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In rural 19th-century France, a mysterious, possibly supernatural menace threatens a small village. John McBride, a pathologist, comes to town to investigate the danger - and exorcise some of his own demons in the process. Starring: Boyd Holbrook, Kelly Reilly, and Alistair Petrie Directed and written by: Sean Ellis Check out the video above and find out how many pools of blood it received...


  Following an incident in her past, Cordelia now lives with her twin sister, Caroline in their late father’s basement flat.  Starring: Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Johnny Flynn, and Joel Fry Directed by: Adrian Shergold   Written by: Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Adrian Shergold   “Cordelia” seems like a nice woman, but she definitely has some issues. Some of those issues aren’t necessarily Cordelia’s (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) fault, as a promising acting career was cut short. Now she’s acting on a much smaller stage, and just trying to get by. She'll have the challenge of just getting by when she's forced to stay in her apartment alone while her sister goes away with her boyfriend.   Leaving her alone in the apartment opens the doors to fears and paranoia. She hears things all around her, and it makes her uneasy. Some of it is actually her neighbors, and in one situation it’s a mouse. Not helping are apparent strange phone calls she gets, which leads her to think someone is stalkin


  A terrifying new horror awaits Laura and her seven-year old son Cody when they flee her abusive ex-husband and try to settle into a new life in an idyllic and remote lakeside farmhouse. Still traumatized, their physical and mental well-being are pushed to the limit as their fragile existence is threatened. Starring: Christina Ricci, Colleen Camp, and Santino Bernard Directed by: Chris Siverston   Written by: Carol Chrest   Something “Monstrous” is lurking, and it’s not going to lead to a happy ending. Laura (Christina Ricci) and her son Cody (Collen Camp) are on the move to a new home. Laura has rented a new home by a lake, and is set on starting a new life with her son. She’s happy to be there, and tries to get them settled in as best as she can.    On the other hand, Cody isn’t exactly excited about this. He’s another kid that doesn’t understand why they had to move, and wants to go back. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible because they’re running away from his father who apparently


  In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when their reclusive, elderly hosts catch them in the act, the cast find themselves fighting for their lives. Starring: Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, and Brittany Snow Directed and written by: Ti West Check out the video below and find out how many pools of blood it received...