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My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 8

  I vote Patrick! Sorry getting ahead of myself. So this was a nice episode, but not amazing. Looks like things aren’t going to get going until this vampire war starts. That war might start next week based on next week’s preview. Again, let me not get too far ahead, and focus my thoughts on episode 8, “Somebody That I Used to Know.”   Pam is definitely maker of the year! She really hasn’t done much this season besides baby sit Tara, and I thought they would have caused a little more chaos by now. However, everything has been controlled inside Fangtasia, and they have made the most of those moments. When they went downstairs and the white trash unpaid food whore was there, I was like “hell yea Pam, that is how you take care of your children.” Hopefully Tara makes a good pet of her.   Now onto one of the more shocking moments of the night: Luna turning into Sam. I didn’t see that coming. I wonder if this means she will meet the same fate as Tommy. As depressing as that migh


Here is another HorrO original video. Like it or not, at least stay for the remix!

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 7

  "I haven’t been to med school, or fairy school, or nothing." "Jesus tits on Christ!" "Hate groups is about more than hate... love groups." "Like fuck we are!" "Bible banging cunts!" "I don't know how to make lunch so I made breakfast instead." All right, calm down. All of those are great lines, and I enjoyed each one of them. To get you guys to relax I’ll give you all the award for my favorite line(s) of the week. Happy? Now onto my thoughts on episode 7, “In the Beginning.”   Roman down! Roman down! I can't believe he's dead. Honestly, I'm kind of mad that they cast Christopher, and then killed him off so quickly. I would have like to see him at least last the season. Oh well, like I said last week, they didn't dig up the King to just kill him. And yes I still refer to him as the King cause Bill is no King (more on him later). As far as the opening scene, it was cool but a little hard to take i

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 6

  So who saw the Comic Con Comic Con trailer  for the rest of this season? Amazing right? I mean, no, no! I said I wouldn't say anything because there might be some people who are stronger than me, and resisted watching it. I don't want to spoil anything for those people, even though like an evil vampire I tempted you by including the link, so I'll just go ahead and start my thoughts on episode 6, “Hopeless.”   Wolves attack them, and all we get to are two wolves after they have already been killed hit the ground. Come on, I’m having flashbacks to a whole season where vamps and wolves would just stare each other down, and I would beg for an epic vamp vs. wolf battle. At least we get to see another good Sookie blast, but I have to admit, it is starting to get old. She needs to do something new with the blasting thing.   So when Bill stopped Eric from killing the King my immediate thought was “big mistake.” Was I right or was I right, but more on that

It's Friday the 13th!

Here’s a little video I put together to help Jason celebrate!!! For more Friday the 13th fun, check out my page of Friday the 13th pics , and head over to this Friday the 13th post  at .

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 5

  Holy insane episodes Sookie! Forget about waiting until episode 6 for the good stuff to happen. I have nothing to complain about. Not even the fact that they cut the episode short. They do that for an episode or two every season so there is nothing shocking about that. So here are my thoughts on episode 5, "Let’s Boot and Rally."   What the hell does boot and rally mean anyway? While I look that up, I guess I’ll start with Sook and Alcide finally, and I mean FINALLY, getting it on. Well, that was until... puke! Damn Sookie, what bad timing you have. And Bill and Eric, were you going to watch? Naughty vamps!   Thanks for answering my question. I can rest easy knowing that Pam now owns Fangtasia. Boy is she in charge. No Monopoly, Candyland, Scrabble, or killing humans. She laid into Tara good. I thought they were going to have some fun together, but there was nothing fun about that.   On the other hand, I knew Jessica and Tara wouldn't be having any fun to


   Some Presidents are good at giving motivational speeches. Some are born to lead. And others, well they can do a little of both while finding time to kill vampires. That's right, our 16th President, who kept this nation together, also defended us against bloodsuckers. Well that is the version of history that is told in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."   The story of the President to be starts as a young boy, who sees his mother get killed by the vampire, Jack Barts (Marton Csokas). With revenge still in his heart, an older Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) tries to kill Jack not knowing that Jack is a vampire. Unsuccessful in his attempt, he is approached by Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper), who teaches him everything he needs to know about vampires. Soon after, Ab begins his fight against vampires, quest to kill Jack, and march to the presidency.   Seeing that I like history, Lincoln is one of my favorite Presidents, and I like vampires, I was all in on

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 4

  Wow, what a great episode! The first half was very fast paced, as it jumped from one storyline to the next. Then it kind of slowed down and came to a normal pace. Still, there was no shortage of interesting things to talk about. So here we go, my thoughts on episode 4, "We'll Meet Again."   Let me start with my choice for maker of the year, Pam. Like I said last week, no shock that she saved Tara. I really like how she doesn't hesitate to command Tara. I think Tara mentioned it and I agree, they should do more commanding. If I were a vampire, I would probably abuse that power.   On a more depressing note, seeing grandpa Eric release Pam was sad, especially after seeing how they came together. I kind of figured he would just be mad at her, and get over it. I understand his concerns, but I somehow feel they have faced hard times before and got through it. Oh well, it has been fun seeing them together. Now the question is who gets to keep Fangtasia?   Eri