: The Howl of the Rougarou” is the latest documentary from Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters. They’ve been to multiple locations to tackle monsters like Big Foot, and explore the possibilities of UFO’s and aliens. Now they’ve found themselves in the bayou of Louisiana. While many people might look for alligators down there, this crew is looking for something much different. Something that might resemble a werewolf, or something close to that depending on who you ask. 

  Like some of their other documentaries, this one also focused a lot on people’s stories, and experiences. They reached out to the locals for these stories, which many seemed happy to share once again. Some were personal stories, and others were probably passed down through generations. Mixed into some of the stories are some pretty cool animations, or maybe even live shots of the skinwalker. It always helps to try to bring the story to life a little.

  Admittedly I’m more familiar with the typical werewolf story than Rougarou origins so this was pretty interesting. A tribe of cannibal skinwalkers sounds like the start of a good horror movie. Listening to some of the stories that were passed along were intriguing, and were a good starting point. However, the personal stories were a little more entertaining. There’s just something about how someone tells a story about a possible run in with any kind of creature.

  Whether done on purpose, or just an outcome of all the interviews, it was a little curious how there were different versions of the Rougarou. Some stories seemed to focus on it being a creature, while others focused on it changing forms. Some suggested it to only be able to change into one form, and others gave it more flexibility. It could even change into human form, which is creepy. 

  “Skinwalker: The Howl of the Rougarou” takes their look at the Rougarou straight from the peoples’ mouths. Some of the stories are passed along, and others are from personal experiences. Sometimes it takes both perspectives to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Whether you believe it or not, the Rougarou is a terrifying creature for future horror stories, or those who unfortunately cross paths with it in the swamps of Louisiana. With that, I give this documentary 3 pools of blood.   


"Skinwalker: The Howl of the Rougarou" will be available to purchase or rent on September 14th on a number of platforms from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW. Small Town Monsters will also release a special edition Blu-ray ($18.99) and DVD ($14.99) from their official store.

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Sunday, September 12, 2021



The sequel is set in the years following the initial deadly home invasion, where Norman Nordstrom lives in quiet solace until his past sins catch up to him.

Starring: Stephen Lang, Madelyn Grace, and Brendan Sexton III

Directed by: Rodo Sayagues

Written by: Fede Alvarez, and Rodo Sayagues

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Friday, September 10, 2021



Leah, 10, live in a large vicarage, full of lost souls and the needy. In the day the house is bustling with people; at night it is dark, empty, a space for Leah’s nightmares to creep into. A small, nightly visitor brings Leah comfort, but soon she will realize that her little visitor offers knowledge that might be very, very dangerous.

Starring: Denise Gough, Steven Cree, Kiera Thompson, and Sienna Sayer

Directed and written by: Ruth Platt

A Fantasia International Film Festival Review

  Some people live happily on “Martyrs Lane,” while others just can’t find happiness. Leah (Kiera Thompson) wants to be a happy little girl, but her family isn’t making it easy. Her mother Sarah (Denise Gough) and father Thomas (Steven Cree) are caught up in their own worlds, and don’t give her the time she needs. Not helping is an older sister that bothers her whenever possible. 

  Leave a little kid alone and they will find trouble and that’s what happens to Leah. While exploring the home she finds a piece of a special bracelet. She also manages to steal something that turns out very important to her mother. Both are clues to a mystery she’s about to get caught up in.

  The most intriguing parts of this film are when Leah speaks with another young girl who visits her at night. Yes, she’s a ghost, but a friendly one at least to start. This mysterious girl seems to know something about Leah’s family, and drops clues to Leah on where to find more of this bracelet. The closer Leah comes to the truth the ghost with angel wings becomes darker. The film doesn’t go to extreme levels of darkness, but this is where the audience will find most of the horror.

  Behind the ghost story is the other important aspect of the film. It’s about grief, and how it affects the family. Leah might not be going through it, but the others around her are, and it’s definitely effecting her relationships with them. They don’t really take her feelings into consideration, and the final moments show that. Their lack of attention to her opens the door to the mystery she solves, and her relationship with the ghost.

