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Monday, July 30, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 8

  I vote Patrick! Sorry getting ahead of myself. So this was a nice episode, but not amazing. Looks like things aren’t going to get going until this vampire war starts. That war might start next week based on next week’s preview. Again, let me not get too far ahead, and focus my thoughts on episode 8, “Somebody That I Used to Know.”
  Pam is definitely maker of the year! She really hasn’t done much this season besides baby sit Tara, and I thought they would have caused a little more chaos by now. However, everything has been controlled inside Fangtasia, and they have made the most of those moments. When they went downstairs and the white trash unpaid food whore was there, I was like “hell yea Pam, that is how you take care of your children.” Hopefully Tara makes a good pet of her.
  Now onto one of the more shocking moments of the night: Luna turning into Sam. I didn’t see that coming. I wonder if this means she will meet the same fate as Tommy. As depressing as that might be, it was fun seeing Luna act as Sam, or Sam act as Luna. Anyone notice when he (she) walked out of the hospital, he (she) was still walking like a woman? And that was such a funny conversation they had on the couch saying things like “we are a lot alike,” and you’re “incredibly handsome.”
  As for the real Sam, I told you he would make a good cop. Is Andy’s job in trouble? What a great thing to do. You don’t want to tell me what I want to do. That’s fine. I’ll just turn into your worse nightmare, and we’ll see if you care to talk then. Just seeing him change in front of you is freaky enough.
  At least it worked cause he spilled the beans about Jessica. You see Jessica that is why you can’t go home with every guy that wants to have his blood sucked. I said BLOOD not… Anyway, we ended up in another moment where we knew an important character wasn’t going to die. They are doing so many of these moments that they better just kill off an important character already. I did like how Hoyt let her go, but still told her to F-off! So now that he can’t be with these guys, what is Hoyt going to do now? I guess that depends on who was in that car. Anyone else think the woman Luna (Sam) smelled in the house was Hoyt’s mom?
  $300 Lafayette! Really? Why not $400? Actually he’s being mean for not offering a friend/co-worker discount. They just caught him at a bad time. At first I was wondering why they didn’t show what happened between Lafayette and that woman. After Jesus showed up in the car, I guess we are to assume he possessed her, and killed the old nut job. Works for me! So does using V to heal wounds on your lips!
  Back to what Lafayette is getting paid for. Nice try faking it! He should’ve known better at this point. Spirits just love spending some quality time with him. This spirit has Terry and Patrick freaked out. Love how they insisted that the candles be put out. I’m not sure it makes sense for the spirit just to want one of them to die. Maybe it is going more for the punishment of having to kill the other, and live with it than just the plain old death. And no, Patrick doesn’t count as an important character so don’t even think about it. Yes, he needs to go, but he doesn’t fill the kill off an important character quota.
  Unfortunately, neither does JD. Why is it so hard to find a good packmaster these days? Marcus got what he deserved, and JD deserves the same fate. It is almost ridiculous watching him kick Alcide’s ass. Damn V drinking wolves! Maybe Al should’ve been taking more V, and less Viagra. So much for Sookie. Talk about a quick ending to that possibility. They have gone in a totally different direction.
  Maybe I’m on V. I can’t believe I’m so concerned about Sookie’s love life. I should be glad that this season hasn’t been about that, especially with all the moments with Sookie and Eric last season. It is more interesting having her work with Jason to find out who the vampire is that killed their parents. Speaking of Jason, he is the winner of my favorite line of the night. After Sook blasted him in the head, he got up and said, “I’m fine. You got me in the head.” Definitely not Jason’s strength, but you wouldn’t know that after he convinced Sook not to get rid of her powers. Sook without her powers is just a ridiculous thought. They can save that for the series finale, which better be years away!
  So the vampire isn’t the King, or Bill. I would have never guessed that Freddy Krueger, now unexpectedly a vampire, is the one who killed their parents. What? No, that wasn’t Freddy that scared Sookie in the bathroom. Sure as hell fooled me. Well, hopefully this Warlow character is just as scary as Freddy!
  While Jason was able to get through to Sook, Eric didn’t have the same luck with Nora. I’m really not sure what Eric can do to stop all of this. Even if he were to change Nora’s mind, the Authority is too powerful, especially with the King on their side. Still not sure he is truly reborn. He might be the only vamp able to help Eric end the Authority, but the King would do it with some other goal in mind. Plus, he likes killing, and eating people so we’ll see where this goes.
  Yes Bill, I called you a disappointment last week, and you ran with it. Siding with these Lilith loving loonies! What was the point of showing him not change his daughter if he still feed off that girl? And how does Salome know what Lilith wants? Just because at first he didn’t want to drink means he is disobeying Lilith? And Bill caps it off by coming up with the best idea to end the mainstreamers. Evolving! I’m with you Eric, what the F?
  So if this vampire war starts next week, I’ll be interested to see who opposes them. Like I just said, Eric by himself isn’t going to be enough. The wolves are on the King’s side. Sook is too busy with Freddy. Andy isn’t leading the sharpest police force in the land. The witches were so last season. Even Sam has his hands full with Sam. Opps, I mean Luna. I guess I will just put on my happy face until next week. Or is it my mad face? They are the same you know!


