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Sunday, December 28, 2014


It's 'every man for himself' in this post apocalyptic world, where a biological mistake has turned most of the population into animalistic eating machines. And that's just fine with R.J. - (Jack Nathan Harding) As a matter of fact, this proud hermit has adapted well to the new world order. He's even got heat, food, and a rare clean water source. For three years, R.J. has contentedly spent his days in a dark, cramped, and heavily barricaded room, drinking tea and reading paperback westerns by candlelight. One night R.J.'s routine is disrupted when he warily lets in a desperate young stranger - (Stephen Twardokus) He soon realizes the person he let in may be more dangerous that anything he's been trying to keep out.

Directed by Derek Cole

  Here's another short film from director Derek Cole, who I'm quickly becoming a fan of. After reviewing his fantastic short film "Within Hindsight," it was great to have the opportunity to review "Let Me See Your Eyes." Just as I expected, this is another well-done short film from beginning to end.
  Just as the audience gets introduced to R.J. (Jack Nathan Harding) and his nice little set up, an unexpected visitor (Stephen Twardokus) franticly begins knocking at his door. R.J. doesn't really want to, but he eventually opens the door saving the visitor from whatever is hunting him. After the tension of that moment settles, the two begin to talk and feel each other out. R.J. makes it clear that his visitor can't stay, and the visitor seems ok with that.
  This is where the fun begins for the audience, as they wait to see which one of these guys makes the first move. Lets just say after a couple of twists, and turns one of these guys comes out on top. Jack and Stephen do a great job of hiding their character's intentions, and in what their characters do after their intentions are made. Just like "Within Hindsight," Derek does a terrific job of setting up a short film with a great twist. I certainly look forward to his next film.


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