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Friday, November 30, 2018


While most of our friends at home celebrated Halloween this year, we celebrated internationally for once. Part of our honeymoon (yes HorrO finally married Ms. HorrO) was in Mexico, where we got a first hand look at Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos). We didn't have to go far, as it was present in our hotel lobby, and even outside with this skeleton on bike…

When we hit the streets Halloween night, it almost felt like home. There were people roaming the streets in costume including Pennywise! Apparently they don’t have to go door-to-door, as many kids just trick-r-treat with people passing by. I even bought a Jigsaw looking mask to join in the fun, but no I didn’t ask for any candy!

From the mask, I moved onto face-painting. We couldn’t travel all this way and not get our faces painted. While I felt like the super tourist it was surprising to see how many other tourists and even locals were getting their faces painted. It rained right after she finished my face, but the makeup survived. The makeup also added a unique touch to our pictures for the rest of the day!

Now it was time to get an look at some Day of the Dead artwork. I had some idea of what I would see particularly with the skulls, but the creature designs were just amazing! So colorful, creative, and the combinations of creatures was crazy! Oh, and there was so much of it!

Here’s one lady selling merchandise targeted for tourists. You were always sure to find something related to Coco! And catch a glimpse of this violinist also with his face painted. He looked more like a zombie then skeleton!

The last two costumes I thought I would see in Mexico...

Keep your eyes on the road! You never know who, or what you’ll see!

Stores also had their set ups, and we even found Coco in the mall. If you didn’t know about the movie before Mexico, you sure as hell will before leaving! We bought some ‘Bread of the Dead’ (Pan de Muerto), which tasted better than it sounds!

 Lucha Libre! Hell yea we did it! How could we not take in some wrestling? They put on quite a show starting with the dwarves. After their match I was surprised to see people throw pesos into the ring for them, which they didn’t do for any of the other wrestlers. Wrestling is a show, so there was no surprise at the grand entrances, and performances in-between matches. They even kept the Day of the Dead theme with skeletons guys who would drag the losers away thru the crowd to hell I think (haha)!

In our tour of the city of Puebla, we got to see another festival going on. Again there were plenty of skulls, skeletons, and Coco!

 Coco sighting…

 Lucha Libre skeleton…

 And even a Venom skeleton…

Stores even had some weird things in their windows, or at their doors. This one guy looks like Freddy, but I’n not convinced that’s him!

Now if you wanted to buy some skeletons and/or skulls, they obviously had some really nice things.

I did find some horror movies there. That’s me with the “Overlord” poster behind me. And that other picture is part of a poster for a movie coming out there called “Inquilinos.” Damn she looks spooky behind me! And no, I couldn't save the poor soul in the back of that car!

Overall, it was a very successful trip, and not just because it was our honeymoon! We did manage to visit many nice places that weren’t Day of the Dead related. Maybe one day we will go back, and catch some of the other activities and festivals we missed. Don’t forget to click here to check out our Day of the Dead post on, which includes videos with more pics of our adventure!

  HorrO & Mrs HorrO

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