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  I didn’t know much about this movie when I decided to watch it. Being named “The Traveler,” I didn’t even know that it was a horror movie. On top of that, Val Kilmer is the star of the movie. I can’t remember the last time he did a movie that turned out well. However, I gave it an honest try hoping it would surprise me.     It is a rainy Christmas Eve in a small town. Just when there seems to be nothing for the few local cops to do at the station, a strange traveler walks up to the front desk. Unexpectedly, he tells the officer at the desk that he wants to confess to murdering six people. The traveler is brought to the interrogation room, and questioned by Detective Black. He has no fingerprints, and is very vague with everyone until he finally begins his deadly confessions.   Well, what surprises me the most about the movie is how well it starts off before going downhill. The opening scene shows a little girl playing in the woods before getting kidnapped. The movie then flashes


(Spoiler Alert-killer revealed)      Insane sounds like a good name for a horror movie. It certainly caught my eye. There are a lot of different things you can do with that. It also means that the movie should be “insane” to say the least. So is Insane an “insane” movie, or was I “insane” to watch it?   The movie takes place at the Bridgeburn Hotel, which is in the middle of nowhere. Sarah is lost, and ends up staying the night. Actually, she ends up staying a lot longer than that because a mysterious guy has taken her. Two weeks later her sister Jenny shows up at the hotel looking for Sarah. Jenny must figure out if she is in the right place before it is too late.   The best way to describe this movie is that it is a poor poor poor man’s Psycho. There are a few similarities between the two movies, but the differences are a big part of its downfall. The first similarity is the setting. Both movies take place at a rarely visited motel/hotel. The difference here is that the Bridgeb