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Monday, August 19, 2013

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 10

  Alrighty then! That didn’t turn out as I expected. I guess we will have to wait until next season for the human vs. vampire battle. I’m split on whether the previous episode would have been a better ending. You could make an argument that the first half of this episode made a fitting end. The second half was definitely the true beginning of season 7. So let me get into this split episode with my thoughts on episode 10, “Radioactive.”
  It wasn’t surprising that this episode started off with one more reminder that Terry is dead. RIP man, RIP. The episode wasted little time getting my attention as Alcide found himself taking a walk with Sookie. There was something funny about their sudden reunion, which started last week, and we saw where that led later on.
  They walked right into a vampire party. No one parties like some high vamps. Sookie finally found Jason, and his new partner. I was surprised that she took it so well. She just warned him, and let him be. I knew the craziness was just beginning when Pam said she was happy to see Sookie. Remember it cause it might never happen again.
  It didn’t take long before Sookie returned to fairyland for a wedding with Warlow. But wait, not so fast. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be that easy. Nothing is with Sookie. She wanted to take her time, but Warlow wanted no part of that. I knew Warlow was being too nice. The true Warlow showed his face, as he slapped Sookie around, and proceeded to feed on her. But who would come to Sookie’s aid this time?
  It couldn’t be Bill could it? Too busy being God. Nope, not anymore. Interesting how he loses his Godly power, and the first thing he thinks about is Sookie. She will always have a place in his heart God, or not. It didn’t take long for me to miss Billith. It was nice seeing him walk around doing whatever he wanted. Once again Jessica was his voice of reason talking him into saving Sookie.
  No longer a God he couldn’t do it alone. So with Jason’s influence over Andy, they got ABCD to help find the entrance to fairyland. Violet hasn’t been on the show long, but she sure makes her presence felt. Loved how she yelled, “harness your fucking power!” So much for a dramatic rescue because it seemed like they rescued Sookie too easily. I thought Bill was in real trouble being left there with Warlow, but that skirmish didn’t last long as the chase for Sookie began.
  Warlow was acting more like the God now, disposing of everyone in his way to get to Sookie. For a minute, I thought we were going to get a surprise rescue by Eric, but that didn’t happen. Instead we got surprise number one of the night when Grandpa appeared, and held onto Warlow long enough for Jason to kill him. Surprise number 2, Warlow is dead. I guess I should have figured that as soon as he went all crazy, but for some reason I thought he would be back next season. Oh well!
  We then move from surprise moments to what the fuck moments, as we see light leave some of the vamps. I guess that is the true end of Lilith’s power. It didn’t seem like a big deal until we saw a naked Eric in Sweden reading a book on the top of a mountain. Yes, that really happened. I bet there isn’t one person out there that thought that was what he was doing. If that wasn’t shocking enough, he then caught on fire. Holy shit, no way they kill off Eric! Right? Right? I think that might upset me more than when the King was killed off.
  Season over! If the previous episode wasn’t the true ending, then it really ended right there. No further proof than me thinking what the fuck again when they showed 6 months later. Who does that in a season finale? So season 7 begins with an interview with author Bill Compton. Wow, from Vampire Bill to Author Bill. They used the interview to fill us in on what has happened with the Hep V virus for the last 6 months.
  More interesting than the virus talk is the fact that Sookie and Alcide are now together. So after all this time finally Alcide is with Sookie. After I completely gave up on that idea, and basically had Alcide run off the show you go and bring them together. Huh! I guess I can’t call him Mr. One or Two Scenes anymore.
  Skipping past Jason’s quest to conquer Violet, we move to a strange meeting at the church. With the episode almost over, we finally got to see where the rest of the characters are. Doing nothing important like most of the season. I’m shocked at how much they focused on the main characters, and just let the minor characters fade away. I think it was a good move. Nothing proved that more than in this finale.
  So Sam is now the mayor, and Arlene owns the bar. Times are a changing. I don’t think Sam will be mayor long if he insists on teaming with Bill. That was a good idea in theory, but those people aren’t going to go for that. Then again, it’s like having a dog. You feed them, and they protect you. Ok, the feeding might be a little more personal, but come on people.
  All right, do you think Tara’s mom was clean, or not? Another finale with Tara’s life in danger. If she catches the virus then they will find a cure next season. Just my guess cause I don’t think she gets written off yet. Neither does Jessica so no reason to pull a gun on her Andy. Very interesting to see she still feels guilty about killing the fairies. Jessica has become a hard character to figure out. Wise in moments, and dumb or strange in others.
  When they started the whole 6 month later thing, I figured the ending wouldn’t be great. Like I said, it truly ended with Eric’s life in danger, which was a great ending. Having those sick vamps walk towards the party was nothing unexpected. They kept making a point that it was going to happen.
  The only thing interesting there is how Bill wanted to be Sookie’s protector, and Alcide wanted none of that. Bill doesn’t often win for my favorite line of the night, but he did this time when he said, “you can growl all you want bright eyes.” He was talking about how Alcide couldn’t protect her. I wonder why not. Too many vamps for him to handle cause of her blood? Well, we won’t have to wait too long next season to find out.
  I’m not sure about this whole sick vamp thing. I mean, how much Tru Blood was delivered before the vamps destroyed the plant? And if there are so many, are there enough healthy vamps to stop them? I guess I just have to roll with it like in the previous episode where the vamps could have just waited until night and walked away. You can’t fight what’s happening whether it makes sense or not.
  So I have to say this was a good season. It focused on the main characters while leaving many characters behind. Hell, we even saw plenty of characters die from Luna, to Nora, to the Rev, and of course Terry. I’m not sure where that leaves some of the minor characters next season, but it seems to be better that way. I wonder how long the sick vamp thing will last. And there is no bigger question than what happened to Eric? He couldn’t possibly go out like that could he? Oh well, back to waiting sucks again!