Friday, July 27, 2012


Here is another HorrO original video. Like it or not, at least stay for the remix!

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 7

  "I haven’t been to med school, or fairy school, or nothing." "Jesus tits on Christ!" "Hate groups is about more than hate... love groups." "Like fuck we are!" "Bible banging cunts!" "I don't know how to make lunch so I made breakfast instead." All right, calm down. All of those are great lines, and I enjoyed each one of them. To get you guys to relax I’ll give you all the award for my favorite line(s) of the week. Happy? Now onto my thoughts on episode 7, “In the Beginning.”
  Roman down! Roman down! I can't believe he's dead. Honestly, I'm kind of mad that they cast Christopher, and then killed him off so quickly. I would have like to see him at least last the season. Oh well, like I said last week, they didn't dig up the King to just kill him. And yes I still refer to him as the King cause Bill is no King (more on him later). As far as the opening scene, it was cool but a little hard to take in with the lights out. I knew that Salome couldn’t be trusted.
  Speaking of lights going out, pretty cool watching the light go through Sookie. Very interesting that Sookie can lose her fairy powers. Not sure where her story goes if she does. This is supposed to be her story but if she has no power, what makes her more special than... Andy?
  Poor Andy, having doubts about being sheriff. Well I'm starting to have doubts about where his storyline is going. He either needs to get more involved with Holly, or back with that fairy. And what was with the random visit to the former sheriffs house?
  Something smells bad. It isn’t that smoke monster again? Maybe Sam can tell us what that smell is. How funny was it seeing him crawl all over the floor smelling like a dog? The cop must have thought he’s gone insane. He’s sniffing out all the bad guys. Maybe he should be sheriff. Interesting conversation he had with Sookie. It’s like they are talking about racism, but for supernatural beings. By the way, since when are Luna and Sookie friends?
  And in other events that confused me, when exactly did Terry and Arlene get married? It seemed like it happened when Sookie was missing. I guess what got me confused was when they showed Holly at the wedding reception. Was she really on the show when that happened? And Jesus and Lafayette were together? I don’t know, my timing is usually off. I’m sure everything checks out. The real point was making you feel bad for Arlene, and they did a good job of it. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Holly, but I say she needs to stick with her man. Just stay away from fires though. Loved when the smoke monster laughed at Terry and Patrick. Good to see it has a sense of humor!
  It was no laughing matter for Lafayette. Nothing good was going to come of him going to that house. That old man is nuts, but having Jesus’ head on that hand chair was awesome. I know, I have the horror sickness! I must be really sick cause I also enjoyed seeing Lafayette’s mouth stitched up. Nothing against him, but I just thought it was cool. Boy was I surprised when the wife jumped up, and killed the crazy bastard. I guess she doesn’t want her son to grow up as a nut bag witch doctor. Did I mention I also liked when she opened Lafayette’s stitches?
