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Thursday, October 22, 2020



Four friends set out to a remote getaway in Texas, unaware that it is being occupied by a sinister cult.

Starring: Hailey Marmolejo, Bonnie Sturdivant, Thomas Burke, and David Eimer

Directed and written by: Thomas Burke


  “Camping Fun” is what this group of four wanted, but it doesn’t turn out to be a lot of fun after all. This is a found footage film showing video that the police have discovered sometime after these young people’s disappearance. It starts as the audience might expect, with the group arriving at a house in the middle of nowhere. There’s a brief introduction to who they are, and the relationship between each other. 

  While they’re supposed to be having fun they show that things aren’t so great between them all. There’s a good argument between some of them, but things turn weird. One of the girls seems to be acting stranger by the second, but the others are slow to catch on to it. Unfortunately for them, their problems are about to get worse because the house wasn’t as unoccupied as they thought.

  So while it didn’t turn out to be much fun for the four characters, this short film should please fans of found footage films. It has a quick setup only giving a glimpse of who these characters are, but that’s alright because they’ll be gone soon enough. It has a little mystery, and creepiness as they investigate the house before revealing what’s truly going on. Of course this doesn’t work without an exciting ending, and it gives the audience just that. And the found footage angle is just as the audience would expect capturing only what is needed to be seen. 


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