PS: Please come back with 12 episodes!!!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013


When a gang of masked, ax-wielding murderers descend upon the Davison family reunion, the hapless victims seem trapped... until an unlikely guest of the family proves to be the most talented killer of all.

Starring: Sharni Vinson, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, Nicholas Tucci, Wendy Glenn, Rob Moran, and Barbara Crampton

Director: Adam Wingard

Writer: Simon Barrett
  "You're Next" is next in a growing line of home invasion themed horror movies. It starts off with the typical token death of some unimportant characters. They waste little time making use of the phrase 'You're Next,' as it’s written on a sliding glass window. The scene ends with the splattering of some pretty fake looking blood leading me to believe this was going to be a long movie.
  From there the audience is introduced to the wealthy Davison family, as they begin to show up to their vacation house little by little. Apparently it has been a while since Paul (Rob Moran) and Aubrey (Barbara Crampton) have had their entire family together under one roof. Their three sons and daughter each bring their significant other with them increasing the eventual body count. Just as the introduction begins to weight on the audience the fun begins.
  A fox, tiger, and lamb attack the family. Wait, when did this become a nature film, and what’s so scary about a lamb? All right, a fox, tiger, and lamb don’t actually attack them. Those are the faces of the masks used by the "ax-wielding murderers," which turn out to be a little more intimating than originally thought (including the lamb). These murderers are pretty good at what they do, and come prepared to make quick work of this poor unsuspecting group.
  As these murderers begin to pick off the family members, and their guests, horror fans are left wondering just how is this going to turn out any different then any other home invasion horror movie. Most of the time the victims panic, and anyone who survives basically does so out of luck. Well, not this time. The difference is that one-person steps forward, and actually takes the fight right at the murderers.
  Erin (Sharni Vinson), one of the son’s girlfriends, is that person. At first it might seem a little ridiculous that she’s actually fighting back, but it doesn’t take long before the audience buys right into what she’s doing. What sets Erin apart from other characters that have survived in this kind of movie is that she doesn’t rely on luck. She knows exactly what she needs to do in order to “Survive the Night.”
  Yes, that brings me to a quick look at why “You’re Next” accomplishes everything audiences wanted to see in the other big home invasion movie of 2013, “The Purge.” “The Purge” has a good story behind it, but it never gets as bloody and brutal as the story sets it up to be. Also, it doesn’t quite establish a character to really root for. “You’re Next” easily accomplishes both of these things. There is plenty of blood spilt both from the helpless family and friends, and the murderers. And Erin, well she just might be one of the easiest characters to root for in a long time.
  Erin completely takes over the movie once she begins to fight back against the masked men. The audience gets right behind her, and the movie becomes extremely entertaining to watch. They might even go a little over board with the entertainment, as they decide to play some almost ridiculous music during the final moments of the movie. Besides some questionable acting to start off with, it’s truly my only complaint about how this movie turns out.
  There are some twist, and turns in the story. Some aren’t too hard to figure out if the audience has ever seen this type of movie before. After the movie is over, the audience can go back, and see the clues to why this took place. It really becomes more of a matter of when are the twists going to be revealed then not expecting them. To add to the fun, they set up for a particular moment to happen, and keep the audience on the edge of their seat waiting for it.
  “You’re Next” might get off to a suspect start, but it surprisingly becomes an absolute pleasure to watch. Sharni Vinson puts on a terrific performance, as she quickly gets the audience on Erin’s side. She effortlessly makes her character seem so sweet and innocent, and then turns her into a killing machine. There are plenty of victims suffering some brutal, and bloody deaths. While the twists might not be hard to figure out, they in no way hurt the story. If you liked “The Purge,” or thought it needed to be upgraded, than you should find “Your Next” even more to your liking. With that, I give this movie 3.5 pools of blood.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