  Man, that is one strong smell? Can someone please find out where that is coming from? So Alcide is back to one scene this week. No love for the magic man except from that new wolf girl. I knew she was going to be the next roadblock for Sookie and him. I don’t think it is ever going to happen at this point. I think it is funny how he has to prepare for the fight. They should have done it right when Al challenged JD. He is right, beating JD will be hard if he’s on V. Whatever happens he better do it before all the wolves are on V, including little Emma. So wrong!
  Nothing wrong with Tara’s pole dancing. Expert at work! Speed climbing the pole was awesome. Not sure Pam’s hair was awesome. What a crazy look for her! Like with Arlene, they really tried to make you feel sorry for Tara. Arlene’s scene was so much more effective. Tara’s mom coming in just felt like a useless scene. The only thing interesting was seeing Tara hug Pam. Who knew, Pam a mother figure!
  I never figured I would see Jason shoot Jessica. I’m telling you, he is getting dangerously madder at vamps. It won’t be long before he does something stupid. I do see how he would be mad at tasting another guy’s blood. A good thing to remember before kissing someone… you never know where those lips were before they kiss you! So I have another question. Why does Jason always have to run to the rescue, especially when he has his car is right there? I know he likes He-Man, but maybe he should check out the Flash.
  Sam just let me know that smell was the smell of BS! That is right, BS! And who is that coming from? My man the King! No way he is reborn, and believes in Lilith now. He will say whatever it takes to get out of this mess. When JD was talking about his vampire friend, the King, saying a vamp-human war is coming, he had to be referring to the King starting something. By the way, I’m all in for war, but there BETTER be some EPIC battles.
  However, things aren’t really setting up for a big fight. I mean, you have a few morons shooting shifters, but that’s it. Sam seems to have that situation under control anyway. And the vamps haven’t done anything crazy. Well, that was until they killed an entire bar full of people, but who’s counting? That was awesome by the way. The King was so great when he was telling the woman she better worry about herself. See it is moments like those that make me like the King so much. That and the off with your head moment. Fitting for a King. No that is fitting for a Queen. Whatever!
  Backing up a little bit, I was wondering where the Rev disappeared to. I don’t see a purpose for him anymore, but like the King said, maybe he will get his time to shine. Just not sparkle like some other fake vamps. While Eric ended up going along with things, it was good to see him see Godric snap him out of it. Bill, on the other hand, is a huge disappointment. He just jumped right on that ship, and sailed away. The loyalty between Bill and Eric is about to end. Eric leaving this group of crazy vamps is the right move. Bill can go down with the ship if he wants. This whole Lilith thing is just way over my head anyway. Coming out of a pool of blood was cool, but I thought they wanted to coexist with humans. Things sure as hell change quickly when vamps drink other old ass vamp blood.
  So now that we know where the bs is coming from, it’s time to wrap it up. The more I think about it, I’m not sure where this season is going to end. It almost seems too late for a war to break out, but you never know. The vamps are more likely to end up fighting amongst themselves first. I can’t see Eric on the same side as the King for much longer, with or without Bill. And Sookie trying to get rid of her power is just nuts. I’m so much more interested in knowing what else a fairy can do. At least Jason agrees with me. Until next week, try not to honk at drunk vampires!


