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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Detectives are puzzled when a serial killer has killed 4 and has left no evidence and seems to have no motive. In their desperation they call alone Source, a well known psychic that has helped the police solve crimes with his incredible gift. Source will soon learn this killer is even a step ahead of him.

Starring: Stephen Twardokus, Jon Gale, and Wendy Haines

Directed by: Derek Cole

Written by: Derek Cole, and Stephen Twardokus

  "Within Hindsight” starts off like the typical crime drama. Two detectives are trying to piece together clues at a murder scene. Apparently this isn't the first time this killer has struck, and the detectives need help finding the killer. They call in a psychic, and this is when things get really interesting.
  The detectives fade away as the psychic puts himself in the room when the murder begins to take place. The audience gets to see the murder committed by a guy in an awesome silver mask. With a mask like that it's a shame the audience only gets to see him in action once. 
  After the murder is committed the killer does something strange. This is where the beginning of the twist happens, and no I'm not giving it away. Let's just say it puts an excellent exclamation mark on this short film. 
  It's always good to find a film that puts the audience in a familiar place, but is able to present the a nice new twist. "Within Hindsight" does exactly that. This short film really could have been part of a large movie, and hopefully it's something the filmmakers think about. It would be nice to see the killer in the great mask in action, and see where the story goes after the twist.


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