  Seriously… 4 years already! Where has the time gone? Honestly, I can’t believe I’m still doing this. Don’t get me wrong I love it! However, when I started this four years ago, I would have never thought I would be able to keep up with it, but I love my horror movies.
  So let me start by thanking all of you for the support. I know there are many of you that have been with me from the beginning, and that means a lot. I'm thankful to have formed so many great relationships with people from the blog, to Twitter, and Facebook. It has truly been a fun ride. For all the people who I’ve recently met, I appreciate the support, and thank you as well.
  This has been a big year for HorrO’s House of Horror mostly thanks to For those of you that remember, I introduced right here two years ago. That’s right, it’s also celebrating an anniversary today. The site has taken a lot of time to maintain, but it has also been a blast. If you haven’t seen it yet, please stop by. You can also follow it on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook page.
  I can’t go without mentioning The Dog Days in Zombieville, my Twitter story that is still going. Yes, it will end one day, but the questions are when and how. For those who don’t know, DDNZ is the journal of Max Wagner, as Max has documented his fight for survival in Zombieville. As a reminder, you can still catch the story from the beginning, as there are links to each year of the journal. The story is posted on Twitter first, and then on the site. There is also a Facebook page that I post zombie related things from time to time.
  October is on the way, and the fun will really begin. Hopefully I will be able to find something new, and exciting to share with you. Of course, I will bring you all of my adventures from Halloween Horror Nights, and hopefully Spooky Empire too. And I can’t wait to see all of your Halloween costumes. It’s really fun to post those pics, and see what everyone has come up with.
  After four years I don’t really know what else to say, so I’ll wrap this up. Again, thank you all so so so much for all the support. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to listen to me. I really appreciate it, and look forward to doing a 5-year anniversary post!