  As “Martyrs Lane” comes to an end, the audience should appreciate what they’ve witnessed from young actresses Kiera and Sienna. Their characters’ relationship is vital to the film, and they’re on point from the start. Not only is the acting great, but keeping them mostly in Leah’s room, and keeping it dark just adds to their strange conversations. The overall mystery to solve might not be to difficult to figure out, but that’s fine so that the point of the film can be taken in. Grief is a tough subject to tackle, but it’s done well here. With that, I give it 3 pools of blood.


“Martyrs Lane” played as part of the 2021 Fantasia Film Festival.

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Thursday, September 9, 2021



It's a soaking wet day with rain pouring down and one of the best things to do is to go seek refuge in a great old cinema. There’s just one problem: a murderer is on the loose and he also has take refuge there.

Starring: Ricardo Islas, Luciana Grasso, and Franco Duran

Directed by: Maximiliano Contenti

Written by: Maximiliano Contenti, and Manuel Facal

A Popcorn Frights Film Festival Review

  “The Last Matinee” gives movie goers another reason to stay home, and stream their next film! It’s raining outside and a few people have made their way into the theater for a special screening. Of course there’s some teens, a couple on a date, a young boy who shouldn’t be there, and a strange old man. With a small crowd comes a very small crew, which is made up of Ana (Luciana Grasso) who is handling basically everything. Typically she could handle it, but this isn’t going to be a typical night.

  As the movie begins, the teens try to get settled but can’t do so quietly. This upsets the strange man, but being teens they pretty much ignore him. The couple is getting comfortable in their seats, and with each other. This is all while the young boy tries to remain hidden from the others, and able to watch a film without getting thrown out. Staying hidden or getting thrown out might be the best ideas of any of them because a killer has just entered the theater!

  The early part of the film is spent getting its characters to their seats. As far as the characters go, the film definitely takes a less is more approach with them. The audience won’t learn much about any of them before the killer strikes. There’s some conversation amongst the teens and the couple, but not enough to get to know them. Ana spends much of the early part of the film alone once her father leaves so not much is known about her either. The audience will only get to know a little more about those who survive the killer’s initial wave of deaths.

  And what fun the audience will have with those death scenes if they like them simple yet brutal. The killer mostly uses a knife, but they make good use of it. The killer makes smoke come out of a new place for one person, and takes time to bond some young kissers together. This is all good, but the killer has a eye for something else. Something very important for watching a movie with, and that can be held in a jar. In one of the most brutal parts of the movie, he’s even willing to give a donation of his own.

  If horror fans are looking for a simple slasher film that takes place in a theater then look no further than “The Last Matinee.” There won’t be wasted time on building characters, or learning about dark secrets of the killer’s past. The characters will be put in place, and then the fun will begin. It will be creepy for the audience to know a killer is lurking around the theater before the characters figure it out. By then, the audience will enjoy some gruesome deaths before a wild and exciting final act unfolds. With that, I hope you have your eyes on this one as I give it 3.5 pools of blood.


“The Last Matinee” played as part of the 2021 Popcorn Frights Film Festival.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021



The small, snow-covered Indigenous community is about to see an upturn. Mining company WEC has just made an agreement for drilling on this tribal land, and it’s looking like everyone will benefit – except the land itself. Local activist Kharis Redwater is one of those protesting the deal when her voice is silenced in a hit-and-run that remains unsolved. So as WEC begins their assault on the land, the land itself retaliates against WEC and all those who support it. But for local peace officer Mary Stonechild (Madison Walsh) and Park Ranger Stacey Cole (Sera-Lys McArthur), the answer to this mystery lies in the traditions of their people and the vengeance-filled spirits that have haunted the land for generations, about which the people know one rule: don’t say its name.

Starring: Madison Walsh, Sera-Lys McArthur, Julian Black-Antelope, and Samuel Marty

Directed by: Rueben Martell

Written by: Rueben Martell, and Gerald Wexler

A Fantasia International Film Festival Review

  “Don’t Say Its Name” unless you want something bad to happen. Something bad happens right at the start of this one, as a local activist Kharis Redwater dies in a hit-and-run. Before her death she was protesting against a mining company, WEC, being able to drill on tribal land. Was her death just a sad tragedy, or was there someone out to silence her?

