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Monday, September 13, 2010


Episode 3.12- “Evil is going on”  In the third-season finale, Eric’s overwhelming thirst for revenge against Russell presents a moral dilemma. Meanwhile, a frustrated Sookie gives serious consideration to a life without vampires.

My thoughts on episode 12:

  Sadly the True Blood season finale has come and gone. There were twists and turns. Some secrets were revealed, while others were kept. There was plenty of drama, but not enough action. I was close with some of my predictions, way off with others, and some may have to wait until next season. Lets see how the season finished, and what we have to look forward to.
  When we left off last time, Eric and the King were roasting in the parking lot. You knew Eric wasn't going to die (easy prediction), but how would they escape. Sookie to the rescue! After expressing her displeasure with Bill, she went outside to the vampire barbeque. The King urged her to use her fairy powers to set them free. She blasted the handcuffs setting them free, but that wasn't the cool part. Then she blasted the King sending him flying across the parking lot. Now that is something you won't see Tinker Bell doing. 
  In breaking news, Sam told Tara that he was a shape shifter. I didn't see that coming. Looks like a good roll in the hay put Sam in a better mood. That was until he figured out that Tommy stole his money. In one of the better cliffhangers for next season, Sam caught up with Tommy, and eventually shot at him. Did he really kill Tommy, or was that another warning shot? And so much for that new found relationship with Tara. She wasn’t exactly trilled to find out she has been sleeping with a shape shifter. I have said over and over again, she really knows how to pick them.
  Wait! No, don’t do it Tara! I was just kidding. You will find a good man…eventually. Just put down those scissors. Oh, you are just going to cut your hair. Wow, that was another close one. You never know with that girl. Tara has gone through a lot this season, and had enough. Sleeping with a shape shifter, and then finding her mom having an affair with a reverend was the last straw. It looks like she has left town for now. Anyone think she will come back with another loser?
  All right, I will leave Tara alone…moving along. Hoyt arrived at work to find his mom, Summer, and his high school guidance counselor waiting for him (how embarrassing). The counselor asked him to take a seat for a moment, and hear what they had to say. Summer reminisced about liking him since they first meet, and his mom couldn’t help but express her dislike for Jessica. Hoyt had enough, and showed his mom that he was finally a man. I tried to tell you Summer, “biscuits, but with a new ingredient.” I was right about Hoyt being able to save money by feeding Jessica his blood. He had enough money to get a new home for the two of them. And while he isn’t addicted to V yet, there is still time for that when they start living together. I was also right that his mom would go nuts. She went gun shopping, and it wasn’t to hunt deer. Anyone notice the Rev.’s face on the stand up poster?
  I am on a roll. These predictions were easy. Jason blowing his chance to be a cop by stopping the raid, check. Crystal taking him back to where she lives, check. Andy realizing that being sheriff isn’t all that great, check. Jason winning my favorite line of the week, damn. Leave it to Jason to screw up again. More on my favorite line later because I have to say I was a little surprised by this part of the show. I didn’t see Felton becoming addicted to V. That was supposed to be Hoyt’s job. It was crazy how Felton just interrupted, and shot Crystal’s father. I couldn’t have predicted that, but I was a little disappointed by this scene. First, after shooting his people, why wouldn’t he just shoot Jason, and take Crystal. Then, after giving her the choice to come with him, they left Jason to just hide everyone, and there was no battle with DEA. I mean, if these people are really panthers, and I wanted to see what they could do. Message to True Blood: how about a little more fighting!
  There was too much going on with Eric, Sookie, and Bill to really advance all the storylines in the show (imagine that). They barely touched on Arlene, and her pregnancy, so I won’t spend much time on it either. I just can’t wait until Terry leaves her. So onto Lafayette, who seems to be going a little crazy. First he saw Sam’s hands covered in blood, and then Arlene’s ex with his arm around her saying that he was inside of her. Jesus didn’t have to do any convincing to get back into Lafayette’s good graces. He was the only one Lafayette could call for help. Jesus raced over to the bar to console Lafayette. That was when we found out that Jesus was a witch. I knew he was up to no good. It was too convenient that he worked with Lafayette’s mom, and later showed up at his door. He is helping Lafayette discover his powers, but for what purpose?  Could Lafayette really be a witch too? Do I foresee a good witch, bad witch rivalry in the future? Yea, I know, enough with the predictions already.
