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     Janice (Aimee Bello) is in an abusive relationship with her husband Dave (Brad Egger). As some people do in an unhappy relationship, Janice finds herself a lover, Steve (Michael Shepherd Jordan). She has had just enough of Dave, and is strongly considering leaving him for Steve. Actually, the audience gets the feeling that she is willing to do a little more than just leave him, but that may not be the best decision in the end.   The opening sequence to this short supernatural horror film sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Janice and Steve are lying in bed discussing the circumstance they are in, which gives the audience a clear picture of the situation at hand. The reality of the situation then comes to life when Janice returns home. The audience gets to witness Dave’s behavior, which leads to Janice electrocuting him in the bathtub. There is an excellent shot of Dave’s fried body before the story moves on.   Four months later, Janice and Steve are now living together. E


  Oh my God, Harry Potter is married and has a 4-year-old son! Ok, that is my one and only weak Harry Potter joke. I won’t fill this review with references, and jokes about Harry Potter. The days of Harry Potter are over, and it is time for Daniel Radcliffe to move on. Instead, let me get into the movie at hand, “The Woman in Black.”   A struggling lawyer, Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), is on his last straw at his law firm. He is sent to a house just outside a small village to go over the paperwork of a recently deceased woman. If he can’t get the job done, he will most likely be fired. Being fired might be the least of his concerns when strange things start happening after his arrival.   Let me start by stating the obvious: Daniel does a great job of acting. He actually doesn’t have too hard of a job when it comes to lines because there are stretches of the movie when he is alone. That is when he is just as sharp reacting to the odd occurrences in the house. The rest of the cast