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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7, Episode 8

  It was good to see the pace pick up again. I would expect this to continue until the end now. Then again, the finale might end slowly as things come to an end. The focus seems to be narrowing on a few storylines, but I hope we get one last goodbye to a majority of those who are left. So to those who are left reading this, here are my thoughts on episode 8, "Almost Home"
  Arlene: Pass me a drink please! I’m just getting started!
  Sam: His storyline is meaningless now. It’s kind of a shame for someone who has been so important from the beginning.
  Unknown family: I guess you should be used to all the craziness by now.
  James: Thanks for the V.
  Rev: I seriously thought he was gone for good. I can't believe he drank the blood. At least now he can move on with Tara's mom.
  Tara's mom: Forgiven at last! It must feel good even with Tara gone.
  Lafayette: Isn't really getting much of his own storyline to end it with. Oh well, he usually gets sucked into someone else's mess anyway.
  Tara: When she died I thought that was it for her. However, they squeezed one more story out of her, and closed the book on her past trouble with her mom. I guess it was a nice way to go out.
  Little Sookie, Tara, & Lafayette: So funny seeing them play together!
  Wade: I think at least one person in that torture scene should have been killed, besides Violet, and he should have been it. Sorry to be cruel, but come on! At least a little torture! Plus that would have ended the step sister-brother relationship.
  Adilyn: Survives again!
  Andy: Happy for him that he got his daughter back. Looks like a happy ending for him.
  Holly: Sorry about the Wade comment. I guess it might have been hard to move forward with Andy if he died, so I might take it back...Maybe!
  Jason: So much for being the hero. Hopefully that is the last time he ends up with an insane woman, vampire, werepanther, creature, etc! Speaking of ending up with someone, is it Bridget or Jessica?
  Hoyt: Totally shocked me that he killed Violet. They had me fooled on that one. As you might have noticed, I wanted more out of that scene, but Hoyt ruined that for me. Figures he would come back, and do that to me. Still drawn to Jessica after all this time. I wonder if he just leaves and that's it.
  Jessica: Out of all of them, I bet she was the happiest not to be tortured! She just couldn't stay away from Hoyt. So is it Jason, or Hoyt? Since she still seems to have feelings for Hoyt that wouldn't be fair to Jason. If Hoyt leaves, I guess they will all end up alone for now.
  Bridget: She has no idea the mess she has stepped into. She better hope Hoyt just goes back home with her.
  Violet: After all those years, and it just ends like that. Sucks!!!
  Mr. Gus's men: Keep your shirts on, and speak English before you kill someone for no reason!
  Mr. Gus: A true capitalist! Shame on him for what he wants to do. Where do I invest? Anyone else think Eric finishes him off!
  Pam: I'm not surprised she would go along with the plan. She's always been about business. And if Eric, and her would have died in the same scene, I think I would have died too!
  My favorite line of the night: Last week it was tough to find one, and this week was even worse.
  Eric: Cured!!! Nice to have him back. Interesting how one of the first things he did was go see Sookie. Too bad that reunion didn't go as planned. Yes, Bill had to go and get sick. I'm sure Eric wouldn't care if he died, but he knows he would never have a chance with Sookie if he let Bill die.
  Sookie: Interesting thoughts while next to Bill. To think she could have been used to breed fairies like a dog! The show might have sucked if that was the case! Again, when she's determined there isn't anything stopping her. She said she would find a cure for Bill, and she did. Too bad Bill has plans of his own.
  Sarah: There should be two lines in front of her. One for those who want to kill her (I'm in that line), and one for those that want to be cured by her. She has lost her mind! I can't wait to see how it ends for her.
  Bill: Bill, Bill, Bill! All of those flashbacks have gotten to him. I couldn't tell in the preview if he eventually took the cure or not. I can't believe
Sookie and Jessica would let him walk out of there without taking it. If he dies that would certainly be a depressing ending.
  Speaking of depressing endings, after Tara and Alcide died I thought we would see others go as well. Yes, some people did die, but not at the level of character Tara was, or Alcide had become. If Bill does die, that would trump all the deaths so far. Just when I thought it wasn't going to end so badly after all. Oh, and anyone count how many times I said "end" in this week's thoughts? That means we are too close to the ending! Until next week!


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