  That’s one of the questions that local peace officer Mary Stonechild (Madison Walsh) and Park Ranger Stacey Cole (Sera-Lys McArthur) have to figure out. That seems like a common enough case except for the fact that more bodies are starting to fall. There seems to be a pattern to them with witnesses not really able to identify what is doing the killing. They might have to look beyond a regular police investigation, and more into local traditions to solve this case!

  The film isn’t going to waste too much time before giving horror fans what they want. There are a couple of really good death scenes that will be bloody, and mysterious. The killer will swoop in for the kill out of nowhere leaving witnesses and the audience to wonder what just did that. Some of that effect is wiped away once everyone knows who the killer is later on, but it still manages a decent level of creepiness. It also must be noted that blood always looks a little better on snow, and there’s no exception to that here.

  As for the mystery, it’s an interesting story to follow. A story that’s going to be about the mining company coming on tribal land, and something not being happy about it. Mary and Stacey might not mix perfectly and have different life experiences, but they each bring something important to solving this case. They will need to solve it quickly, as people are dropping and this killer is moving in on people closer to them personally. It sets up for a pretty exciting end that comes to a conclusion not with police work, but some local traditions. 

  Many fans recently enjoyed “Blood Quantum,” which was done largely with an Indigenous cast and crew, and looked forwarded to seeing what another Indigenous cast and crew could do. Just like “Blood Quantum,” touching on social injustices, environmental issues, and traditions were important themes to include. They used them to help build an interesting story without feeling forced on the audience. The killing starts off nice and bloody before the film dives more into solving a mystery. Madison and Sera-Lys become standouts as their characters work to put an end to the killing. With that, I have a feeling more and more fans will be talking about “Don’t Say Its Name” so I give it 3 pools of blood! 


“Don’t Say Its Name” played as part of the 2021 Fantasia Film Festival. 

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Friday, September 3, 2021



After Melissa and her family seek shelter from a storm, they become trapped. With no sign of rescue, Melissa comes to realize that she and her girlfriend Amy might have something to do with the horrors that threaten her family.

Starring: Lisette Alexis, John James Cronin, Pat Healy, Vinessa Shaw and Sierra McCormick

Directed by: Sean King O’Grady

Written by: Max Booth III

A Popcorn Frights Film Festival Review

  How many horror movies come to that part when a character says, “We Need To Do Something?” A big storm has hit, and forced a family to hunker down in one of their bathrooms for safety. Parents Diane (Vinessa Shaw) and Robert (Pat Healy) figured that was the best place to be with their teen daughter Melissa (Sierra McCormick), and young son Bobby (John James Cronin). In a way it turns out to be a good decision because a tree comes down onto the house destroying part of it. The family is safe except for one thing.

  The tree has blocked the bathroom door, and left them stranded in there. For a strong family unit this might be a hard enough task to overcome, but this family has issues to begin with. Robert has a drinking problem, and it appears Diane might have already moved on. This is news Melissa, which she might have noticed if she wasn’t wrapped up in her own drama. The only innocent one here is Bobby, who is just a kid caught in the middle of this mess. Maybe hiding in the bathroom wasn't a good idea after all!

  It’s almost hard to believe a movie that’s shot primarily in a bathroom could do so well at keeping the audience’s attention. Early on it’s about learning a little something about each of these family members. Also, it doesn’t ignore the obvious humorous moments this situation creates like using the toilet, and having to shower. Just as the audience might wonder what else is this going to offer besides a trapped family, the movie is going to hit the audience with a thrilling, yet bizarre scene. There’s something else happening here but what?

