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  2010 started off well with some descent movies such as, Daybreakers, Legion, and The Wolfman. A few months in came probably the most anticipated, and talked about movie of the year: the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Some of the talk was positive, but more of it seemed negative. Speaking of greatly talked about movies, I can’t forget to mention the DVD release of The Human Centipede. The summer kicked off with Splice, and ended with The Last Exorcism. October should have been a time to celebrate with horror movies, but the box office was pretty weak for movies such as, My Soul to Take 3D, Let Me In, and Hatchet 2. On the other hand, it ended well with Saw 3D, and Paranormal Activity 2.
  What does all of this mean? It is about that time of year to wrap up the 2010 horror movie season, and move on to 2011. With that said, here is my list of favorite, and least favorite horror movies of 2010. As with my list from last year, this list includes only the movies I saw, so if I left out your favorite movie, “sorry.” Trust me, I wish I could have seen them all. Also, I decided to give out a few awards so without further delay:

My Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies of 2010:

 #5 Devil: I vowed not to see M. Night’s movies in theaters anymore but seeing that he didn’t direct this movie, I gave it a chance. I was expecting them to screw up the twist, but to my surprise they didn’t. It isn’t earth shattering, but seems to fit well with the direction of the movie. Devil Review 

#4 Paranormal Activity 2: What a difference a year makes! As you may know, I am not a big fan of part 1. I was waiting for this movie to disappoint me much like first one, but it didn’t. It actually got me to jump once or twice, and the storyline didn’t bother me this time. Paranormal Activity 2 Review 

 #3 A Nightmare on Elm Street: I know this will make it on a lot of people’s worst movies list, but I am just too bias towards Freddy. Yes, this is not the Freddy we are use to, but I just couldn’t help but be excited to see a new movie. It took sometime, but by the end of the movie, I got over the fact that this is a different Freddy. However, it isn’t without its flaws, which many people have pointed out. While I gave this one of the highest ratings of the year, I did have to come back down to reality and resist making it number 1. The top two movies were better movies, even though I greatly enjoyed Freddy. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Review 

#2: Shutter Island: This isn’t exactly a horror movie, and I almost excluded it. Then I thought more about it, and just couldn’t over look this movie. It has a great story, the scenes are shot so well, and it really reminds me of a Hitchcock type film. This is also another movie with a good twist at the end. Shutter Island Review 

#1 Let Me In: Yes, I just did it. I made a remake my number 1 movie. At the time I saw this, I hadn’t seen the original so this was a totally new movie for me. I found myself absolutely loving the storyline. The interaction between Owen and Abby is so intriguing, and it is interesting to see a different perspective on vampires. I finally saw the original, and was glad to see they didn’t screw up the story in the remake. It has a little more to the story, and the biggest difference is that it didn’t have the poor CGI effects the remake has. Let Me In Review 

  I am sure you think I am nuts about now. I made a remake my number 1 movie, and dared to include A Nightmare on Elm Street in my top 5. I know I left out some names that will be at the top of other lists such as, The Last Exorcism, Frozen, and Splice. I was expecting The Last Exorcism to be scary, and it simply wasn’t. I can’t complain too much about Frozen, but it didn’t overwhelm me. And Splice, while it was somewhat original, was a bit disturbing.

My Top 5 Least Favorite Horror Movies of 2010:

#5 Skyline- Another movie that isn’t exactly horror, but I just couldn’t pass on the chance to mention how bad it is. If it was a horror movie, I would have made it number 1 and is worse than any movie on this list, but that would have been too easy. It is all too familiar with many alien movies already made, the acting is terrible, and the ending is weak. They obviously spent all their money on the CGI, which is actually not bad. I can’t believe I wasted theater money on this movie.