Monday, August 12, 2013

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 9

  Wow, last night’s episode could have been mistaken for the season finale. I’ve seen this happen many times, most recently with Game of Thrones. Sometimes when the second to last episode is that good it leads to a bad season finale because there isn’t anything interesting left to show. Hopefully that isn’t the case here, but I’m really curious as to what exactly is left to show. Before I get into next week, let me get to my thoughts on episode 9, Life Matters”
  This was an absolutely fantastic, and intriguing episode. It was great how they showed two extremes, the sadness of burying a loved one, and a reminder how violet vampires can be. Of course I enjoyed the vampire part a whole lot, but it was sad to see how much Terry meant to everyone. Both extremes really showed, like the title of the episode, life matters.
  The beginning of the episode started off with a bang, or more like a blast. That was pretty cool how Sookie blasted Bill right out of the graveyard. Before that, Sookie scored an early victory for my favorite line of the night when she said, “Eric took our deal, and fucked it in the ass.” Sookie was definitely not going to take any shit from Bill. I’m surprised she has fallen into Warlow’s hands so easily.
  After the brief scene with Bill, Sookie, and Warlow everything was either at the vamp camp, or at the funeral. I’ll start off with everything that happened at the camp. First Eric wiped out all the guards outside. I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to see that, but they quickly made up for that when Eric ripped off that doctor’s balls. That just might have been the craziest thing they have done yet. I like how Eric so calmly said he would be back in ten minutes to see if he bled out.
  Bill was hot on Eric’s trail. I find it hard to believe at no point could Bill actually find Eric. All was good though as Bill finished off Eric’s work by smashing in the doctor’s face. I thought that was letting off the doctor too easy. I found it interesting how Bill was supposed to be the savior, but it looked like Eric was through most of the episode. Eric freed both the men, and women vampires leading to the torturing, and death of almost every human at the camp.
  Eric also helped heal Jason, and used him to navigate through the camp. It was good to see Jason freed for a moment. I was disappointed at the end when Jason was in the hands of that crazy vampire again. She might be next on my “must die list,” which I’m happy to say is a lot shorter today, but more on that in a minute.  
  Back to Eric and Jason’s adventures through the camp. That therapist was sure one hell of an asshole with a death wish. I couldn’t believe he dared to tell Eric he slept with Pam. I loved how excited Jason got when he knew that guy was in for a whole lot of hurt. I guess it was fitting that Pam got to finish him off, but again they ripped us off by not showing it. I guess there has to be some kind of limit on the blood spilt.
  Finally the moment we have been waiting for…the white room! Eric and Bill’s actions certainly changed how that unfolded starting with Sarah having to open the roof. I needed a double take when they showed Bill in the center of the room with all the vamps sucking his blood. That seemed a little extreme to me. I mean, they killed almost everyone there so why not just wait until sundown, and then just walk out of there. Why did they have to act like the vamps couldn’t get out of the white room?
  Ahhhh, it’s so nice to see my “must die list” be a little shorter today. The Rev’s run is finally over. Thank you Eric! I can’t believe Bill actually wanted to spare him. Thank you Eric again for not listening to Bill. My list was so close to being even shorter, but as usual Jason had to go and screw things up. How could he let Sarah go? If he didn’t want to do it, I’m sure there was any number of vamps that would have gladly taken care of her.
  Then the party began as the vamps danced their way out of there. Oh wait, you forgot someone! Good thing Jessica remembered to go back inside. Not a fan of James, but Bill might owe him one now. Then a very odd ending with Pam watching Eric fly away. Where exactly is he going? Pam was obviously concerned about him. That would have been a good ending for a season finale. Hopefully we only have to wait until next week to find out where Eric is.
  Now to the funeral. What is there to say really? As expected, it was sad, and had some really depressing moments. It made you feel bad for Terry’s family and friends, maybe all except for his crazy grandmother. I guess they wanted to include some comic relief. The flashbacks were good especially Sookie’s showing how Terry fell for Arlene right off the bat. Speaking of Sookie at the funeral, it was interesting to see her next to Alcide again. For a while, I was rooting for that pair to work out.
  The funeral kept most of the characters that were there at a stand still in their storylines. Some of them don’t really have much of a known storyline going into the finale like Alcide, and Lafayette. It will be really interesting to see if we get to see all of the characters next week, or just a few. I’m not really sure what is left to happen. The preview showed the vamps and humans in another battle, but I’m not sure the vamps are fighting the right people. Most of the right people died at the vamp camp.
  Obviously Bill has a chance to set things right, but that probably isn’t in his plans. He seems concerned with Warlow, and certainly can’t be happy about Sookie and Warlow getting together. He probably will be powerless to stop it if they stay in fantasyland. There have been so many deaths this season that I would be surprised if we saw another one, but it is a season finale. I’m not sure what else to expect, as it really did seem like this episode would have ended the season nicely. I guess the finale will really be part of episode one for season 7.
  Anyways, this was an amazing episode. They really did a great job showing two extremes. Of course, I enjoyed the blood splattering good time at the vamp camp. Hopefully the finale will come up with something to top this episode, but I think it will be hard. So if you have any predictions for the finale, I would be interested in hearing them. Until then, see you after the finale!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The television crew of the "Scary Antics" hidden camera show sets up a disturbed young man for a practical joke, but the joke is on them when heads roll.