  The answer may be with Melissa, and the only scenes that the audience sees outside of the bathroom. Part of Melissa’s time in the bathroom is revisiting her relationship with Amy (Lisette Alexis). The two hit it off, but as they got closer they felt bullied by another boy in school. With Melissa by her side, Amy dealt with the problem with a spell. Apparently things didn’t go right, and now she wonders if the spell could have done something to the world outside the bathroom. She battles this guilt, as her family battles each other. Those funny moments early on will be well gone in the end, and both the family and the audience will want nothing more than to know what’s happening on the other side of the door.

  “We Need To Do Something” accomplishes a lot in one bathroom. It first shows a family unit that might be recognizable to many out there. One that spends more time with their phones than each other, and presents common issues like drinking and cheating. And just before it becomes a study on families the true horror is unleashed in a truly unexpected scene. One that lets the audience and family know anything can be outside of that bathroom. As the drama for the family builds so will the audience’s need to know what the hell is going on. There’s several possibilities, and it’s how much that’s revealed or not that might be the ultimate deciding factor in rating the movie. With that, I give it 3.5 pools of blood.  


“We Need To Do Something” played as part of the 2021 Popcorn Frights Film Festival.

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Thursday, September 2, 2021



A provincial Russian town is ravaged by a wave of inexplicable teen suicides. Rebellious and sharp-witted schoolgirl Dana (Anna Potebnya, SAMA DURA) grieves for her younger sister, a once-happy kid who suddenly withdrew and stepped in front of a train. Desperate to learn what happened, Dana explores her sister’s online history, discovering a sinister social-media game that encourages youths to take an escalating series of self-harm challenges – 50 tasks in 50 days. Beginning with actions designed to alienate them from friends and family, the challenge breaks its victims lives apart to push them past any point of return. Hungry for answers and out for revenge, Dana registers for the game, opening a doorway into the cruelest of hidden online worlds. One that will jeopardize the lives of everyone she cares about.

Starring: Anna Potebnya, Yekaterina Stulova, Polina Vataga, and Timofey Yeletsky

Directed by: Anna Zaytseva

Written by: Evgenia Bogomyakova, Olga Klemesheva, and Anna Zaytseva

A Fantasia International Film Festival Review

  “#Blue_Whale” isn’t the hashtag for those who are out whale watching. Unfortunately, this starts with a tragedy for this small family. Yulia (Polina Vataga) is a young girl who has just committed suicide. Apparently she got wrapped up in deadly game on the internet, and couldn’t escape its bad intentions. This has left her sister Dana (Anna Potebnya) and mother divided, and struggling with their grief. 

  Dana can’t help but start to look into what really happened to her sister. She does some internet digging, and before she knows it is left with a decision to join the game her sister was playing. Stressed by her mother and overcome with grief she agrees to the game. This is no fun game, as it’s about to take her on a dangerous path that’s going to take a toll on her emotionally and physically. Will she be able to figure out what happened to her sister, or will she just become another victim of it?

  Recently, horror fans have seen more and more movies from the perspective of cell phone and computer screens, and this one is no different. Much of the movie is seen either on Dana’s computer, or from her phone when she’s moving around. Obviously she’s on camera sometimes, and other times she’s watching videos of people who played the game. For those looking for horror, it’s those videos that will provide it. The audience will see the unfortunate fate for some who fell victim to the game. 

  A game that’s meant to really break a person down. As Dana plays it, the audience will see how the game pulls her away from her friends and mom. It slides her down the social ladder at her school, as she’s forced to basically humiliate herself. The first challenge alone is getting the challenges day after day really early in the morning. Dana gets completely sucked into it first for her sister, and then in hopes of saving others but it’s a huge task. Anna does a great job of getting her character’s emotions across when the audience could easily get lost in all the shuffling of screens.

  As Dana gets closer to the end of the challenges, there will be a surprise or two. It leads to a pretty dramatic ending, which fits well for Dana’s journey. A journey that “#Blue_Whale” set to show many teens have really fallen victim to. It does its job of showing the evil on the internet, and the people behind the screens. More importantly with Dana it displays how a teen can be torn down, and the damage it does to them and their loved ones. With hopes that audiences get the message here, I give it 3 pools of blood.



“#Blue_Whale” is playing as part of the 2021 Fantasia Film Festival. 

More information at:

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