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  “Dark Shadows” is based off the “Dark Shadows” TV series. The series aired from 1966-1971, and featured the late Jonathan Frid as the vampire, Barnabas Collins. Unfortunately, I never saw the series, but imagine it must have been a good show for it to last so long being based on a vampire. Now it is time for Johnny Depp to step into the role of Barnabas Collins with Tim Burton working his magic behind the scenes.   A young Barnabas and his parents make the trip across the sea to start a new life in America. They build their home in a town that is named after them, Collinsport, Maine. Living the life of a young rich guy, Barnabas gets mixed up with several girls, including one named Angelique (Eva Green).   Unknown to him, she is a witch who puts a curse on him, and his family. Not only does she turn him into a vampire, but punishes him by burying him alive. Barnabas has been in the ground for over 200 years until he is finally dug up, and awakens in a much different time


   Making a movie creates many challenges whether it is based on drama, action, comedy, or horror. It seems as if there are even more challenges facing horror movies these days, especially getting people to the theater. Fans continue to complain about remakes, and unoriginal stories, so they sit home and wait for the DVD instead. “The Raven” certainly faces this challenge, but why?   The story centers around the last few days of Edgar Allan Poe’s (John Cusack) life. He is struggling not only to get his work published, but also to arrange a marriage with Emily (Alice Eve), the love of his life. As if things aren’t bad enough, a string of murders start occurring based on his work. He is forced to get involved when this killer kidnaps Emily. Poe then teams up with detective Fields (Luke Evans) in order to save Emily, and the town from this killer.      In a way, the movie limits itself by making Poe the main character. They really could've centered it around Joe Schmoe,