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Saturday, June 25, 2011


  Great pictures right? Well, they aren’t just regular pictures they are t-shirts! There are plenty more to choose from all at T-Shirt Bordello . For us horror fans, they have funny shirts based off horror and sci-fi movies, and some zombie themed shirts as well. They have men’s and women’s shirts in all sizes, and colors that fit perfectly with the picture. Also, they have mugs, glasses, caps, and posters like this one:

  When you visit them online, be sure to check out the their “New Products” section for the latest shirts, and the “Specials” section for some great deals. Also, be on the look out for them at the next convention you attend, as they try to attend as many conventions as they can. The shirts aren’t expensive at all. It is really worth it when you get your friends talking about how great your shirt is. Trust me, I know. Here are some of the shirts that I have:


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