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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


  Synopsis: MASKHEAD tells the depraved tale of Syl and Maddie, a lesbian couple who produce extreme fetish and dark specialty movies. With the help of their sociopathic associate, The Cowboy, the ladies audition numerous up-and-coming talent to star in their top selling, stomach-turning fetish series: “MASKHEAD,” which features a large man in a bizarre mask who tortures and kills his “co-stars” on camera. Everyone has a fetish. What's yours? What turns you on?
  When I turned this movie on, I was worried that the fetish scenes would overshadow the torture and death. They had different kinds of fetishes, such as a woman pretending to be a clown, and a woman with a guy pretending to be her dog. The scenes were shot with the couple’s own cameras, which gave you an up-close look into not only the fetish, but the deaths as well. Well, my worries didn’t last long because each fetish scene ended in a torture, and death that made you instantly forget about the fetish scenes.

  Those scenes were all made possible because of three fascinating characters, Syl, Maddie, and the Cowboy. The interaction between Syl and Maddie was interesting, and unique to say the least. They were very comfortable with their sexuality, and used that to lure in the “co-stars” of their films. The Cowboy was a good storyteller, and I suggest you pay attention to the story he was telling. He played a bigger role in the story than I originally thought he would.

  The “co-stars” thought they were actually the stars of the fetish films, but the real fetish here was Maskhead’s desire to torture, and kill. There was plenty of blood, but what made the deaths scenes was the slow manner in which Maskhead went about killing his “co-stars.” He was in no hurry, which got me extremely anxious. He left the most painful, and shocking kill for the end. For those of you who saw Hostel 2, I equate this scene to what happened to Stuart, only this time, it was the woman that got the brunt of it. I don’t think there is anyway you will see that coming!

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