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Monday, August 18, 2014

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7, Episode 9

  All right my plea for some action just isn't working. The focus has been strongly on the character relationships, and how they are going to finish. Also on how badly they can depress the audience! Honestly, that's not really how I like my True Blood, but I guess that is what we get when a show is coming to an end. There might be a touch of action next week involving Eric, Pam, Mr. Gus, and Sarah, but that will probably be it. I'll get to my predictions later, but for now here are my thoughts on episode 9, "Love is to Die"
  Arlene: Still putting on a happy face. It's nice to see someone is trying to keep things together in a somewhat dead town.
  Wade: Needs a few seats in between him and Adilyn.
  Adilyn: Daddy is watching! That must be weird but somewhat cool to speak to someone just in your head. Someone besides yourself that is!
  Holly: Saw you somewhere in the background. Enjoy the last supper!
  Lafayette: Well it looks like it's him and James forever. At least he has someone who likes drugs, and can get V from if needed.
  James: That ended with Jessica better than I thought. He doesn't seem like someone who likes to fight anyway. Hopefully he makes Lafayette happy I guess.
  Andy: It was almost another token appearance. He's definitely one character I'm going to miss.
  Anyone else at the table I didn't mention: It was nice knowing you!
  Sam: Talk about a weak ending for an important character. I mentioned it before, and it's sad. Maybe we get something more next week, but it can't be much.
  Nicole: It's all your fault Sam got a crappy ending!
  Hoyt: They brought him back, and he's like a superhero. Killed Violet. Knocked out Jason with one punch. Doesn't take shit. And then gets the vampire. What the hell? How about a better ending for characters that have been here all along!
  Jessica: While I'm obviously not a Hoyt fan I'm glad she is happy. At least happy with him, not with what's happening to Bill. She's free to move to Alaska now! Wait, not a good idea during half of the year!
  Bridget: She takes no shit either! My way or the highway! Maybe Jason could use someone like her. And she seems pretty normal!
  Jason: Man stop letting Hoyt beat you up! Smack him at least one time! Jason might be different, but he's a good friend to have. Just keep him away from your girlfriend. So funny with the ice pack!
  Ginger: Finally!!! Applause for her!!! It only took a few decades, and lasted a few seconds! Whatever! It was a funny scene!
  Pam: Holy shit!!! For a second I thought that might have been it for her. I think I might have broken my TV if that happened. Too bad they gave it away in the previews that she survived. The suspense would have been something to really look forward to next week. At least she will be there to maybe win for my favorite line of the night like this week when she said, "El gago.I need to removeo!" Oh Pam, Spanish to some Asian guys!
  Asian guys: Still wondering why Pam was talking about the whorehouse!
  Mr. Gus: I thought I liked him, but he went too far now. Hopefully Eric ends his capitalist ass!
  Eric: He definitely wouldn't have made a good marriage counselor. I was surprised that we got to see his softer side, and was shocked he went to see Bill. They haven't always seen eye to eye, but I guess there is that respect there. And Sookie! Oh and way to take one for Team Ginger!
  Sarah: Looks like she's going to die a blonde! Only fitting!
  Sookie: First, anyone else think it was odd that she left Fangtasia and the first place she went was to Sam's? What was that going to accomplish? They really are making a depressing ending for her. Alcide's dead, Sam's gone, Eric seems to realize she won't be his, and then there's Bill! She wanted to save him, but that doesn't look likely!
  Bill: I can't believe he walked away from the cure, and more importantly Sookie. That dream must have been the last straw. I guess after listening to him he has a point. Sookie might be better off without him.
  9 episodes down, and it's prediction time. Some people's fates seem to be sealed. Andy and Holly will be married, and hopefully Adilyn and Wade knock it off. Sam and Nicole are starting a new life elsewhere. Lafayette and James, and Arlene and Keith will be vampire and wife someday.
  Then the real predictions come into play. I think Bridget stays, and gives it a try with Jason. I would say Jason goes with her to Alaska, but I'm not sure he would leave Sookie. That will make things awkward as Hoyt and Jessica probably stay together, and in town as well. Maybe Jessica can bring the two guys to an understanding. Eric and Pam will have had enough of Mr. Gus and company, and put an end to them, especially if they are going after Sookie. Eric will then finish off Sarah once and for all, and I will praise Billith for it! Pam will win for my favorite line of the night.
  Then there is Bill and Sookie, Sookie and Bill! They will try to have the most dramatic ending of a TV couple ever. Does he die? Does she help him end it? Does he take the cure at the last second? I say we get some Sookie magic that surprisingly saves him, and they can live happily ever after. Originally I was thinking she would become a vamp if possible, but I guess it’s too late for that. Eric takes control of New Blood, cures the vamps, and puts the world back in its place. We probably get flashes of the characters, and what happens to them in the future. That would be a nice way to end it. And the last prediction is that I will write one more "My Thoughts on True Blood..." So send me your predictions, and we will see who gets it right next week! 


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