Oh and enjoy this bonus video of a special kind of recap of season 4!

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 6

  So who saw the Comic Con Comic Con trailer for the rest of this season? Amazing right? I mean, no, no! I said I wouldn't say anything because there might be some people who are stronger than me, and resisted watching it. I don't want to spoil anything for those people, even though like an evil vampire I tempted you by including the link, so I'll just go ahead and start my thoughts on episode 6, “Hopeless.”
  Wolves attack them, and all we get to are two wolves after they have already been killed hit the ground. Come on, I’m having flashbacks to a whole season where vamps and wolves would just stare each other down, and I would beg for an epic vamp vs. wolf battle. At least we get to see another good Sookie blast, but I have to admit, it is starting to get old. She needs to do something new with the blasting thing.
  So when Bill stopped Eric from killing the King my immediate thought was “big mistake.” Was I right or was I right, but more on that later. Now you know me, I wasn’t rooting for them to kill the King, nor would anyone believe they would kill him off after going through so much trouble to bring him back. And why do I want the King to stay around… because he can create more chances for my favorite line of the night. He wins it this time when he said, “you might as well be praying to leprechauns, or UFOs.”  Eric came in a strong second when he said, “Lilith can blow me.” I also really enjoyed when Eric glamoured Alcide. For the first time in awhile, I started to feel like the real Eric is back.
  Not again, you are going to kill a whole bus full of people, and we don’t get to see it. Moving on, it was good to see little wolf Emma make it to safety, even though it was with evil wolf grandma.  Hopefully she doesn’t ruin the little girl. Looks like Sam and Luna will get over their last fight now. Not sure how I feel about that, but Sam needs to be with someone I guess. Good to see him motivated to catch the guys that shot him. Also, good for Andy that he let Sam tag along. Nice save Sam! Oh, and did anyone notice the t-shirt with the King on it behind the guy before Sam killed him. I couldn’t tell what it said.
  Hey, watch it! Man, you can’t enjoy Fangtasia for one second without a fight breaking out. Surprised to see Tara get the better of Jess. I thought the older vamp usually had the advantage. Tara is a good fighter, and Jess seems to just be pretending she’s tough. Speaking of fake tough guys, give it up Hoyt. Jess doesn’t care about you, and neither do I at this point. They really need to do something more with his character. Heads up! Nice blood splatter! That is what I’m talking about. Maybe these guys who took Hoyt captive can make him into a more interesting character. 
  Anyone smell smoke? Must be my imagination. For a second, Eric really got me when he told Alcide that Sookie disgusts him. I thought damn; again they will never be together. Totally forgot Sookie could change that. Loved her reaction when she realized what Eric did. Boy was Alcide mad. So mad he is going to be pack master now. Not sure those wolves are his kind of wolves. And that girl who stood up for him, she better not get in the way of Sook and Al being together.
  Lafayette is kind of taking a backseat now. They always seem to find at least one character to have in one scene just so you remember they still have a storyline in progress. Looks like they are stirring the pot for something big to happen soon.  I thought mamma would have something a little more interesting to tell him. I guess she was just reaffirming to Lafayette that Jesus needs him. I wonder if in some weird mysterious way they could bring him back to life. Nah!!! (stirring the pot…witches, I know, I know)
   Poor Jason, still dreaming about his parents. It took him long enough to tell Sookie. All right, she was busy starring in a horror movie. It was hilarious when Sookie went into the fairy nightclub, and he didn’t. He pitched a fit like a little kid wearing He-Man pjs on Christmas morning! Now once they both were inside, let the games begin. We finally got to see more or less what happen to their parents. Sorry Sook, looks like the vampire might have been after you. Anyone taking bets on whom the vamp was? My money is on the King, but how interesting would it be if it were Bill! To finish that scene off, I wonder how Sook feels getting a taste of her own blast!
  Seriously, I thought there was no smoking in here. What? Oh, never mind. The Ifrit can do whatever it wants. Not problem for me, but a big problem for Terry. Since the show has started, he has been such a good guy. Not perfect, but good. And now he has to leave his family. It is not fair. Arlene is going to be a mess. This is all Patrick’s fault. Can someone tell the Ifrit to leave Terry alone, and just fry Patrick instead? No I’m not going to do it, you do it!
  Trying not to confuse Ifrit with iPhone, why didn’t that app work? Maybe the battery killed the phone like the King killed Roman. Just when I was getting to like Roman. I miss him already, but not as much as Franklin. And why was everyone just standing around? So all the other members of the Authority were involved in releasing the King? What the hell is going on? I said it at the beginning Bill; you are going to regret not killing the King for a SECOND time! And Eric, your sister is nuts!
  It will take a whole week for me to wonder just how, and why the Authority turned on Roman. Was it just some of them, or all of them? And what does this mean for vamps going forward? In the promo for next week we hear someone mention a war between vamps and humans. Count me in! I mean, not as far as fighting, more like watching a PPV fight. Hopefully it is better than that not so epic vampire vs. wolf fight a while back. And yes, I will never get over it, and never stop saying that I will never get over it! Now, I have to go because the smoke is just killing me!


Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th!

Here’s a little video I put together to help Jason celebrate!!! For more Friday the 13th fun, check out my page of Friday the 13th pics, and head over to this Friday the 13th post at