Starring: Norbert Velez, Aniela McGuinness, Todd Bruno, Gema Calero, Giordan Diaz, Tom Stedham, Daniela Larez, Reggie Peters, Dennis Spain, Mario Nalini, Massiel Checo and Brandi Rudicil

Directed by: Lou Simon

Written by: Lou Simon

  There are several things to like about “HazMat” starting with the story. Having the tables turn on a film crew who is suppose to be doing the scaring makes for a good story. As the audience sees in the opening scene, “Scary Antics” is usually the one playing the joke on an unsuspecting victim. It isn’t so funny when the joke is on them.
  The crew sets up for what appears to be another great scare in a chemical plant. The plant turns out to be a great place to have a bunch of people slaughtered, as it’s dark, quiet, and almost impossible to escape if you don’t know where you are going. The crew sets up hidden cameras around certain parts of the plant, and watches from a control room. However, there are plenty of other areas that they never got to, which are perfect for a killer to hide.
  Speaking of the killer, sometimes one is born when a cruel joke is played on them, and that is exactly what happens here. The joke is supposed to be on Jacob (Norbert Velez), who has been brought there by his friends. That is where is father died, and his belief that the place is haunted makes him an easy target for his friends. What his friends fail to realize is that it appears that Jacob might have had a little crazy in him already, and the whole joke pushes him over the edge.
  As with any good slasher, Jacob would need to disguise, and a signature weapon. Jacob finds a chemical worker’s suit, mask and ax, and the real fun begins. What’s great about Jacob as a killer is that he doesn’t hold back. Every opportunity he has to go after someone, he goes after them with everything he has. He chases them down, and buries that ax right in them. Each time the audience is treated to a different look at the deaths with plenty of blood splatter.
   As you can see there is a lot to like about this film. It would have been easy to expect some bad acting, but it’s solid all around except for maybe in a moment or two. The only real complaint here is that the film starts off a little slow. It has to introduce the crew of “Scare Antics,” and establish connections between them. It’s a little boring, but the film more than makes up for it when the audience gets to see their fate.
  Overall, “HazMat” is a pleasant surprise. It all starts with a good story about how things can go wrong when you play a joke on the wrong person. The chemical plant proves to be a great hunting ground, and there are plenty of victims. It’s good to see a killer be born, and one who goes after his victims so intensely. With that, I believe this movie is ready for a strong festival run, and give it 3 pools of blood.


