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Here is a quick preview of some horror related shows that will be covered on the Horror on TV page this fall.  Enjoy!


   Lets see, there is “The Last House on the Left,” which is a revenge story. “House of the Dead,” which is just an excuse to kill zombies. “Silent House,” where a girl battles her own demons while trapped in a house. So what does “House at the End of the Street” exactly have to offer?   Trying to make a new start, Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) and her daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) move into a nice new home. They get the house at a discount because of the murders that occurred in the house next door. Sarah believes the house is empty, but soon finds out that Ryan (Max Thieriot), who is the son of the murdered couple, has moved back into the home. She doesn't have an issue with that until Elissa decides to be friends with him.   While trying not to watch too much of the trailers, I really had the wrong idea about this movie. Obviously there is something strange about Ryan, but I wasn’t sure if he would turn out to be the one behind everything bad that happens, or possi


  “The Tall Man” is written and directed by Pascal Laugier, who also did “Martyrs.” I'm definitely a fan of that movie, so I was interested to see what he could come up with this time. Actually, knowing that he made this movie was one of only a few things I knew about it before watching it. It's definitely the way audiences should watch this movie so I'll try not too give much away.   In the town of Cold Rock, kids have been mysteriously disappearing. As cops continue to search for clues, locals begin to place blame on "the Tall Man." Some claim to have seen him, but no one really knows who or what he is. A local nurse, Julia Denning (Jessica Biel), is use to helping out the townspeople, but soon it's soon her that needs help after her son David (Jakob Davies) is taken by the Tall Man.   After a quick look at the police search, the audience gets a glimpse of Julia at work, and then at a local diner. It's here that they introduce Tracy (Saman

HorrO's House of Horror Promo Video!

Here is a fun little promo video I did that sums up HorrO’s House of Horror!