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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Part of my Halloween Horror Nights 24 (HHN) adventures was taking the Unmasking the Horror Tour. This tour takes fans on a behind the scenes look at their haunted houses. Our tour took us into 6 of their 8 houses so I decided to break them each up into their own post in order to give you a better look at each of them. This is a behind the scenes look at the “Halloween” house.

The above video is a series of photos that I took while on the tour. What I will be doing now is describing some of the things you saw in the video, so you might want to read this and then go back and watch the video again. 

The first several pics are of the outside of the house. Besides the pumpkin, it looks kind of dull. However, that isn't the case at night. At the end of the video, you might have seen the nighttime view of the house. You can see it says "Halloween" on the outside of the second floor wall. There is actually a small video that happens before that of a glass breaking while the Halloween music is playing. There's also an even more awesome video of Michael going from the room on the left to the room on the right, and killing someone. I got that on video (unlike the other scene...sorry), which is at the bottom of this post (WATCH IT). This is all done by a projector, which you can see in the first few pics.

When you walk into the house you see the staircase with a dead body on it. As you are checking out the body, there's a door on the left side, as seen in the video, where the young Michael scare actor pops out of. 

Not far after that is this cool mirror trick. While standing there you can see yourself, but at night you can also see the young Michael again. He looks far away, but he's actually right around the corner to scare you. 

You don't stay in the house long, as you make your way to the garage. As you step outside, there's some clothing hanging along the wall. At night there are scare actor kids jumping out saying, "Trick or Treat!" We definitely had fun with that on our second, and third trips into the house.

From there we move into the garage. You can't tell in the pics because it's really dark, but there's a dummy in the car. Also, at night there's a woman scare actor in the front seat. She's screaming because she's acting as if the dummy is attacking her. That was a cool scene to walk by.

Now we come upon this guy hanging on the wall. Want to guess what happens to him? Michael comes out of a door in front of the guy, and stabs him where you might be able to tell his shirt is torn. That's not the end of it. Michael then leaves the knife in the guy, and tries to scare people walking by. Another awesome moment.

This was another nice set up here. Everyone is busy looking at this, and Michael was waiting for you around the corner.

All right here's another cool scene. I hope you can tell I really liked this house. At night there's a woman scare actor sitting on the couch, and I bet you can guess what's going to happen to her. Michael comes into the room, and attacks her. Awesome!

Quick funny story about the cat picture. Someone who went through this house early on complained endlessly to the HHN Twitter account about not having a picture of the cat like in the movie. So to please this person, they had someone go out and get this cat picture for the house. Yes, they are listening to the fans!

Sorry for another pic of me, but here I'm actually pointing out something for you. Above me are Freddy's sweater, and Leatherface's shirt. They have placed these items in houses before. I would never have known they were there without going on the tour.

Now back to the awesome rooms. Here we have the tombstone of Judith Myers on the bed. As you lean in to take a closer look you better be ready for Michael hiding somewhere close by! In the video, you can see me helping Michael out by finishing her off!

So if you thought one Michael was bad how about a room full of them? Yes, those pics in the video are of different Michael's. At night this room was pretty dark, and you had to walk down the center of it to get out. On your left and right were a series of Michael's with their knives. Of course, there were some scare actor Michael's in there to really scare you.

Then we come into the final scene. In this room you have a doorway on one side, and a doorway to the balcony on the other side. If you were lucky enough to be in the room at the right time, you would be able to see a quick scene play out. Dr. Loomis comes into the room from the doorway, and shoots Michael who is standing by the balcony entrance.

Ok... I lied. That wasn't the final scene. Of course you are supposed to think Michael is dead, and you are safe as you walk out of the house. Well, you see that green fence? There was another Michael standing there to scare you one last time. They were playing on the theme that Michael never dies!

Overall, that was probably the best house. It was swarming with Michael's, which was awesome. They put you in so many scenes from the movie that you really felt the experience. I really liked the scenes were Michael interacted with other characters in the house. Again, it made it feel real. So that was a look at the "Halloween” house.  If you have any questions about the house, or HHN24, please feel free to ask.

Now here's that video I mentioned in the beginning. Well worth watching! There's also another quick video to show what it was like outside of the house.

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