#4 Saw 3D- It really hurts me to include this with my least favorites because I am a fan of the Saw series. The 3D adds nothing to this movie, and actually makes the kills look really fake. There is a serious lack of Jigsaw, which isn’t good considering this is his game. The only hope with this movie is that is seemed to leave the door open for a reboot of the series, after some time off of course. Saw 3D Review 

#3 Cabin Fever 2- This movie gets off to a good start as it picks up right where the original left off. However, it slowly becomes a movie that is more concerned with how much the blood it can spill than anything else. I am all for bloody scenes, but it just becomes a ridiculous blood fest with bad acting, and weak storylines. Cabin Fever 2 Review 

#2 Case 39- I learned a lesson from this movie: when a studio delays the release of a movie that long, it is probably not a good thing. The idea of the movie is not bad, but it needed more. There is just something missing from it. On top of that, it is not one of Renee’s best performances either. Case 39 Review 

#1 Survival of the Dead: This movie is a complete wash for me. The whole story of the two feuding families never catches my interest. On top of that, I couldn’t even understand what Patrick O’Flynn is saying half the time. As usual, I was looking for zombies, but didn’t feel I saw enough of them. The only interesting thing about the movie is that it shows zombies in the water, and that they will eat something besides humans.

I know some people will include Piranha 3D in their worst movies list, but I actually enjoyed it. You just can’t take the movie seriously. Like I did last year with New Moon, I left out Eclipse. It is too easy to include the Twilight movies. I heard bad things about movies such as, Mirrors 2, and The Lost Boys 3, but I haven’t seen them so they are spared from making the list.

And now for a few awards:

Best 3D Horror Movie- Resident Evil: Afterlife
Worst 3D Horror Movie- Saw 3D
Best Horror Remake- Let Me In
Worst Horror Remake- Buried Starring HorrO See what I'm talking about! 
Most Disturbing Horror Movie-Splice/The Human Centipede
Biggest Horror Disappointment- The Last Exorcism
Most Blood-Piranha 3D/Cabin Fever 2

Horror movies I wanted to see but haven’t yet: Hatchet 2, Mirrors 2, and My Soul to Take amongst others.

Horror movies I am most looking forward to seeing next year (if they are released as planned): Priest, Scream 4, The Thing, and Fright Night.



  1. Devil and PA2 were both good, though i wouldn't put them on my top 5. "Nightmare" was a pretty boring and rather unnecessary remake IMO. Still have to see "Let Me In" as I missed it at the cinemas.

    My top 5 would look like this:

    1. The Loved Ones
    2. Splice
    3. The Reef
    4. Piranha 3D
    5. Daybreakers

    As for your bottom 5... well, I thought Saw 3D was surprisingly decent(and I'm a Saw hater). Case 39 was mediocre at best. Survival was a crap. Cabin Fever 2 is a... 2009 movie :) And Skyline is definitely a sci-fi flick.

    My bottom 5:

    1. The Rig
    2. Basement
    3. Road Kill
    4. Survival of the Dead
    5. My Soul to Take

  2. Nebular: thanks for taking a look at my list, and including yours. I know most people won't put Nightmare as their favorite. I realize it is not a great movie, but I just like Freddy too much. I strongly suggest catching Let Me In. It was a good remake. As far as your top 5, I didn't Loved Ones or Reef, but heard good things about them. Glad you enjoyed Piranha, as did I.

    As a Saw hater, I am surprised you liked Saw 3D. I was disappointed. Glad to see we agree on Survival. I included Cabin Fever based on the DVD release. It wasn't shown in my area, so I didn't get a chance to see it in theaters. Didn't see any of the other movies on your bottom 5 list. Again, thanks for commenting.

  3. I didn't end up giving a lot of the movies on your list a chance. I still want to see "Devil" and "Paranormal Activity 2" since EVERYONE is saying it was better than the first one but then again, I could probably shoot a better home film than that. I saw RE: Afterlife and liked it. I seen the "Let Me In" remake and loved it. I did watch the original and can say without a doubt I like the remake better. The first one was so boring I actually turned it off telling myself I'd come back and finish it later then never did. It's sad to see "Survival of the Dead" sucked. I wanted to see it so bad!

    I can't wait 'til next year. I'm certainly looking forward to "Priest" and the "Fright Night" remake. I think you forgot John Carpenter's "Darkchylde" although I'm not sure if it's being released in 2011. Well, thanks for the list!

