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It's 'every man for himself' in this post apocalyptic world, where a biological mistake has turned most of the population into animalistic eating machines. And that's just fine with R.J. - (Jack Nathan Harding) As a matter of fact, this proud hermit has adapted well to the new world order. He's even got heat, food, and a rare clean water source. For three years, R.J. has contentedly spent his days in a dark, cramped, and heavily barricaded room, drinking tea and reading paperback westerns by candlelight. One night R.J.'s routine is disrupted when he warily lets in a desperate young stranger - (Stephen Twardokus) He soon realizes the person he let in may be more dangerous that anything he's been trying to keep out. Directed by Derek Cole   Here's another short film from director Derek Cole, who I'm quickly becoming a fan of. After reviewing his fantastic short film " Within Hindsight ," it was great to have the opportunit


Starring: Alexandra Grace, Riley Connor, and Kira Halling Written and directed by: Michael Kehoe   There are certain situations horror fans have seen over and over again. Sometimes it's within a scene, other times it might be the outcome of the whole film. However that doesn't mean the result will always be the same. Creating something different is what horror fans are looking for, and the challenge for filmmakers.   In "Hush," Regan (Alexandra Grace) is downstairs watching T.V. when there's a power outage. As she's trying to figure what to do, a little girl, Irene (Riley Connor), from upstairs begins to yell for her. After a few yells, and responses of "hush," Regan makes her way into the girl's bedroom. By now horror fans are already thinking about what's coming next, and hoping they don't see more of the same.   This is where the challenge for the filmmakers kicks in, and they knock it out of park. Without givin


Daniel encounters something evil in his claustrophobic apartment. Starring: Daniel Areas, Spike the Dog, and Angel Villegas Written and directed by: Jonathan Cuartas   "The Pallor" is a short film that sets out to scare the audience, or in the least creep them out. It starts with Daniel (Daniel Areas), and his dog in an apartment doing every day things. Then it begins to go downhill for Daniel when noises wake his dog, and him up. If the audience isn't paying close enough attention, they just might miss the quick look at the evil that’s after Daniel.   The evil that haunts Daniel is definitely the star of the film. Being a short film, it doesn't appear much, but when it does it's very effective. It kind of pops up in a similar way to how some of the scares are done in movies like "Insidious," "The Conjuring," and "Annabelle." It may or may not have you jumping out of your seat, but it will definitely make you


A witch tasks a childless baker and his wife with procuring magical items from classic fairy tales to reverse the curse put on their family tree. Starring: Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, and Chris Pine Directed by: Rob Marshall Written by: James Lapine (screenplay), and James Lapine (musical)   "Into the Woods" is a movie that doesn't want the audience to ever forget its name. The opening scene mentions "Into the Woods" probably more than two dozen times. It doesn't end there, it continues throughout the movie as characters are constantly reminded about the woods, the danger of going to, or the danger of being in the woods. This is one of several things that stand out about "Into the Woods."   Obviously the biggest thing that stands out is that this is a musical. The audience gets a big dose of this right off the bat. After that opening scene, the audience might have thought the whole movie was going to be singing, but i



I had a blast Spooky Empire 2014, as I do every year. I got to meet more Horror Icons, watch some great panels, take cool pics, and score some awesome autographs. More than anything it's the little moments like Melissa McBride saying she liked my hat, Tobin Bell pointing out that he's taking a pic with a Horror Icon (of course I told him that he's the real Icon), and Bitsie Tulloch remembering my name hours later. Those kinds of moments are why I always encourage horror fans to attend conventions.  So below are some videos I took of the panels including the Halloween, The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker, Tobin Bell, and Grimm. Also, there's a video of some of the pics I took over the course of the weekend.   Spooky Empire 2014 Pics: The Walking Dead Panel Pics: Click  here  to see the post with The Walking Dead Panel videos. Michael Rooker Panel:


The Holiday Horror Wish List has become a tradition, so let me introduce it to those who haven't seen it yet. It's very simple, just imagine you are a little kid again, and are about to write a letter to Santa telling him what you want for Christmas. Except think of it as if you are writing to the Santa from "Silent Night," and are only going to be asking for things that are horror related. Basically I want all of you to come up with your own Holiday Horror Wish List. It could be something that you could really get like a DVD of your favorite horror movie of 2014, or an autograph from your favorite horror icon. Your list could also be something you would like to see happen in the world of horror for 2015 such as, a sequel to a horror movie, or no more remakes (not happening by the way)! To give you a few more examples, here's my Holiday Horror Wish List! -More and more of brutal Rick! Oh, and hopefully the spinoff works out! -I'll tak