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 5

  Holy insane episodes Sookie! Forget about waiting until episode 6 for the good stuff to happen. I have nothing to complain about. Not even the fact that they cut the episode short. They do that for an episode or two every season so there is nothing shocking about that. So here are my thoughts on episode 5, "Let’s Boot and Rally."
  What the hell does boot and rally mean anyway? While I look that up, I guess I’ll start with Sook and Alcide finally, and I mean FINALLY, getting it on. Well, that was until... puke! Damn Sookie, what bad timing you have. And Bill and Eric, were you going to watch? Naughty vamps!
  Thanks for answering my question. I can rest easy knowing that Pam now owns Fangtasia. Boy is she in charge. No Monopoly, Candyland, Scrabble, or killing humans. She laid into Tara good. I thought they were going to have some fun together, but there was nothing fun about that.
  On the other hand, I knew Jessica and Tara wouldn't be having any fun together. That was an interesting conversation they had though. A good inside look at how it feels to become a vampire. Apparently nothing beats feeding and fucking except maybe a good speed fight! They should definitely do more speed fighting, like once per episode.
  So look who’s interested in Terry’s storyline now. Yes, they sucked me into it. However, I can throw out the whole thing about not bringing in any new supernatural beings. The Ifrit, which doesn’t translate to mean iPhone, isn’t going to be as big as introducing the wolves, or witches, but it will definitely play a role in Terry’s life. What an awesome being too! Loved the smoke hands. Now if it can just get rid of Patrick for us!
  He-Man pjs! He-Man pjs! He-Man pjs! I can’t believe they busted out He-Man pjs! Only Jason could be so awesome! It was also awesome seeing his parents bleed out all over their cereal. Ok, sucks for them, but terrific scene. Poor Jason, as he struggles with his sex issues, which was hilarious and awkward when his mom referenced it, he is starting to piece together what vampires have done to humans all along. Looks like Jason might be returning to his “I hate vampires” phase.
  With the return of Dallas, True Blood could have had its own version of who shot J.R.: who shot the shifters? Too bad it looks like a band of stupid humans, including that fool from the Stake House, is behind it all. They won’t get by with that for long, unless Jason in his new phase joins them! I could see it happening. And Sam, get up man! We know you will be all right! Luna, well if you watch the scene carefully they messed up the editing. She gets shot in the arm, then side, and as they change up the shot, you see her take a bullet in the stomach. So does that mean she’s dead? How dare they shoot at that little wolf!
  Sometimes you just have to take a good hard look in the mirror to reevaluate where you are in life. You stand in front of it, look up, and see… holly shit, where did that mask come from? It doesn’t look like Lafayette is going to be able to get rid of that mask any time soon, and that is fine with me. He should walk around with that on for a couple of episodes. That would be fun. Hey, Jesus, I knew it would be a matter of time before we saw you again, or part of you. Who needs a body anyway? You just might want someone to help you with your mouth so that you can actually help Lafayette. Maybe Ms. Thornton can help you with that!
  So obviously my favorite line of the night did not come from Jesus. Pam always comes strong, but not this time. Sookie tried hard, and I mean hard like that whole thing about it must be Thursday, and walking through the door’s broken window. But no, I have to give it to our favorite sheriff when he realized he “fucked a fairy.” Yes, again I go with the line you don’t usually hear. When was the last time you heard someone say they slept with Tinkerbomb, or whomever Jason was referring to. People can dream about sleeping with fairies. Hey, my dreams are none of your business. Moving on…
  To vomit, continue drinking and partying, and watch horror movies. Ok, maybe not watch horror movies, but that’s what boot and rally is all about. Speaking of horror movies, that is what they made it seem like as they walked into the asylum. Love that they incorporated the whole horror thing, including Sook’s knowledge of not splitting up before going inside. You would think after all she has gone through, there aren’t too many horror movies out there that are going to scare her. Also loved the rats eating the hand, and bodies. Wow did the King have a feast, and he wasn’t even finished.
  So the fat guy runs down the hall and a fairy, wolf, or two vampires have to catch him. Who’s your money on? Of course the fairy! All right, onto more serious things. I have brought up the loyalty between Bill and Eric several times, as I just don’t think it will last. This episode might be the first in really testing that out. Bill basically called Eric out. I don’t know what has happened to Eric. The old Eric would have had a more fierce response then just telling Bill to take it back. Even though Eric might have other ideas, I still don’t think he had anything to do with the King’s release.
  Ah yes, the day I’ve been waiting for, the return of the King. I do have to say he was looking good when they dug him up. I like the Darth Maul, or guy from Insidious look! And look at who dug him up, that damn traitor woman that stands by Roman’s side. Yes, that is who I think it is. I haven’t trusted her for one second. Outside shot at it being someone we don’t know, and it being Nora is too obvious. One last thought: Alcide really needs to get his nose fixed. Sometimes he smells people coming, and other times he has no clue! If you don’t smell right, vampires watch you have sex, and you get dragged away!
  I have to give them a lot of credit for what they have done for 5 episodes. They have done an excellent job of setting up this civil war between vampires by using the usual characters. Yes, they brought in more of the Authority, but they kind of had to do that. But showing the different sides of vampires, like how it feels to become a vamp, be a maker, and even something like Jess and Tara fighting, really shows what each side is fighting for. The speech Roman gave while showing different scenes was a great idea. It emphasized what he said, and the battle at hand. What do you think, should vampires just slaughter humans, and use them as food like in Daybreakers, or should they continue to drink True Blood and play nice with humans? Well, I don’t want to be anyone’s food, but I also don’t think vampires will ever be able to play nice with humans. Food for thought, until next week!


