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Friday, October 23, 2020



A family moving to a new house to live the dream of the big city. A house where dreams turn into nightmares.

Starring: Begona Vargas, Ivan Marcos, and Bea Segura

Directed by: Albert Pinto

Written by: Ramon Campos, Gema R. Neira, David Orea, and Salvador S. Molina


   Add “32 Malasana Street” to the long list of places that seemed like a nice place to live, but are far from it. Looking for a new start, Candela (Bea Segura), Manolo (Ivan Marcos), and their family move into a new apartment in the city. It doesn’t take long before the house starts to act up particularly around their kids. Their daughter, Amparo (Begona Vargas) is supposed to be watching the youngest, Rafael (Ivan Renedo), but gets distracted from her grandfather’s odd behavior. It almost leads the boy to his demise before dad comes to the rescue, but soon enough he disappears again. 

  Of course this shocks the family as they search for the boy. Weird things continue to happen to Amparo and others until the Rafael is finally found. Everyone can breathe easy now…wrong! The boy is traumatized, and soon enough the whole family will join him. Whatever is haunting this house is mad, and is about to take out its anger on this family.

  So the first star of this movie has to be the apartment, and followed closely by the entity haunting them. They make the most of this setting to execute the scares, and build up the mystery. The winding halls, dark rooms, and creepy basement definitely work. The atmosphere seems dark even when they first move in, and only gets darker in the end. 

  The scares start off in a typical manner, but move to more creative stuff as the movie unfolds. Probably the scariest stuff comes at the hands of the grandfather’s weird behavior early on, and then later on with what happens when a woman in a wheelchair gets involved in the action. Also, once the scares get going there isn’t too much wasted time. Either the movie is working on setting up a scare, or getting closer to why this is all happening. And the reason behind it all is a pretty unexpected story.

  Horror fans have seen many families over the years move into a place, and need to move out even quicker. Credit this movie for going so far as to have a banker tell them they are stuck with the place financially. There’s no easy escape except for taking on this ghost head on. Visit “32 Malasana Street” if you’re looking for scares with a pretty interesting story behind it all. With that said, I give it 3 pools of blood.



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