Detectives are puzzled when a serial killer has killed 4 and has left no evidence and seems to have no motive. In their desperation they call alone Source, a well known psychic that has helped the police solve crimes with his incredible gift. Source will soon learn this killer is even a step ahead of him. Starring: Stephen Twardokus, Jon Gale, and Wendy Haines Directed by: Derek Cole Written by: Derek Cole, and Stephen Twardokus   "Within Hindsight” starts off like the typical crime drama. Two detectives are trying to piece together clues at a murder scene. Apparently this isn't the first time this killer has struck, and the detectives need help finding the killer. They call in a psychic, and this is when things get really interesting.   The detectives fade away as the psychic puts himself in the room when the murder begins to take place. The audience gets to see the murder committed by a guy in an awesome silver mask. With a mask like that it'


No Walking Dead… no worries! Here’s another video that will hopefully make you laugh, and bring you back to some of the show’s finer moments. Enjoy… And  for those that missed “The Walking Dead: Funny Pics 1,"  click  here  and watch it as well!


Spooky Empire 2014 had some really good panels. As one might have guessed, "The Walking Dead" panel was one of the most anticipated panels of the convention. It was certainly worth the  wait! It featured several popular actors from the show including Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, and Laurie Holden. Below are a few videos from portions of the panel, along with some pics. One of the videos includes a surprise appearance by Michael Rooker. Enjoy...


FEAR is a visually striking poetic film on the universal emotion that can hit us when we let insignificant little incidents spin wildly out of control. Starring: Jessie Rabideau Written and directed by: Steven Kahn   Appropriately entitled "FEAR," this short film shows audiences fear can hit us in many different ways. It starts off with a young woman in her bathroom, where strange things occur, as she does things like take a bath, and wash her hair. The film has the audience wondering what’s going to happen to her as she does these things. Is there someone in the house? Maybe a ghost is haunting her, or maybe fear is getting the best of her?   The film might seem odd at first, but curiosity, suspense, and tension will build as the woman moves from the bathroom into other parts of her home. It brings out these emotions as things get stranger and stranger, and the feeling that danger is getting closer sets in for the woman. They did a great job of comi


A sudden and mysterious inheritance brings Danny and his friends to Hobb Springs, a forgotten resort deep in the West Virginia hills. Hobb Springs is being looked after under the watchful care of Jackson and Sally. Starring: Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, and Aqueela Zoll Directed by: Valeri Milev Written by: Frank H. Woodward    Let's start this off by saying that I'm a fan of this franchise. Certainly not because they’re the best movies ever made. Horror fans could make complaints about any of the movies, and it probably wouldn't be worth the time to argue. So why am I a fan of this franchise? Well I think each movie has presents some quality kills, and I'm always in for some good bloodshed (yes I have issues).    Of course that means the first thing I looked for “Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort” are the kills. As usual, the first one starts it off with a bang. The three crazy cannibals kill two unsuspecting, and unimportant characters in some headi


In my final Halloween Horror Nights 24 post, I have some videos from the four scare zones for you to check out. Overall, the scare zones turned out pretty good. Each offered something a little different. After the look at the zones, there is a video with some pictures from the zones, and other things I ran into at HHN24. The first scare zone is The Purge: Anarchy. This movie made for the perfect scare zone. It was total chaos as scare actors were everywhere looking to exercise their right to Purge. The first video shows that, including a look at the boss patrolling the area. In the second video, you get to see a two-part scene the scare actors played out every once in awhile. The boss rounds up victims in the truck, and they are later auctioned off. It was pretty cool to catch both scenes. The second scare zone is Face Off - In the Flesh. While this wasn't that scary, it made for some awesome photo ops. Basically there were several featured cr


Part of my Halloween Horror Nights 24 (HHN) adventures was taking the Unmasking the Horror Tour. This tour takes fans on a behind the scenes look at their haunted houses. Our tour took us into 6 of their 8 houses so I decided to break them each up into their own post in order to give you a better look at each of them. This is a behind the scenes look at the “Halloween” house. The above video is a series of photos that I took while on the tour. What I will be doing now is describing some of the things you saw in the video, so you might want to read this and then go back and watch the video again.  The first several pics are of the outside of the house. Besides the pumpkin, it looks kind of dull. However, that isn't the case at night. At the end of the video, you might have seen the nighttime view of the house. You can see it says "Halloween" on the outside of the second floor wall. There is actually a small video that happens before that of a glas