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Monday, July 30, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 8

  I vote Patrick! Sorry getting ahead of myself. So this was a nice episode, but not amazing. Looks like things aren’t going to get going until this vampire war starts. That war might start next week based on next week’s preview. Again, let me not get too far ahead, and focus my thoughts on episode 8, “Somebody That I Used to Know.”
  Pam is definitely maker of the year! She really hasn’t done much this season besides baby sit Tara, and I thought they would have caused a little more chaos by now. However, everything has been controlled inside Fangtasia, and they have made the most of those moments. When they went downstairs and the white trash unpaid food whore was there, I was like “hell yea Pam, that is how you take care of your children.” Hopefully Tara makes a good pet of her.
  Now onto one of the more shocking moments of the night: Luna turning into Sam. I didn’t see that coming. I wonder if this means she will meet the same fate as Tommy. As depressing as that might be, it was fun seeing Luna act as Sam, or Sam act as Luna. Anyone notice when he (she) walked out of the hospital, he (she) was still walking like a woman? And that was such a funny conversation they had on the couch saying things like “we are a lot alike,” and you’re “incredibly handsome.”
  As for the real Sam, I told you he would make a good cop. Is Andy’s job in trouble? What a great thing to do. You don’t want to tell me what I want to do. That’s fine. I’ll just turn into your worse nightmare, and we’ll see if you care to talk then. Just seeing him change in front of you is freaky enough.
  At least it worked cause he spilled the beans about Jessica. You see Jessica that is why you can’t go home with every guy that wants to have his blood sucked. I said BLOOD not… Anyway, we ended up in another moment where we knew an important character wasn’t going to die. They are doing so many of these moments that they better just kill off an important character already. I did like how Hoyt let her go, but still told her to F-off! So now that he can’t be with these guys, what is Hoyt going to do now? I guess that depends on who was in that car. Anyone else think the woman Luna (Sam) smelled in the house was Hoyt’s mom?
  $300 Lafayette! Really? Why not $400? Actually he’s being mean for not offering a friend/co-worker discount. They just caught him at a bad time. At first I was wondering why they didn’t show what happened between Lafayette and that woman. After Jesus showed up in the car, I guess we are to assume he possessed her, and killed the old nut job. Works for me! So does using V to heal wounds on your lips!
  Back to what Lafayette is getting paid for. Nice try faking it! He should’ve known better at this point. Spirits just love spending some quality time with him. This spirit has Terry and Patrick freaked out. Love how they insisted that the candles be put out. I’m not sure it makes sense for the spirit just to want one of them to die. Maybe it is going more for the punishment of having to kill the other, and live with it than just the plain old death. And no, Patrick doesn’t count as an important character so don’t even think about it. Yes, he needs to go, but he doesn’t fill the kill off an important character quota.
  Unfortunately, neither does JD. Why is it so hard to find a good packmaster these days? Marcus got what he deserved, and JD deserves the same fate. It is almost ridiculous watching him kick Alcide’s ass. Damn V drinking wolves! Maybe Al should’ve been taking more V, and less Viagra. So much for Sookie. Talk about a quick ending to that possibility. They have gone in a totally different direction.
  Maybe I’m on V. I can’t believe I’m so concerned about Sookie’s love life. I should be glad that this season hasn’t been about that, especially with all the moments with Sookie and Eric last season. It is more interesting having her work with Jason to find out who the vampire is that killed their parents. Speaking of Jason, he is the winner of my favorite line of the night. After Sook blasted him in the head, he got up and said, “I’m fine. You got me in the head.” Definitely not Jason’s strength, but you wouldn’t know that after he convinced Sook not to get rid of her powers. Sook without her powers is just a ridiculous thought. They can save that for the series finale, which better be years away!
  So the vampire isn’t the King, or Bill. I would have never guessed that Freddy Krueger, now unexpectedly a vampire, is the one who killed their parents. What? No, that wasn’t Freddy that scared Sookie in the bathroom. Sure as hell fooled me. Well, hopefully this Warlow character is just as scary as Freddy!
  While Jason was able to get through to Sook, Eric didn’t have the same luck with Nora. I’m really not sure what Eric can do to stop all of this. Even if he were to change Nora’s mind, the Authority is too powerful, especially with the King on their side. Still not sure he is truly reborn. He might be the only vamp able to help Eric end the Authority, but the King would do it with some other goal in mind. Plus, he likes killing, and eating people so we’ll see where this goes.
  Yes Bill, I called you a disappointment last week, and you ran with it. Siding with these Lilith loving loonies! What was the point of showing him not change his daughter if he still feed off that girl? And how does Salome know what Lilith wants? Just because at first he didn’t want to drink means he is disobeying Lilith? And Bill caps it off by coming up with the best idea to end the mainstreamers. Evolving! I’m with you Eric, what the F?
  So if this vampire war starts next week, I’ll be interested to see who opposes them. Like I just said, Eric by himself isn’t going to be enough. The wolves are on the King’s side. Sook is too busy with Freddy. Andy isn’t leading the sharpest police force in the land. The witches were so last season. Even Sam has his hands full with Sam. Opps, I mean Luna. I guess I will just put on my happy face until next week. Or is it my mad face? They are the same you know!



  1. I had similar questions when it came to the whole Bill flashback thing. What's the point of stating the he doesn't like being bullied and then lets himself be bullied. Go figure.

    You can check out my review of the episode here:

    1. Glad to see I'm not the only one with questions. Bill is so full of it. Hopefully Eric sets him straight one way or the other. Thanks for commenting, and I will definitely check out your review!


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