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My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 Episode 10

  So did everyone keep their composure? I know some of you cried, and there is nothing wrong with that. It was certainly a night filled with emotion. We had a few surprises, and some things went according to plan. I can't say I'm happy with everything that happened, but I didn't expect to be. So here are my final thoughts on True Blood, and the appropriately named episode 10, "Thank You."   My thoughts on the characters before “One Year Later”…   Mr. Gus: Toast! Just as expected! Eric had enough of him. You can't threaten Pam and Sookie and get away with it. I will say it was kind of weak how he seemed so in control then all of the sudden Eric gets the best of him and that's it.   Mr. Gus's men: No more whorehouses for you! I wish they would have shown Eric kill them.   Pam: Surprised she didn't win for my favorite line of the night! Not surprised she didn't read Bill's book! They certainly enjoyed dressing her up

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7, Episode 9

  All right my plea for some action just isn't working. The focus has been strongly on the character relationships, and how they are going to finish. Also on how badly they can depress the audience! Honestly, that's not really how I like my True Blood, but I guess that is what we get when a show is coming to an end. There might be a touch of action next week involving Eric, Pam, Mr. Gus, and Sarah, but that will probably be it. I'll get to my predictions later, but for now here are my thoughts on episode 9, "Love is to Die"   Arlene: Still putting on a happy face. It's nice to see someone is trying to keep things together in a somewhat dead town.   Wade: Needs a few seats in between him and Adilyn.   Adilyn: Daddy is watching! That must be weird but somewhat cool to speak to someone just in your head. Someone besides yourself that is!   Holly: Saw you somewhere in the background. Enjoy the last supper!   Lafayette: Well it looks like it


  August 14, 2009 will always be a special day for me. It was when I went from being a horror fan just watching horror movies to a participant in the world of horror. It was when I created  HorrO’s Gory Reviews , and formally introduced myself to the horror world as HorrO. Go figure my first review wasn’t even a horror movie, but a sci-fi one (District 9). Hey, I was a rookie, plus I got to see the movie before its official release. I’ve gone from being a rookie to creating HorrO’s House of Horror, and couldn’t be happier about it. Now if you will bear with me for some ‘thank you’s and a little self-promotion.   I want to celebrate  HorrO’s Gory Reviews ’ 5-year anniversary by thanking all those who have taken the time to read at least one review. It means something to know someone has read your work. I certainly want to thank those who have been with me from the beginning because without you there might not have been even a second or third year anniversary.   For those

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7, Episode 8

  It was good to see the pace pick up again. I would expect this to continue until the end now. Then again, the finale might end slowly as things come to an end. The focus seems to be narrowing on a few storylines, but I hope we get one last goodbye to a majority of those who are left. So to those who are left reading this, here are my thoughts on episode 8, "Almost Home"   Arlene: Pass me a drink please! I’m just getting started!   Sam: His storyline is meaningless now. It’s kind of a shame for someone who has been so important from the beginning.   Unknown family: I guess you should be used to all the craziness by now.   James: Thanks for the V.   Rev: I seriously thought he was gone for good. I can't believe he drank the blood. At least now he can move on with Tara's mom.   Tara's mom: Forgiven at last! It must feel good even with Tara gone.   Lafayette: Isn't really getting much of his own storyline to end it with. Oh well, he usua


When a group of friends enjoying a bachelor cruise in the Caribbean stumble upon a research facility on a remote island, a deadly virus is unleashed. The group must find a way to survive before the flesh eating virus consumes them all. Stars: Sean Astin, Currie Graham, and Ryan Donowho Written by: Jake Wade Wall Directed by: Kaare Andrews   As many might have expected, "Cabin Fever 2" didn't live up to "Cabin Fever." That sequel was about two things: how many gallons of blood could they use in one film, and how badly could they gross out the audience. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t always add up to a good movie. The hope for "Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero" is that it would be more like the original than the sequel.   The start of the movie sets up two storylines before eventually bringing them together. The first one is an introduction to Marcus (Mitch Ryan), his fiancée, brother, and friends, as they pr

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7, Episode 7

  So how not exciting was this episode? It was like they slowed things down just to build up your suspense for another week. This was another emotional driven episode lacking in action! Since they got rid of the H-vamps, they have really focused on the characters last days, and are holding the action until the end. They continued with the theme of bringing back old faces, but still haven't brought back the one vamp I want to see... The King! So before I complain too much about not having the King back, here are my thoughts on episode 7, “May Be the Last Time.”   Tara's Mom: Dig!   Lafayette: Dig faster!   Little Girl: There are people, not dogs, digging up the yard! Call 9-1-1!!!   Jason: Really needs to keep his eyes to himself! He doesn't need to go down this road again. Then again, isn't it mandatory that he sleeps with the new blonds in town?   Bridget: Why hello there new blond in town! She is way to friendly, and touchy. She doesn't know it,