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The Holiday Horror Wish List has become a tradition, so let me introduce it to those who haven't seen it yet. It's very simple, just imagine you are a little kid again, and are about to write a letter to Santa telling him what you want for Christmas. Except think of it as if you are writing to the Santa from "Silent Night," and are only going to be asking for things that are horror related. Basically I want all of you to come up with your own Holiday Horror Wish List. It could be something that you could really get like a DVD of your favorite horror movie of 2018, or an autograph from your favorite horror icon. Your list could also be something you would like to see happen in the world of horror for 2019 such as, a sequel to a horror movie, or no more remakes (not happening by the way)! To give you a few more examples, here's my Holiday Horror Wish List! -Now that we've had Michael return, can we get another appearance by Jason? Preferably playe


A young couple gets kidnapped and treated like farm animals after stopping at a roadside diner to eat meat. Starring: Nora Yessayan, Alec Gaylord, and Ken Volok Directed and written by: Hans Stjernsward   This sure isn’t old MacDonald’s farm! On this farm, you won’t find any “moo’s,” or “oink oink’s” only screams! This community of cannibals force anyone caught eating meat to become their cattle. That is exactly what happens to Nora (Nora Yessayan), and Alec (Alec Gaylord) after their stop at the wrong diner in “The Farm.”   Like in the “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Hills Have Eyes,” this couple finds themselves in the middle of nowhere with people who are very different. After ordering the meat, they end as the new cattle on the farm. The horror here is that people are treated just like cattle are, and there is no holding back. People are caged, shocked, and even inseminated. To add to the fun, the cannibal farmhands are all wearing masks of farm animals.


As usual, we wanted to give horror fans a little something to celebrate the horridays, so here are a few horriday themed short films for you to check out. Hopefully there are a few you haven’t seen, or some worth watching again!