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  Okay horror fans, we just have to get over it. Just because there are vampires and wolves in this movie, it is a love story plain and simple. You cannot expect anything else from this movie. If you do, you will be greatly disappointed, not that you weren't disappointed with Twilight. To be fair, I went into this movie with an open mind, but it still did not work for me.   Throughout Twilight, we had to watch Bella and Edward fall in love with each other. Back and forth they went with the whole "I love you but we can't be with each other" drama. One minute they can be together, the next they can't. Really driving home the love story thing. Well, history repeats itself in New Moon. We started off with this struggle again, and Edward decided it was best that he leave Bella. This time his absence gave Jacob and Bella a chance to form a bond. However, just as it was with Edward, it became another game of "I love you but we can't be with each other."

THE FOURTH KIND REVIEW (spoiler alert)

Spoiler Alert: Includes discussion of whether or not the movie was real   The story of this movie centers around psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler and her video taped sessions with patients. The patients were having problems sleeping, but were not sure why. As the movie goes on, you see documented footage of what was supposed to be the real Dr. Tyler and her patients along side the regular movie. Apparently in this part of Alaska, there were suspicions of alien activity, and this was what Dr. Tyler feared was happening to her patients. As the movie goes on, the patients are no longer the only ones affected by the alien activity.   Getting right to it, this movie presents two important issues to discuss. First, did the movie create enough buzz to get people interested? Good or bad, I think this movie did create some buzz. For me, right after watching it, I wanted to know how real this story was. I did the usual searches on the Internet, and read several articles and reviews of the


  So an unusual box is delivered to your door, and several hours later an equally unusual guy shows up to give you a life altering decision. Your choice is to push the button on the box and receive one million dollars, or do nothing within 24 hours and return the box. Oh, but there is a catch of course! If you push the button, someone who you do not know will be killed. What would you do?   This was the decision that Norma Lewis (Cameron Diaz) was faced with. To make the decision complicated, she just found out that she will no longer receive a teacher discount for her son to attend school, and her husband was denied a promotion at work. A caring mother and overall sweet lady, she struggles with the decision with little help from her husband. If she said no, then there would not be much of a movie, so lets move on.   If I had to describe this movie in one word it would be “weird.” It kind of reminded me of something Stephen King would write. While it was weird, it was not the ki