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Monday, November 17, 2014


In my final Halloween Horror Nights 24 post, I have some videos from the four scare zones for you to check out. Overall, the scare zones turned out pretty good. Each offered something a little different. After the look at the zones, there is a video with some pictures from the zones, and other things I ran into at HHN24.

The first scare zone is The Purge: Anarchy. This movie made for the perfect scare zone. It was total chaos as scare actors were everywhere looking to exercise their right to Purge. The first video shows that, including a look at the boss patrolling the area. In the second video, you get to see a two-part scene the scare actors played out every once in awhile. The boss rounds up victims in the truck, and they are later auctioned off. It was pretty cool to catch both scenes.

The second scare zone is Face Off - In the Flesh. While this wasn't that scary, it made for some awesome photo ops. Basically there were several featured creatures up on a set, and people would stand in front of them, if brave enough, to take pictures. Of course while you were looking at the creatures, they had other scare actors roaming the street trying to scare you. They did a terrific job creating these creatures.

The next zone is Bayou of Blood. This featured a kind of tight walkway to go through before ending up with the creatures on stilts. They are always cool to get next to. They do a great job walking around on those things. As for the walkway, even with the glowing lights, it was pretty dark, which made it fun to go through.

The final zone is MASKerade: Unstitched. Again, they had some scare actors on stilts. These scare actors were dressed like they wanted to take you to the ball, but I don't think that would be a good idea. The candles were pretty cool to look at; especially in the daytime next to rides they had nothing to do with. 

As mentioned above, this video starts off with some pictures from all of the zones. It might give you a better look at things that might be hard to see in the video. You get to see things such as, scare actors from the Purge, the Face Off creatures, the entrance to the park, and bonus pictures from the front of the Dracula: Untold house. Oh, and of course this picture above, which is one of my favorites. It's from the behind the scenes tour that I mentioned in the other posts. We got to meet with the major people behind HHN24, and ask them anything we wanted to about the event. It's really great to get such insight about the event from the people who know better than anyone else. The guy on my left is T.J., who accompanied us on our tour in the houses. He likes the shirt, and is now a proud owner of one because he's been on the tour with us for several years now, and knows everything about the event from the beginning.

Overall, HHN24 was awesome. There was a great mix of houses. While I don't usually get scared in them, I always look at how they go about trying to scare you, and I thought they did a great job. The TV/movie houses were cool to go through because it put right in those worlds. Then there were the original houses, which turned out to be a lot of fun to go in. Sometimes I feel like they waste a house, but not this time. My behind the scenes posts (links below) have more of my opinions on each house. 

I'm certainly looking forward to next year because it's the big 25th anniversary. Hopefully they will bring back some of their HHN icons, which all fans of the event would love to see again. I'll be there next year, and hopefully you get to go as well! 

Behind the Scenes: "From Dusk Till Dawn" at House Halloween Horror Nights 24

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