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When I was given the opportunity to preview Slavis , by Garry Charles, the first thing I thought was what in the world does Slavis mean? I had no clue, which left me with no preconceived notions about this story. The book wasted no time peaking my interest in what Slavis meant, as you got your first small clue into what Slavis could all be about in the prologue. After learning what Slavis was, it was extremely hard not wanting to know more. Trust me when I say: “you won’t be disappointed when you find out what Slavis exactly was.”   The first couple of chapters introduced you to some of the book’s important characters before their lives became intertwined. It had characters to root for, and feel sorry for, such as, detective Kyle Harrison. While investigating a crime that would soon become more important to him than his regular cases, he received a phone call that is every parent’s worst nightmare. Harrison found out that his children were murdered, and set off on a mission like no


   There were two movies that I was really excited to see this summer. One was Piranha 3-D, and the other was obviously The Last Exorcism. Well, I luckily got to see an advanced screening of The Last Exorcism, and now I want to give you a spoiler free review of it. I think you will find that this movie was a little different from other exorcism movies. The question is: did that make it any better than the others?   The Last Exorcism was actually a documentary that followed Rev. Cotton Marcus. We learned a little bit about who he was, and his religious beliefs. As part of the documentary, Cotton decided to let a small film crew follow him to a home, and perform an exorcism.   He picked a random letter from someone requesting his help, and off they went. They arrived at the Sweetzer farm, where Cotton tried to save a young girl named Nell.   First, I wasn’t really expecting the whole movie to be shot from the cameraman’s point of view. You could kind of tell from the previews that it


***Spoiler Alert***    Before watching this movie, I figured that it would be hard to beat the original because so many people really enjoyed it. It turned out to be a good movie, but I had a minor problem with it here and there. Also, I am not completely happy with how similar some of the situations were to the original. So let’s see how this one measured up.   The story picked up a couple of days after the events that took place in the original. There was a search going on for the 6 women when the sheriff received a call about one of the survivors ending up at a local hospital. He told them to keep this quiet until a fellow female officer, deputy Elen Rios, and himself could make it down there. Once they got there, they found Sarah, the sole survivor, battered, bruised, and she had completely forgotten about the traumatic experience she had been through. The sheriff decided that they should investigate the cave that Sarah apparently came out of. He ordered that Sarah, whom he wasn


     August marks the 1 Year Anniversary of HorrO’s Gory Reviews. I can’t believe it has been one year already. At first, I thought I would just have a little fun, and write my thoughts about some movies. I really wasn’t expecting to take this so seriously. However, as time has passed, I have felt the need to build the site into what it is today.   It started off mostly being reviews, and a few pictures. Then I added a schedule of movies coming to theaters, DVD releases, and polls. Then came things such as, the Horror Item of the Week, and Websites not to be afraid of. I created Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, and even an email address. The site currently has 7 pages not counting the home page for my reviews. It has grown to 32 followers, while I have over 260 followers on Twitter, and tons of friends on Facebook. I know that is not a lot compared to some of the other great horror sites out there, but that is more than I could have ever expected. Currently, I am really enjo