  Now back to that Eric, Bill, and Sookie stuff. After dragging Eric back inside the bar, Pam mentioned that he needed human blood to recover. Sookie being the closest thing to human, made yet another blood donation. Eric recovered physically, but not mentally. He told the others that he saw Godric, and Godric told him to forgive the King. With that, Sookie had to go back outside, and drag the King inside. That was some good work with the extremely burnt face, and smoke coming out his mouth. They tied him up to a pole, and then took a nap. Yes, it was lights out for the vampires. How come they always have to sleep, but none of the humans do? I’m tired from all this writing, but you don’t see me napping.
  The King took this opportunity to be alone with Sookie to try to make a deal with her. After pretending to be in on the deal, Sookie basically told him to go to hell, and sprayed vampire mace at his face. See, I told you humans should be the ones carrying vampire mace, and not the vampires. She then got Talbot’s jar, poured his remains into the sink, and turned on the disposal. Ugh, guess I was wrong again. He didn’t get a new jar to rest in peace, but at least he will rest in pieces. Not long after that, Alcide finally showed up to rescue Sookie. Uh, not really. He showed up to help Eric take the King to his final resting spot. However, he did tell Sookie that he was thinking about her, and she was excited to see him.
  So where did they take the King? They took him to a construction sight to pour concrete over him. Wow, all Alcide had to do was drive them there, and all his debts were repaid. Cool deal! Hey, look at that, Bill and Eric were actually getting along. How nice, they are going to shake hands, and will now live happily ever after. Nope, that was too good to be true. I had a feeling one of them was going to end up in the pool of concrete, but I would have thought it would be Bill. Bill tried to get rid of Eric, and then took off for Sookie’s house. After she invited him in, he told her that the King and Eric were dead, and that he would continue to kill everyone that has tasted her blood. It sounded like a good idea, and Sookie was buying it until Eric showed up at the door. For the second time, there was no chance that Eric was dying, but as predicted, that leaves the door open for the King to return too. With every good prediction, there is a bad prediction. Eric did tell Sookie why she shouldn’t trust Bill. So much for holding that until next season. I didn’t think that it was much of a surprise that Bill had those guys beat up Sookie so that he could feed her his blood. I always thought that was too much of a coincidence. She then uninvited Bill in her home, and he was pulled from the house. Now that is what I’m talking about. They did that trick, and did it again as I said they should. It is good to see they listen to me sometimes (still no epic battle cough cough). Sookie not only told off Bill, but she told Eric to get lost as well.
  That wasn’t it for Bill though. Apparently he told the Queen to come to his house because he had Sookie for her. The Queen dressed in black to morn the King’s death, came to his house ready to feast on Sookie. Think again Queen. Bill told her that Sookie was not there, and challenged her to a fight. In the coolest moment of the episode, they show their fangs, and begin to levitate before launching at each other. Another warning for you True Blood: don’t disappoint me next season and pick up this scene at the conclusion of this fight. I want to see them floating through the air, and fighting. You owe it to me True Blood.
    Finally, a chance for Alcide to roll up, and comfort Sookie with the vampires gone. They could lock lips, and end the season on a high note. Nope…not happening. There was no sign of Alcide. Instead, an upset Sookie ran to her grandmother’s grave looking for some guidance. That was when Claudine appeared, and told Sookie to join her. With other fairies in the background, Sookie and Claudine walked towards each other with their arms up creating a light. As the light became one, all the fairies disappeared including Sookie. Season over! That’s it! That’s how you end it? Sookie disappearing! Fine, as long as we see Bill and the Queen fight next season I won’t say anything more.
  For the last time this season, I give you my favorite line of the week. I have to say it was hard to find one with all the drama going on. Jason failed me, but Eric picked up the slack. Alcide and Bill were staring down each other in the bar. Eric was dragging the King out when he said, “When you two stop eye fucking each other can we go?” Not the best line of the season, but amusing to say the least. 
  It was a good season of True Blood. It had its ups and downs, but I thought it was better than last season. They introduced us to werewolves, werepanthers (whatever that is suppose to be), fairies, and now witches. We met a lot of new characters. Some that will be with us for along time (Alcide), and others that didn’t last the season (poor Franklin). There was plenty of great lines, and blood splattering fun. The most disappointing thing was that there was no epic battle that I begged for, but oh well. The finale left us with a lot to look forward in season four. I won’t bore you with any more predictions, as we will have plenty of time for that before next season begins, except that Sookie went into the chandelier (so obvious). After all, I have to take a nap now, and you probably do to after reading this. Goodnight!

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