  4. I can fully appreciate that you wrote it as a list of favorites, which is much more appropriate than Best or Worst, since it is so much more subjective. Nightmare would easily be on my worst for this year, but I havent seen enough new releases to formulate a list.

  5. Darko: Devil surprised me because I was waiting to be let down, but I thought it was a good story. If you do your own paranormal activity movie, please be sure to let me know. I saw RE Afterlife at IMAX and visually it was awesome. The movie was good as well. Let the Right One In was good. With all the subtitles, I could see how it bored you. I hate subtitles. The whole story, and relationship of the boy and vampire is great. I was extremely disappointed in Survival. Kind of felt bad making it my least favorite too. I am certainly eager to see anything by Carpenter, I'm just not sure if it is coming out in 2011. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Carl: Thanks! I titled it Best and Worst movies so it could be picked up easier in internet searches. I then listed them as my favorites because after all they were my favorites. I just hoped to spark some conversation, which I have gotten. Everyone sees different movies, and sees the movies differently, like you hated Nightmare, which most people seemed to, but I liked it. Thanks for commenting!

  7. I have to admit HorrO, your best of list has some very odd choices. A lot of people would have those movies on their bottom list except for maybe LET ME IN. This was a very honest list. Most of your worst of list, I have not seen and I guess I should keep it that way. I loathed SAW 3D because it should have been better. It should have ended with bang... not a kick in the balls.

  8. Sandman: Yea I know. There is no list around like this one. 2 remakes in the top 3. Shame on me. In my defense, I only saw a limited amount of movies. I wish I could watch more, but I just don't have the time for them all. I know I missed a lot of smaller movies, and ones that went straight to DVD. I know you watch a lot of horror. Your lucky. It is an honest list for sure. I think I was brave to include Nightmare. I know people hated it. Thanks for commenting!

  9. Hey Horro I plan on putting your list on my compilation of best of lists. I didnt see Let Me In so I can't put it in my top 10.

    Hell I'm making a top 20 list and its pretty hard to decide what makes the top 10.

    You may be the only one who put NOES on a best of. Stand tall and take the hits :-P

  10. Jaded viewer: Please feel free to use my list. Oh, you are missing out on Let Me In. If you saw it, I think you could easily include that somewhere in your top 10. Making these lists are definitely hard. I didn't feel I saw enough movies, but had to pick from what I did see. Thanks for the encouraging words as far as NOES. No one has agreed with that yet! Thanks for commenting!

  11. Is it just me or it felt like 2010 was lacking in good horror movies? I was disappointed in PA2 the most. Human Centipede was really disturbing BUT boring, in a way. I-M-O! P.S. I know I'm weird. Haha~

  12. Yikes!!!
    A Nightmare On Elm Street was the worst remake I've EVER seen - even worse than Friday 13th. Can't believe anyone actually thought it was even remotely watchable. Still, I guess that's what makes the horror world go round! ;-)

    Loved Let Me In though...pretty much as good as the original yet usually I hate remakes these days.

    I did also love Piranha 3D! Although I preferred the hilarious cheesefest "Mega Piranha"!

    Great list , great blog! Looking forward to reading you thru 2011. Happy New Scare! :-)

  13. efycho: I think I agree with you that 2010 wasn't amazing. Last year was probably better. I liked PA2 better than PA1. I get your point with the Human Centipede. It was all about seeing the Centipede. There wasn't much after that. Your not weird, trust me. I'm the one that included NOES in the top 5.

  14. Cyber: I can take another hit for liking NOES. I know it wasn't a great movie, and had weakness, but I was just happy to see Freddy on the big scene again. Yes, not the Freddy we are use to, but still Freddy. I couldn't help it. Glad you liked Let Me In. In a year that some people complained there weren't many good horror movies, this was definitely a winner. I also loved Piranha 3-D. It was really a bad movie that you had to like. Happy New Scare to you to, and thanks for reading and commenting.


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