Thursday, July 5, 2012


  Some Presidents are good at giving motivational speeches. Some are born to lead. And others, well they can do a little of both while finding time to kill vampires. That's right, our 16th President, who kept this nation together, also defended us against bloodsuckers. Well that is the version of history that is told in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."
  The story of the President to be starts as a young boy, who sees his mother get killed by the vampire, Jack Barts (Marton Csokas). With revenge still in his heart, an older Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) tries to kill Jack not knowing that Jack is a vampire. Unsuccessful in his attempt, he is approached by Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper), who teaches him everything he needs to know about vampires. Soon after, Ab begins his fight against vampires, quest to kill Jack, and march to the presidency.
  Seeing that I like history, Lincoln is one of my favorite Presidents, and I like vampires, I was all in on seeing this movie. It is kind of hard to believe a President would ever fight vampires, not that vampires are real, but it probably makes for a good book. The real question is does it make for a good movie?
  Well, it makes for a fun movie, but not really an epic one. The best thing about this movie is seeing vampire after vampire die. The blood flies left and right, which makes me wonder if it would have been more fun in 3D. Ab does most of the slicing and dicing with his ax, which proves to be a good weapon of choice.
  All of that vampire killing fun might depend on what the audience thinks of the vampire deaths in slow motion, and the CGI effects. The CGI might not be for everybody, but it didn’t bother me. It did look a little awkward in some scenes, like during the horse chase. Besides the CGI, the movie looks good, which can be expected with Tim Burton involved.
  One of the reasons the movie isn't epic is because of how the story is told. It starts off well seeing how Ab becomes involved with fighting vampires, but it doesn't seem to mesh well with how he becomes President. It's not a documentary, but showing him give a speech or two doesn't mean he's going to become President. They kind of just assume the audience knows he will be President so they don't emphasize it. I will give them credit for involving his study of law, and how he meets Mary.
  When he eventually becomes President, he is obviously an older man. They show that he has taken some time off from killing vampires, and is a little rusty at it. Not long after showing this, he somehow finds the fountain of youth, and fights like he a young man. I know the point is showing him fight vampires as President, but it isn’t all that realistic to fight them in the same way he did as a young Abraham. Maybe they should have just skipped showing him be rusty.
  The only other complaint I'll make about the story is how it doesn't pay enough attention to the vampire side of the story. Yes, the focus should be on Ab and his journey, but it seems too focused on him. While they do let the audience know what the vampires are up to, there just isn't enough time spent on it. They don't build up the vampires as to being as evil as you would think. Again, they assume the audience will hate the vampires simply because they are vampires.
  One of the things I was interested in seeing was how they would handle Ab's death. No spoiler alert needed if you know your history. They leave it with Ab and Mary heading off to the theater, again testing your knowledge of history. While I have no problem with how they handle the ending, I would have preferred to see something different. Maybe not having to go through the whole theater scene, but somehow showing that John Wilkes Booth was a vampire would have been a nice twist.
  History and horror buffs might enjoy this movie. Yes, not perfect in either regard, but if audiences are looking for a fun movie, this is it. Vampires are chopped down time after time in some pretty good action scenes. The CGI, and storyline kind of holds it back from being an epic movie. I would like to think I would have voted for Ab, so instead, I'll give his movie 3 pools of blood. Now I have to figure out which President would make the best zombie killer!


