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      In the DVD extras, there was a feature about all of the blood they used in this movie. I believe they said something close to 300 gallons or more. After watching the movie, I am surprised they didn’t use 1000 gallons of blood. Blood and disgust were the ongoing theme in the movie, so it will be the theme of this review.
  The movie primarily took place at a local school on prom day. John and his friend, Alex, weren’t planning on going to prom, but after a certain turn of events their plans changed. Both ended up at prom, along with their classmates. Unknown to everyone, the bottled water that was delivered to the school was contaminated, and used in the punch for the dance. Just when everyone seemed to be enjoying prom, the blood bath began.
  When the Cabin Fever 1 ended, Paul was left for dead in a creek. This movie picked up from there as Paul struggled to his feet, and then stumbled through the forest until he made it to the highway. Then the theme of the movie was set as Paul was hit by a school bus, and his body was splattered all over the road. In one of the better decisions they made about the movie, they picked up where the original left off. It gave closure to the original, and allowed you to move your attention to what was about to happen in the sequel. This movie did just that in the same way that Hostel 2 did.
  One of the more interesting things the movie did was have a cartoon fill in some of the blanks. They used it at the beginning, as the opening credits rolled, to show you how the contaminated water eventually made its way to the school. It worked because it took away any unnecessary bad acting, and moved the story right along. They used the same cartoon to end the movie. I will get into the specifics of that cartoon below, but I will say it helped give the movie a decent conclusion. I definitely wasn’t expecting two cartoon segments in a horror movie.
  On to the blood and disgusting stuff, as promised. How about when Alex was getting ready for the prom, and realized his fingernail was coming off. You could see it moving around as he decided to try to glue it back on. It made me check to make sure all my nails were in place, and gave me the same feeling I got from part one when the girl was shaving her legs. Even though it was clearly fake, I also felt a little pain when John asked Casey to cut off his hand with a table saw, and then closed the wound with a blowtorch.
  Speaking of fake, how about the big prom scene where they used those gallons and gallons of blood. One student threw up blood, then another, and yet another. Left and right, all over the place, and all over each other. The room was covered with blood. I am all in favor of scenes with plenty of blood, but this scene became ridiculous. It was more important for them to spread the blood everywhere then shoot a good scene.
  The movie even took sex and made that disgusting. In one scene, a boy lured a girl into the school pool to have sex with her. Just when they got started, the girl had a tooth fall out. The boy was not amused so he left her in the pool as she realized more and more of her teeth were coming out. She eventually drowned in a pool of her own blood taking the boy with her. I can appreciate the play on words here, so I give them some credit for creativity.
  Then, there was this girl that we only saw at the beginning and end of the film. To me, she almost stole the show. Early on in the movie, she gave Alex a blowjob in the school bathroom. So what was disgusting about that you ask? Well, she had this nasty blister on her lip that turned out to be the source of her contamination. Poor Alex later checked his penis to find it oozing puss. As a guy, seeing that was beyond disgusting.
  She was supposed to meet Alex at the prom, but it turned out that she did not go because she was a stripper. We got to see several disgusting things in this ending scene. First, back to her blister, as we see her putting lipstick over it. Sucks for the girl that came in the room after her and used the lipstick that was contaminated. Second, she was on stage dancing when she took off her top to reveal blisters all around her breasts. Only in a movie could they have some guys that thought that she was still hot at that point (I hope). She was not done yet, as she was giving another blowjob when she threw up all over the guy. I would think that scene ruined strip clubs for a lot of guys (just nasty!).
  As I mentioned before, we got to see the cartoon to conclude the movie. It showed where the different guys from the strip club went after leaving the club. Obviously they were all contaminated, so we got to see how they spread the sickness. Like the first cartoon, it was well done, and gave a little humor to this movie filled with blood and disgust.
  My biggest disappointment with this movie was that it was not a serious horror movie like the original was. I tried not to compare it to the original, but I couldn’t help myself. The original had blood and disgust, but also brought you more fear and concern for the characters. It had its funny moments, but was more serious once they were contaminated. This sequel was never serious, and never made you feel anything for the characters. They were more concerned with how much blood they could use, and how much they could disgust you.
  Blood and disgust were the theme of this movie, and this review. If you don’t believe it, just count how many times I wrote “blood” (16), “disgusting” (6), or “disgust” (6). The movie started right where the original left off, and moved right into spreading the blood (+1) and disgust (+1) around. It was effective in some scenes, yet ridiculous in others. The cartoon to begin and end the movie was unexpected, and blister girl stole the show. I was disappointed this movie was not more like the original. If I were rating this movie on pools of blood (+1), it would get 4 or 5 pools of blood (+1). Since I am rating the movie overall, I give this movie 2 pools of blood (final +1).



  1. I agree the movie lacked the serious aspect. To me this movie was a bit pointless since the ending of the first movie already indicated the spread of the contamination when it showed the kinds selling lemonade with the contaminated water. The bloody scenes were also done in a very tasteless way; to me if you are gonna use gore make sure it belongs there not for the sake of gore.


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