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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


(Apparently contains a spoiler!)
  Let me start off this review by saying I usually don't like horror/comedy movies. To me, they end up being as dumb, if not dumber, then just a plain bad horror movie. This movie is neither dumb, or just a plain bad horror movie. It is a hilarious, free spirited comedy with blood drooling zombies ripe for the killing. 
The laughs start coming right from the start as we get introduced to several rules for surviving in Zombieland by Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg). Without giving them all away and spoiling the laughs, let's just say rule #1 is CARDIO and leave it at that. The rules pop up in the background through out the movie so keep an eye open for them. The movie keeps the opening credits entertaining as we see slow motion shoots of zombies at events like a wedding, and while firefighters are putting out a fire. There is plenty of slow motion blood pouring from their mouths. 
I will admit, I thought there would be more zombie killing through out the movie than there seemed to be (or maybe it was just me). I mean, Tallahassee (Woody) was portrayed as the best zombie killer around, but you really have to wait until the end of the movie to see a mass murdering of zombies (must remember it is a comedy too). Once Columbus meets Tallahassee, we get into more of the comedy, and plot and character development than zombie killing. However, leave it to Woody to kill zombies in style when he gets his chance. While most people in zombie movies run and hide from the zombies, Woody's character Tallahassee calls the zombies out. For example, he plays a banjo to get the zombies to come running at him, and then he quickly takes them out, using the banjo of course.
The funniest part of the movie by far was when Tallahassee takes the group (Tallahassee and Columbus get paired up with two sisters) to hide at Bill Murray's house. They think it is empty, but find that Murray is there and has avoided becoming a zombie (although he has zombie make up on to blend in with the zombies). Tallahassee, Murray, and Wichita (Emma Stone as the older sister) get high and then reenact a scene from Ghostbusters. Let me tell you, I almost fell out of my chair. As mentioned before, the movie ends with Tallahassee slaughtering dozens upon dozens of zombies in bad ass style at a theme park. Imagine how fun it would be to be on a roller coaster speeding around, and getting take target practice on zombies (good times). 
This is just a fun, no rules movie with plenty of laughs, and just enough blood and killing to make it a horror film. From the survival tips to the must see Bill Murray scene, this movie is worth both your time and money. Woody was a great pick for this role, and I think audiences will love how Jesse Eisenberg and Woody play off of each other. I give this movie 4 pools of blood, which is probably more than any other horror/comedy movie I have seen.


PS- leave your zombie kill of the week below if you got one!!!


  1. I also saw Zombieland at an advanced screening and couldn't agree more. Woody was hilarious. David Eisenberg was able to hold his part. The zombie killing was just the cherry on top. I usually don't like gore but in this movie I appreciated it while laughing my ass off. Totally worth the $10 even though I didn't pay it.

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  3. This movie was great because it did both things right, it was a great zombie movie, and it was funny. Plus it had action and gore...I loved the gags in the amusement park, the thing with the girls in the tower of terror was freaking sweeeet!

    One of the best zombie flicks to come around in a while.

  4. damm just came from seeing saw iv itsssssss scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry as a mother flower danmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. after I finish watch this movie, I thought that I know everything necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse but them I was illuminated with new knowledge in how to survive to this moment.


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