Monday, July 2, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 4

  Wow, what a great episode! The first half was very fast paced, as it jumped from one storyline to the next. Then it kind of slowed down and came to a normal pace. Still, there was no shortage of interesting things to talk about. So here we go, my thoughts on episode 4, "We'll Meet Again."
  Let me start with my choice for maker of the year, Pam. Like I said last week, no shock that she saved Tara. I really like how she doesn't hesitate to command Tara. I think Tara mentioned it and I agree, they should do more commanding. If I were a vampire, I would probably abuse that power.
  On a more depressing note, seeing grandpa Eric release Pam was sad, especially after seeing how they came together. I kind of figured he would just be mad at her, and get over it. I understand his concerns, but I somehow feel they have faced hard times before and got through it. Oh well, it has been fun seeing them together. Now the question is who gets to keep Fangtasia?
  Eric speaking with Pam means that the authority has finally let Bill and Eric go. About time, they probably dragged that on a little long. Kind of like how the pair dragged their feet along trying to figure out who released the King. Man, is the show just making us wait for the King’s return. Can the madness begin already?
  Madness like Roman circling the table knowing that he would have to stake someone. Who did you want him to stake? Really, he could have done it to any of them cause there is something I don’t like about each of them. If I had to pick one, it would have been the red headed woman. I just don’t like her attitude. He might have been little, but that boy produced a good enough blood splattering moment.
  There is so much distrust among the Authority that you kind of wonder how they made it this far. Roman is just straight up paranoid. He definitely trusts the wrong person in Salome. She is up to something. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is working with Nora. And Nora is nuts. Not what I would have expected from Eric’s sister. I was kind of thinking maybe Eric was involved too, but releasing Pam kind of changed my mind. So, any guess as to who saved the King?
  All right, enough Authority talk. Let me talk about someone who I’ve let ride under the radar, Lafayette. He had a rough go at it last season, and it looks like he has some built up anger in him. That anger is going to hurt someone like it almost did Sookie. I’m not going to lie I like evil masked Lafayette. The mask is so crazy. He is becoming a great witch without even knowing it, or sort of knowing it. I wonder if Jesus makes a ghostly appearance to set him straight before it is too late.
  Please tell me we are finally over Deb! I wasn’t sure how Alcide would handle knowing the truth, especially since he seems to always do the right thing. So he came up with a little lie. Hopefully her parents are really gone, and don’t come back looking for answers. We have a bad history of parents overstaying their welcome, aka Tommy’s parents.
  Finally Sookie and Alcide got to share a moment. Just before they kissed, I was thinking Bill was going to knock on the door. Glad to see he stayed outside. He may get her in the end, but it is Alcide’s time to be with her. That is until Bill and Eric force Sookie back into the game. So what is the plan for her? Is she going to be like bait for the King? Surely she doesn’t know where he is.
  Terry and Patrick, do I really have to mention them? I guess it was good to see a full flashback of what happened. Still, I can’t say I’m interested in this storyline for now. What did grab my interest, and came out of nowhere were Sam’s friends, Barack and Hilary, visiting him. Guess the nickname thing isn’t over after all. Obviously the visit wasn’t the interesting part, their deaths were. I was thinking that it was the wolves, but it looked like they were shot. Would the wolves just shoot them?
  Let me pause for my favorite line of the night, before ending this with the craziest thing that happened during the episode. Any guess to who had the line? Well, Pam tried hard early on with her bygones and bi’s line, but I thought that came out as a forced line. The line she said that ended up as my favorite was when she said Tara was “three days old and she has an eating disorder. Why me?” That line just came out so much more natural and definitely a Pam thing to say. Once Tara gets the vampire thing down, they are going to raise some hell!
  Saved the best for last! So Jessica did find the fairies last week. Actually, she was right at the doorstep of the fairy safe house. Talk about something I didn’t expect in more ways than one. Didn’t expect a fairy safe house, the Judge to be fooling around with fairies, Andy and Jason to be taken there, and Hadley to be there. I did figure Andy would see his fairy friend again, but not in that way.
  And what a fairy blast Hadley had for Jason. I couldn’t even keep up with all of it. Sookie is in danger of the vampires turning on her. No real shock there. That has been a possibility for a long time. But vampires turning on their parents? So if their parents were fairies, how come Jason isn’t one? Or did she just mean vampires betrayed their parents? And what was with calling Jason a refugee? He called it a safe house, but why bring people like the Judge there for fun if it is a safe house. Did Jason let the werepanther out of the bag when he mentioned Sookie was still alive? That blond fairy looked very interested in that. Coincidence she was the one who spotted Jason?
  And I thought episode 6 was going to be the big one. Ok, maybe this episode wasn’t huge, but still had more going on than I thought. I was happy they didn’t introduce any new supernatural beings this year to focus on the characters we have, but I have to say I wasn’t sure they could pull it off. Well, so far so good. There are so many great things to look forward to. The countdown to the King’s return continues!


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