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Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 REVIEW

  So today is finally 11-11-11! Some think the world is going to end today, but so far so good. It can’t end until you at least get to finish reading this review. After that you are on your own. The question here isn’t: is the world going end today? The question really is: is it the end of the world if you don’t see this movie?
  The movie starts of with a scene of a burning hallway, and a boy trying to reach his mother on the other end. The mother desperately wants to save him, but can’t make it through the fire. Joseph, (Timothy Gibbs), then wakes up from this nightmare that continues to plague him. Actually, it isn’t just a nightmare, but a reality that he just can’t get over. It is just one of several key events in his life that will lead him to 11-11-11!
  The movie basically starts off on Nov. 8, and counts down to the big day. Joseph is in a support group in order to help him get over the death of his wife, and child. While there, he meets Sadie (Wendy Glenn), who he randomly talks to for support throughout the movie. In other words, she is a waste of a character like several others in this movie. After talking with her, he pulls away in his car, and miraculously survives a car crash. Why… because the world has bigger plans for him. And what are those plans?
  Nov 9: Joseph takes a trip to Spain to visit his dying father, and brother, Samuel (Michael Landes), who he has pretty much been ignoring over the years. Apparently his father and Samuel ran a church, which has lost its favor with people. Samuel has high hopes that he will be able to get people to return to the church. Being a pastor, he has a strong belief in God unlike Joseph, who has given up on God. Things start to get weird, as there is more and more talk about religion, and 11-11-11. Samuel, and this strange woman, who is there to take care of their father, tries to convince Joseph to come back to God.
  They don’t really do a good job of it. Instead, Joseph gets engulfed in the madness of 11-11-11. He does some research and finds out that it has something to do with a doorway, and these messengers. Shockingly, the messengers have a message, and they are trying to deliver it to him, which happens time after time. It really becomes the only thing they try to scare the audience with. All that happens is the room gets dark, music is pumped up, Joseph looks aimlessly around, and a shadow pops up.
  Nov 10: One of those messengers is his father, who seems to be possessed when he wakes up from his deathbed to mumble at Joseph. One of the few important things that come from the conversation is that Joseph must protect Samuel from the messengers that want to sacrifice him on 11-11-11. Joseph is skeptical about this because he is still having a hard time getting over some of his father’s past actions.
  There is a church service where another unusual character, Vavier (Lluis Soler), is introduced. After the service Vavier approaches Samuel with a gun. He makes some threats before Joseph disarms him. It is all good except that the threats are in Spanish and there are no subtitles. Great, he could be telling him how awesome his haircut is and the non-Spanish speaking audience wouldn’t know what he is talking about.
  Nov 11: Unsurprisingly, the big day doesn’t go well. Sadie comes to see how Joseph is doing (woo!). Then more tragedy when their father passes away. At this point, I was extremely ready for whatever big event that was going to happen to happen already. I’m not going to give it away, but the ending is just as unsatisfying as the rest of the movie. I was hoping something interesting would finally happen, but in a way what turned out happening is somewhat predictable. Actually it would have been more fun if the doorway opened up, and suck them all inside. The only cool thing about the ending, besides the fact that the movie ends, is that the audience finally gets to see the messengers in their true form. Too bad they didn’t show them like this throughout the movie.
  Let me go ahead and just wrap this review up so that the world can end after you finish reading. There is just too much talking in this movie, and the whole mystery involving 11-11-11 never becomes that interesting. The attempts to be scary are weak, and too repetitive. As you could hopefully tell, I wasn’t fond of the acting, and the use of the characters. The twist isn’t that shocking, and they really miss an opportunity to push the limits of the whole 11-11-11 thing. So because it isn’t the end of this world if you miss this movie, I give it 1 pool of blood. Now go run and hide until 11-11-11 passes!



  1. Loved your summation and I agree 100%. I had such high hopes about this one, but ended up being beyond disappointing and pretty dull. Posed my review of it 2 days before its release. Check it out. ;)

  2. Nebular: Thanks! Definitely a let down especially with the whole 11-11-11 thing in their corner. They really blew an opportunity to do something special. Oh well, on to the next movie. And yes, everyone should check out Nebular's review as well! Thanks for commenting!


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