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HorrO's YouTube Vault

Why waste your time searching YouTube when HorrO has done it for you? Below are some short horror films, horror parodies, and theme songs to some of your favorite horror movies that I found on YouTube. More videos and songs will be added soon! View at your own risk!

Knock Knock

From the Heart

Dead End  (Not on YouTube)

Love is a Bullet (Not on YouTube)

Human Centipede: The Musical! Part 1

Lego City Zombie Infection

Smoke- Short film

Chucklehead-Short Film

Christmas Package

Dexter in 60 Seconds


Scarlet's Witch- A Short Film

Every Zombie Death in The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead AMC's Animated Comic

Horror Movie Deaths

Predator Music

The Day the World Went Away (Director's Cut)

Left for Dead- Short Film

What to do in a Zombie Attack

Hot Girl Zombie Bite- Original Short

Zombie Short Film

Jason vs Leatherface

Alone- Short Horror Film

Heebie Jeebies- Short Horror Film

The Babysitting- Short Horror Film

Detention- Short Horror Film

The Day the World Went Away- Short Film

Halloween 2 Theme Song-Long Version

Freddy Krueger Theme Song

Halloween Theme Song by John Carpenter-Michael Myers Tribute

Gremlins Main Theme

Zombie Short Film- The Antidote

Lunch Date Creepy Horror Comedy

Fallout- Short Horror Film

Silent Hill Spoof

The Human Centipede (First Parody)

The Exorcist Dinner with Regan

The Strangers- Parody

Good Friday the 13th: Jason vs Jesus

To Catch A Super Predator 1   (Short Film at Florida SuperCon 2010)

To Catch A Super Predator 2

To Catch A Super Predator 3

To Catch A Super Predator 4

StarBattles Part 1    (Short Film at Florida SuperCon 2010)

StarBattles Part 2

StarBattles Part 3

To Catch a Predator Parody

28 Days Later- The Rage Episode 1

28 Days Later- The Rage Episode 2

Salty Dogs- Zombie Short Film

Renting Hell-Short Horror Film

Old Friends

"RED" Little Red Riding Hood Horror Film

Stranded (1 of 2)

Stranded (2 of 2)

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

Still Life

Tooth Fairy

PIN-Short Horror Film

'The Insane' Comic-Con Short Film Winner

Bloody Mary short

The 9th Circle (Part 1 of 2) 35mm short horror film

The 9th Circle (Part 2 of 2) 35mm short horror film

Necropolis Reborn Zombie Short Film

Disorder (Part 1) Short Zombie Film

Disorder (Part 2) Short Zombie Film

Dead Reckoning part 1 of 2 (Indie zombie film)

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