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        In the DVD extras, there was a feature about all of the blood they used in this movie. I believe they said something close to 300 gallons or more. After watching the movie, I am surprised they didn’t use 1000 gallons of blood. Blood and disgust were the ongoing theme in the movie, so it will be the theme of this review.   The movie primarily took place at a local school on prom day. John and his friend, Alex, weren’t planning on going to prom, but after a certain turn of events their plans changed. Both ended up at prom, along with their classmates. Unknown to everyone, the bottled water that was delivered to the school was contaminated, and used in the punch for the dance. Just when everyone seemed to be enjoying prom, the blood bath began.   When the Cabin Fever 1 ended, Paul was left for dead in a creek. This movie picked up from there as Paul struggled to his feet, and then stumbled through the forest until he made it to the highway. Then the theme of the movie was


   What a great title for a horror movie: The Crazies. There is so much you could do with a title like that, but this was a remake so some people already knew what to expect. Never having seen the original, this movie was new to me, and I thought I was just crazy enough to see it. So do you have to be crazy to see this movie?   The movie started out on what was probably an ordinary day in the small town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa. People of the town were at a high school baseball game cheering for their team. No one knew that the town was about to change forever as a local resident walked onto the outfield with a shotgun. He was the first person that officially went crazy, and was the first of many crazy people David Dutton, the sheriff, had to confront as he tried to lead his wife, her friend Becca, and the deputy sheriff out of town.   The movie didn’t waste too much time getting right into things. After kicking things off at the baseball field, things got a little more crazy as anothe