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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Starring: Alexandra Grace, Riley Connor, and Kira Halling

Written and directed by: Michael Kehoe

  There are certain situations horror fans have seen over and over again. Sometimes it's within a scene, other times it might be the outcome of the whole film. However that doesn't mean the result will always be the same. Creating something different is what horror fans are looking for, and the challenge for filmmakers.
  In "Hush," Regan (Alexandra Grace) is downstairs watching T.V. when there's a power outage. As she's trying to figure what to do, a little girl, Irene (Riley Connor), from upstairs begins to yell for her. After a few yells, and responses of "hush," Regan makes her way into the girl's bedroom. By now horror fans are already thinking about what's coming next, and hoping they don't see more of the same.
  This is where the challenge for the filmmakers kicks in, and they knock it out of park. Without giving it way, lets just say there's a terrific twist that ends this short film in frightening fashion. The two actors might not get a whole lot of screen time, but they are very natural as to give no hints at what's about to happen. Lost in it all might be the dark, and creepy background that's subtly created as Regan navigates her way upstairs. In the end, it's really easy to see why this film has been winning award after award at film festivals. If you see it listed at a film festival near you, don't miss it. 


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