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Monday, October 5, 2020


A family falls victim to a series of violent murders when they invite their neighbors over for Xmas dinner.

Starring: Neal Ward, Nadia Lamin, and Frank Jakeman

Directed by: Adam Leader, and Richard Oakes

Written by: Adam Leader

  “Hosts” is another horror movie that just completely turns Christmas up-side-down for the people involved. First is a nice family that has all come together for a holiday feast. Michael (Frank Jakeman) is the head of the family, along with his wife Cassie (Jennifer K. Preston). Of course their children are with them. Lauren (Nadia Lamin) and Eric (Lee Hunter) are grown up now, but Ben (Buddy Skelton) is still a young boy. 
  And then there are the neighbors. Jack (Neal Ward) and Lucy (Samantha Loxley). When the audience first gets to meet them they seem very normal. Just a couple spending time at home before Lucy notices something outside. The two check it out, and it appears to be nothing. However, something has happened as the two head over to their neighbors house for dinner. The family doesn’t notice there’s something slightly off about the friends next door until it’s too late.

  Horror movies can be memorable for many things, good or bad. For fans of gore a fantastic death or two can go a long way in how much they like the movie, and how it’s remembered. Well “Hosts” will most certainly be remembered for what happens around the dinner table. No spoilers here, but it’s plenty shocking, gruesome, and frankly cold blooded. It also sets a dark tone for the rest of the movie that needs to be maintained.
  Jack and Lucy have no problem maintaining the ruthlessness that has over come them. They’re possessed by something that’s never fully explained, but the audience will have a good guess at what’s going on. After the dinner scene, they separate the family in different rooms, and proceed to torture them mentally and physically. Because they’re possessed, they have blank stares on their faces, and glowing eyes when they get particularly evil. Neal and Samantha do a great job helping create two people the audience will hate, but won’t be able to take their eyes off of.

  On the opposite side, the victims equally help in pulling this off. While all of them are great, Nadia definitely stands out the most. Her character is certainly put through a lot, and how she brings out the fear in her character is what really shines. And with so much bad happening it’s good that the film never puts an end to it. Anytime it seems like someone will survive, or there might be a way out, it’s just not that simple. 
  When you host someone or an event it’s usually a joyous occasion. The family in “Hosts” has that mind in celebrating Christmas with family and friends, but it’s anything but joyous. They have no idea the people coming over have become hosts to some kind of evil inside their bodies. The film creates a memorable death scene at dinner, and never looks back. The couple is cruel and brutal, and conjure up some more good death scenes. The film drops hints at what’s going on, but never seems to make it clear. That just adds to an exciting, and dark ending. The film isn’t let down by the acting, which is on point from all those involved. Because evil becomes the true hosts here, I give it 4 pools of blood.


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