Monday, August 5, 2013

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 8

  That was the best episode of True Blood yet! No way that sucked! Are you kidding me? NO, it sucked! And I guess you think Eric is going to save the day too? Of course he is. No way! Bill is going to save the vampires! Please! And Sookie is going to make a hot vampire! She’s not going to be a vampire. I bet she will be. Will not! Enough with the arguing! I have to get on with my thoughts on episode 7, “Dead Meat.”
  Yes, arguing seemed like the theme of the night. To start off, Bill walked in on Nora’s death, and Eric wasn’t too pleased about it. Like I said last week, it took a lot for him to seek help from Bill, so it’s not surprising how pissed he was when Nora died. I loved Eric’s reaction when Bill had him flying in the air. Classic Eric right there. Bill should have known that wasn’t going to be the end of Eric.
  We then move from two vamps arguing to two wolves arguing. I knew Rikki wanted to be the first female packmaster. She might be nuts, but she’s not dumb. She knew she couldn’t beat Alcide, but also knew he wouldn’t kill her. I was surprised that Alcide just gave up the pack like that. He did enter the show a lone wolf (besides what’s her name ugh), and that seems to work for him.
  We finally got more of a conversation than an argument when Sookie tells Warlow she got a visit from Bill. It’s funny how each of them has to give up something to get what they want. They simply can’t help each other out for the greater good. Sookie is faced with becoming Warlow’s vamp for life. Warlow is faced with being Bill’s lab vamp. And Bill is faced with needing help from Sookie and Warlow even with all his powers. Also, he maybe faced with watching Sookie be with the vamp that could kill him.
  Now to Jessica, who smoothly avoided an argument with James when he asked how she got the guard to let them be together. Not that James seems like the kind of vamp that likes to argue. I don’t like him with Jessica. I like how Jessica knew exactly what Pam had done, and I also liked what Pam had to say about it. So much, I’m giving her the win for my favorite line of the night when she said, “oozy, but productive.” Still glad we didn’t have to see that.
  Continuing with the few moments that there was no arguing, I was surprised that Alcide returned Nicole and her mom to Sam. I guess that was the only way that they weren’t going to die. Plus there was no time for Sam to go through another rescue attempt. Ok, I was totally clueless to why Sam smelled Nicole. Then when Alcide, who I have to mention had three scenes last night, also said he smelled Sam on her really I was really lost. Pregnant! Shame on you Sam Merlot! I don’t know if I was more shocked by that, or Sookie saying that she always thought they would end up together. So much for that!
  Then the biggest tease of the night. The Rev. was so close to dying. I told you I don’t like James. How could he tell the Rev. not to drink Tru Blood? Come on now! I was about to have a cold one to celebrate when he picked up that bottle. Damn you James! I hope Bill disapproves of you being with Jessica, and ends you for that! Yes, I want the Rev. dead already! It was funny seeing him on that vampire wheel though!
  Wow, poor Jason. What a crazy vampire Violet is. I’m not going to rape you, I’m just going make you beg for sex with me. Ugh! This is what Jason gets for trying to help Jessica. I like how Jason was like just continue feeding on me please. I really hoped Pam would step in and fight for him, but she seems to have little interest in doing that. That was an A for effort Pam. And Tara almost giving away the secret. She has always had a big mouth. Maybe Pam will step in if Tara is attack by Violet. Then it’s on!
  A little comic relief, and back to the arguing. Andy didn’t score a victory for my favorite line of the night, but he was funny as usual. First saying how ABCD couldn’t have coffee because she was only two weeks old. Too bad she’s old enough to still be yelled at by Arlene. Don’t mess with someone who just lost a loved one. And at the funeral parlor, boy was Arlene on fire. She had every right to be. Like she said, she knew the real Terry. Man, I still can’t believe he’s dead. And then Andy again bringing in the comedy saying he didn’t know if he would be more uncomfortable inside or outside. Such a character that Andy.
  Then probably the biggest argument of the night when Sookie went to negotiate with Bill. That really didn’t go over so well. Bill was like I’m getting my way, and I don’t give a shit what you think. Do you think he really cares that little for Sookie? When she was in danger a few weeks ago he let Warlow save her. Can it be so simple as Bill just wanting Warlow’s blood? There has to be a bigger plan once he saves the vamps. I like how Sookie had to get in the last word, and call him a motherfucking monster.
  Sookie wasn’t done yet! Who says you can’t argue with dead people? What an awkward scene that was with Sookie telling off her dead parents. Talk about building up some hate in a hurry. She would rather walk the Earth forever than be buried next to them. How about just being buried somewhere else? I wonder what Jason would have thought if he heard that conversation.
   It took a while, but finally another argument that actually led to a fight… a catfight. Too bad that Tru Blood spokeswoman didn’t kick Sarah’s ass. That is what you get trying to run in high heels. You will never escape vamps, wolves, zombies, or crazy bitches running in high heels. And yes, they do make better weapons than running shoes. I did like how that one vamp jumped to the top of the cage to get a better taste of her. Too bad that wasn’t Sarah faced down.
  I love when Eric is in revenge mode. I really wondered where they were going with ABCD hooking up with Holly’s sons. So funny how Eric was sorry he had to take away the fact that he saw ABCD topless. That’s cruel Eric! Cruel for the young man. Now that Eric beat Bill to the bite, who do you think will save the vamps? I think Eric is just out for revenge, and might get stopped along the way. It’s up to Bill to save the day with or without Warlow. And one last thing, please stop trying to be dramatic with the vamps in the white room. If they all die, then the show is over.
  So are we done with all the arguing? No! Eric will save the day! Don’t start! I’m trying to wrap this up. I think we are in for some exciting stuff the last two weeks. Also some more depressing stuff as we might be in for Terry’s funeral as well. Not sure how the season is going to end yet, but we still have some time before making predictions. Eric! That’s it; I’m out of here. Argue with yourself.


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